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Market Filter Review, Malicious Filter SCAM Exposed!

Posted on by Dan Wright

The Market Filter 3.1 software by Martin Forster is a Blacklisted SCAM, and we will provide all the proof and evidence required to prove this in our fair and impartial review. First, a word of caution. If you have received a SPAM email communication about this most recent financial scam please make sure not to click on any links and unsubscribe from receiving any email communications. We have received an alarmingly high amount of complaints about Spyware and viruses infecting computers and mobile devices, so be careful and extra-vigilant. This very deceptive and misleading scam was able to slip under the radar …

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Penny Millionaire is a SCAM! Don’t Believe the Fake Reviews!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Penny Millionaire software by David Forrster is a BLACKLISTED SCAM which we will expose in our fair an impartial review. It’s extremely troubling that this fake app and trading robot is being promoted some of the industry’s so called most “ethical” review sites. We will expose this fraudulent software and show you exactly which sites to avoid. First, a word of caution! The Penny Millionaire software is directly responsible for wiping out thousands of bank accounts belonging to traders from all over the world. It is extremely misleading and deceptive in ways we have never seen before. If you have recently received a …

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Sowelstace Financial Review, Dangerous Sowelstace Scam Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Sowelstace Financial software by Jimmy Reese is a Blacklisted Financial SCAM. In our fair and impartial review we will produce all the required evidence needed to validate our initial claims. You are a smart person, that’s why you decided to do some research and look for a legit review about Sowelstace Financial thinking it may be a genuine app and trading robot. We hate to burst your bubble, but the amount of complaints we received about SPAM emails and annoying popups creeping up on your monitor while browsing the internet is disturbingly high. This trend clearly indicates to us that a …

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