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Report a Scam, Get Back at Those Cheaters Today!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is proud to introduce our unique Report a Scam section. Today you can have your say and really tell the world how you feel and the experience you underwent. We have made sure to make the procedure simple and user-friendly so start sharing today!


  • Oh Mi

    Binary option Scams We are Watching you…!

  • Oh Mi

    Auto trader alpha ?
    Google ! ! ! !

  • Oh Mi

    Detector app Scam

  • Oh Mi

    Congratulations on adding the Australian Asics similar report a scam Link to your website as this now makes scam alert much greater to fight back at the scammers and giving you the break on the emails.
    Though you just need to monitor,
    The report Link to make sure inserted reports are accurate.
    Kind regards
    mark manino

  • Hi Sheila,
    Yes QBITS is a well-known scam, we have written about this:

  • Yep – Trianasoft is a big scam!

  • Hi Geof,
    They wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work.

  • Segun Obisesan

    Everybody, Please STAY AWAY from GTPCAPITAL.COM, they are a VERY VERY FRAUDULENT COMPANY. All they will do is to collect your fund and CUT COMMUNICATION WITH YOU. YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO GET YOUR DEPOSIT AND PROFIT BACK , No matter how small your deposit is. David Stark , Fransceca Green and any other name(s) they call themselves are all FAKE NAMES. Admin, please blacklist this company on your site and other affiliate site, we need to prevent this company from defrauding unsuspecting investors.

    • Hi Segun,
      Thanks for the update. If you have a record of your communications please let us know. Pat

  • Hi Somus,
    Sorry to hear that

  • Hi Efrem,
    If the website is down then they shut down the business. You will not be able to get your money unfortunately.