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365 Bitcoin Trader Review, Cloned Bitcoin Trader SCAM Exposed

Posted on by Dan Wright

Welcome to our independent 365 Bitcoin Trader Review, evaluation, and SCAM Investigation. First, a bit of disclosure. We are not associated or affiliated in any way with the 365 Bitcoin Trader Robot, App, and automated trading software. In fact, it took our research staff about one minute to add the fraudulent  365 Bitcoin Trader system (not to be confused with Crypto Robot 365) to our scam bucket blacklist, as we have immediately identified it as a clone and replica of the viral Bitcoin Trader scam which we have already discussed in great detail here at Binary Scam Alerts. The new 365 Bitcoin Trader scam represents everything which is wrong and ethically problematic with trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online. Yes, it is very much possible to achieve wealth by trading virtual currencies, but lets be honest. The 365 Bitcoin Trader app is NOT an investment platform, and in reality has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies or for that matter anything related to online trading. It is merely a shell and facade used in a very deceptive and misleading manner, and in a way which appeals to the most basic instincts of human beings. Its true, we all want to get rich and understand that we need to do it fast in order to get ahead in life. This notion, coupled with the pressures of every day life and the MASSIVE media hype bitcoin has been receiving provides the perfect breeding ground for cunning online scammers who are out to get your credit card details. In addition, this is one of those rare cases where we were able to catch the con artists before they were able to complete their crime. As we dive into the facts and start connecting the dots, the evidence will start to surface and the picture will become very clear. So keep reading our revealing 365 bitcoin trader review to see how we caught these cheaters red-handed and exposed their dirty little operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: 365bitcointrader.com

Let’s Get Right Into It – Proof of Scam!
Here we have a comparative screenshot. On one side we can see the 365 Bitcoin Trader members area, and right next to it the one from Bitcoin Trader. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand what’s being done here, as this is obviously a crude attempt to copy a fake sales gimmick which for some unknown reason has been able to trick and bait thousands of innocent opportunity seekers looking to cash in on a legit crypto app.

Here’s some additional proof. Again, the text is copied verbatim in a very careless and unprofessional manner. Obviously someone wasn’t fully aware of how difficult it is getting these days to scam and victimize potential customers as the internet makes everything transparent and open to the public for scrutiny.

And here is the last piece of evidence we were able to produce. This is probably the worst mistake any scammer can do, and that is allowing himself to get caught with gibberish on the sales page instead of actual and meaningful content. I mean how sloppy can you get right? Well, that goes to show you that even the most persistent con artists can get lazy and slack off. But that’s OK because this is exactly where we catch them red-handed and shed light on their activities.

365 Bitcoin Trader Review
If we made a mistake we apologize as there was no way for us to fully ascertain if the 365 Bitcoin Trader is a manual signals or automated trading software. There is always a third option which is also used by scammers. Sometimes there is NOTHING THERE! Sometimes it’s just a grandiose sales pitch with an empty shell and broken promises designed to get you to fund a real money trading account with an unregulated offshore broker. This time we can’t really say because we were not able to signup, so we are basing our assessment according to our previous experience with similar software and according to what we are seeing the same modus operandi (method of operation) is being used. Namely the affiliate marketers produce the customers by generating interest via EMAIL Spam, annoying popup ads, or fake reviews. Then the brokers rob the day-traders and split the stash in what is commonly referred to as a revenue-share scheme.

Unfortunately there is not much to add here, I mean we can talk about “laser-accurate performance and superior technology” or award winning apps, but that is a mere rehash of older texts and we have no inclination to produce rehashed content because some scammer decided to copy a stupid sales page. It’s also plain to see they are using the Richard Branson and Elon Musk video saying that “Bitcoin is all the rage” and if you don’t invest now you stand to lose out on the deal of the century (or something along those lines). At some point we just have to say stop and move on because these types of get-rich-quick schemes are so nauseating and repetitious that you just have to recognize its a scam and move on.

Can I Make Money With 365 Bitcoin Trader?
No, it is not possible as it is designed with the premeditated and malicious intent of getting you to LOSE money and NOT earn it. That is the simple fact, and the ones making the money are promoters and thieving brokers who will lie through their teeth in order to get you signed up and depositing.

Is It Free?
Obviously not! It’s going to cost you at least $250 to activate this software or scheme (honestly we are not quite sure at this point), and that money will be charged to your credit card so don’t invest and stay alert.

Fake 365 Bitcoin Trader Reviews
We have just spotted a few despite the fact that the scheme has not even been launched, but we are sure that at some point we will see more fake review sites endorsing this offer (for the lack of a better word) in the hopes that you signup and the referring agent will be paid affiliate commissions.

Alarming Fact:
We have just found out that the affiliate crooks behind the 365 Bitcoin Trader software are the same ones behind the Crypto Robot 365 and Binary Robot 365 (see a pattern?)

Systems That Actually Work
Fake software like the 365 Bitcoin Trader SCAM are launched on a daily basis, and they all have the same thing in common. They are designed to get you to lose money and by doing that the crooks behind it transfer part of that money back to themselves (that’s the secret formula). However, once in a while there is a viable system that actually produces results and performs as advertised. That is when we test it and if it is consistently profitable (in the ~ 87% ITM ratio) then we add it to the recommended section.

365 Bitcoin Trader Review Summary and Recommendations
The 365 Bitcoin Trader SCAM is blacklisted and this is not even up for debate. If you are unsure about the authenticity of our review and despite everything still believe you need a second opinion, then you need to take a closer look at the facts and maybe consider other ways to generate money online because trading is most likely not for you. It’s also important to stress that any form of trading, especially anything related to cryptocurrencies or Forex trading has a high degree of risk attached to it. We don’t see these types of warnings anywhere, in fact the opposite is true as these crooks are trying to get you to drop your guard,trap you, and steal your money. In short, please avoid the 365 Bitcoin Trader scam software and seek alternative and more legitimate trading opportunities. If you have any additional questions or queries we invite you to contact us through our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel

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