Interactive Option Extorts Binary Options Watchdog for $1,000,000

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Interactive Option Extorts Binary Options Watchdog for $1,000,000

Posted on by Patrick Jones

In what’s being considered by many in the binary options industry as nothing less than a declaration of war, binary options broker Interactive Option (Company Name Pegase Capital Limited) has lashed out at one of the more recognized and respected  blogs, Binary Options Watchdog. In a totally unexpected move, owner Michael Freeman is apparently fighting back with a potential class action law suite and a heated discussion full of angry followers just waiting to see the outcome of this latest scuffle. In his recent Facebook post he angrily counters owners Rudy Jarmoune and William Davila for at what he calls their “attempts to DDOS” his reviews sites.

Michael Intearctive

For those of you who don’t know what DDOS is, it is a kind of attack on a website’s server where insane amounts of queries overload the server’s capacity and cripple it’s ability to communicate. Not many people can do this, and the ones who can charge a lot of money and will not work with most people, this obviously just adds to the alleged dubious nature of these scoundrels.

I must add that this is a rather unusual post and closer to investigative reporting. Needless to say when these people were contacted no response was given, however it is worth pointing out that it is not customary to go after a specific person and divulging his personal details, rather exposing business norms and practices is the more acceptable norm. So in this sense I would have to say that I disagree with Michael, and despite the fact that he is most likely right it’s more acceptable to leave an open door for brokers willing to change their mind and mend their ways. Despite everything, in this case it appears Interactive Option has made a final and apparently non-reversible decision to withhold payments from active traders with fully funded accounts. Since this is considered to be the cardinal sin in binary options, especially for a regulated broker I can’t blame Michael for losing his temper and reacting to what seems to be an obvious scam. The more troubling fact is that these potential online hooligans are using their CySec license as a fig leaf to veil their true intentions and lure innocent people into what seems to be nothing less than outright thievery..

If this is the case, and CySec is just interested in lining their coffers with illegally obtained funds, then we are facing a more troubling scenario where the regulator is actually collaborating with a rogue broker, and this puts a totally different spin on the events and would without a doubt taint the already questionable nature of the Cypriot regulator.

Binary Scam Alerts is a considered a relative newcomer to the binary options niche, however it has taken a position of zero tolerance when it comes to defrauding innocent traders who being bled dry by unscrupulous cheating brokers who care only about their selfish needs without any concern or remorse for the financial and emotional damages they inflict on unsuspecting customers.

To sum up, it’s going to be a hot summer for interactive option who may face charges at a court of law where a magistrate will decide on their future. I can only imagine a dismal outcome for these two alleged pirates and if there is anything true behind their plans to close up the business an bleed to company dry, I believe they will have their justice in this life and the next because they will be roasting in hell accompanied by the devil himself.

  • Gene Meyer

    I was scammed for over $50,000
    there website is now down they actually had the nerve to max out 4 credit cards without permission to $50,000 some came back but $24,000 did not

    • Sorry to hear that Gene,
      Did you try talking to your bank about these cheaters?