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7 Figure Challenge Scam Exposed

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Is the 7 Figure Challenge just another dubious scam or is it legit? Our team has conducted an in depth investigation and after reviewing this system we found out some disturbing facts. The not so shocking truth reveals a very well known pattern of deception which at first glance may be difficult to spot. However, as we progressed we understood we were being led into what is apparently a cheap binary options affiliate hat trick disguised as automated trading software and presented by someone calling himself Martin Taylor. Still, we could not reach the proper conclusions until we validated the facts by providing 100% proof of false advertising techniques.

Cheats, Lies, and Deceptive Practices
“You are About to Make $1,000,000,000 in the next 27 Days, Guaranteed”
This is the classic push button millionaire hype which should send off alarm bells. Unfortunately there is no loophole or secret to instant financial wealth and prosperity. So when you hear a sentence like this, simply close the video you are watching and look at my 10 Point screening guide to learn how to avoid an obvious scam.

Furthermore, the only thing someone can guarantee for you is your money back. So, if you are purchasing a signals package and you have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee or your money back, you can pretty much assume the seller is offering a legit product or service. However, whenever you are offered something for free make sure to ask the difficult questions because no one likes working for free.

Demand to See Actual Proof of Trading History
For a variety of reasons affiliates use rehashed data feeds to present proof of performance or successful trades. This is a deceptive marketing practice since the only true proof you will ever need is the actual trading history inside the actual broker account. The image below depicts how an actual account looks like and where the trading history should be (make sure nothing is blurred out or photo-shopped).

Trading History

Making Money Takes Time and Proper Guidance
If you are looking for a plug and play solution that will make you a millionaire overnight you are welcome to join the thousands of victims who have been manipulated and literally had their money stolen by bloodthirsty affiliates. Ask yourself, when was the last time someone dropped a million dollars on your lap? Well, never – it just doesn’t happen in reality, this is basically the same thing.

Fake Download and Certification or Credentials Buttons – Forged CNN and News Networks Icons
This is really a classic type of deception you should avoid the software at all costs. If you can’t click a “certified by” image then you need to get out before you are skinned alive.


Lack of Transparency and Clarity
If you get the feeling the information displayed to you is not genuine then it probably isn’t, and you will probably get some type of offer to join a sleazy broker like Romelia Options or the most recent Interactive Option which shocked the industry when two owners Rudy Jarmoune and William Davila decided it was time to clean house and steal all their clients money while forfeiting their CySec license without even the slightest shadow of remorse or guilt.

Create an “Account”
This is a heinous crime and the most despicable part of the scam, I absolutely hate it when these maggots tell you that you are registering for software but in reality you are signing up for some crappy broker with a Belize license and a very strict approach concerning withdrawals (consider yourself lucky if you actually get paid).


Conclusions and Recommendations
The 7 Figure Challenge is a total scam of the nastiest kind very much similar to binary matrix pro, insured profits, and the Walter Green Free Money System. Don’t let a fake site that was created two weeks ago suck you in with actors and fake testimonials. They will sell you bottled air and voodoo dolls if they think it will get you to register an account and deposit with one of their recommended brokers. So if you get a phone call from some account manager at a brokerage telling you he is an analyst you should know you were suckered into registering an account using false advertising techniques. Don’t accept bonuses, made up strategies, cashback or insurance offers – those will not work unless you have the proper tools and training.


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