7 Figure Months Is a SCAM! Review Links it to Fake Nesdek App

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7 Figure Months Is a SCAM! Review Links it to Fake Nesdek App

Posted on by Patrick Jones

As proven in our previous 7 Figure Months Scam Review and BLACKLIST notification, the fictitious and fraudulent nature of this deceptive app as well as Martin Saunders is starting to corrode due to meticulous investigation and resourcefulness of our researchers. Except this time, this issue was bought to our attention by a day-trader who could not stop belly-aching and complaining about two consecutive SPAM emails he keeps getting all the time. Both messages offer massive wealth on auto-pilot at the click of a mouse. The first one directs the recipient to the 7 Figure Months system, while the other leads to the Nesdek SCAM. As our review has previously shown, the two are owned and managed by the same greedy people who will spare no effort to get you signed up and funded with a broker account of their choosing. Additionally, we have reports coming in about withdrawals getting declined and bonus locks implemented arbitrarily without written consent.

Official Scam Site: http://7figure-months.com/

Proof of SCAM
This image was provided in our previous post, but not in a prominent position. As you can plainly it’s the same actress in both cases and she is not very good I might say. Her acting looks staged and unrealistic, and that is what triggered our alarm bells.

7 Figure Months Quick Review
Martin Saunders is the latest in a series of actors/cheaters trying to sell you the same sales pitch about a software with a 100% success rate and a million dollars every month. This is not only outrageous, it’s downright insulting and infuriating. It’s plain to see they are targeting less educated and low-income individuals who have a hard time making it through life anyways, and that probably qualifies them to be sinners.

The Complaints Keep Mounting!

SCAM Brokers
We have received grievances from a few traders who tell us they were referred to Bigoption, one of our blacklisted brokers who is actually recorded trying to SCAM traders. Trading with an unregulated SCAM broker can be equated to going to war without weapons. These bloodthirsty hounds will skin you alive and take you for every penny you have. You can sense it immediately as they ask you to fund your account with more money and give you some bogus trading strategy designed to get you to lose and reinvest over and over again. And when that happens, they will always blame the market or you, while they stay clean and untarnished.

Bonus Traps
A bonus trap is when you are offered a bonus or “comp” which is added to your balance. There are two types of bonuses, one that can be cashed out or withdrawn, and another which is deducted but only pays out the winnings. In either case, you have to sign documents and with good reason, these freebees are not really free. You have to trade a certain amount of times in order to meet the criteria for cashing out. Usually its between 20-30 times depending on the bonus type and amount. We received a complaint that a trader who tried to cash out had a bonus added to his account without his consent, and naturally the withdrawal was declined since he didn’t meet the trading criteria.

Stall Tactics
That same trader told us that when he was finally able to get the bonus removed, they continued stalling and abused the documentation and safety protocol in order to delay or defer withdrawals under the pretense that the documents were not legible or did not arrive.

Transparency, Accuracy, Performance, Customer Service
Similar to the Quantum Code, the app scores ZERO on all of the above. The app is a cheap clone of the Nesdek software and this has been proven. The emails we send keep bouncing, and we have seen sub-par performance from an app which is very accurate at targeting your wallet but lousy at creating profits.

Manual Signals or Auto-Traders?
Which ever you want we showcase the best only in our recommended section.

recommended systems2

7 Figure Months Review Conclusions
Well, you guessed it we have just peeled another layer off this deception. The 7 Figure Months software, app, and auto-trader as well as Martin Saunders have been officially dissected and declared as a fraudulent app. If you are looking for a genuine trading system you must realize you have been grossly mislead and it’s best you seek an alternative trading solution because this one is a confirmed binary options investment scam. Please contact us through our Facebook Page and YouTube channel to get informed.

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