7 Figure Months Review, Confirmed SCAM is Exposed!

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7 Figure Months Review, Confirmed SCAM is Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Make sure to read this SCAM review and BLACKLIST notification concerning the 7 Figure Months software, app, and auto-trader managed by Martin Saunders. Due to a sudden surge of complaints filed by irate day-traders, our staff of seasoned researchers decided to dig in deep and conduct a full-scale review and investigation into this scheme. What we found was nothing less then a bag of lies wrapped up to look like a legit automated trading system.  Be warned, these cyber-crooks will try to win your trust by offering you fake signals and promises of instant wealth and profits on auto-pilot with no risk to your money (these offers will arrive in the form of SPAM emails in most cases). If this all sounds too familiar then you already understand the deception, so pay attention to this review since we have produced conclusive proof of SCAM and uncovered a dangerous new binary options investment scam designed to steal your money.

Official Scam Site and Login Page: http://7figure-months.com/

Proof of Scam
Below you have a screenshot of Mr. Martin Saunders boasting a 100% success rate and saying “every trade you make will be a winner”. This is the proverbial “smoking gun” as they say and all the proof you would need in order to make an educated decision in regards to this fake app. I understand a lot of you are simply looking to make an extra buck online and supplement your income, but this app is not the way to go and I really hate to be the wet blanket here but the facts can’t be ignored.
7figure1Moving along, in the members area we see a logo which states “verified online”, but doesn’t really explain who verified it, not to mention what the criteria for verification means and what’s behind it. We did however find this logo used by older scams such as the Money Glitch, Zulander Hack, and Mockingbird Method. All of these systems were previously blacklisted and known to be very sneaky scams. 7figure2Now, to put that final nail in the coffin, here you can see “Michelle”, the investor who just made over a “million dollars”. This same person is the actor waving hello in the Nesdek Scam we blacklisted about a week ago.


7 Figure Month Scam Review
The story starts off when Martin Saunders begins to explain how he has access to a trading loophole which is a closely guarded secret. According to him, this loophole is the Golden Goose and ticket you have been waiting for. This secret will transform your life and now you will be making millions on auto-pilot while spending time vacationing with your family. Now, there are only 20 spots available for serious action takers willing to exploit this legal loophole and “make a million dollars every month for the next 7 months”. But, as you may have guessed, this loophole will not last forever and the banks and trading floors will close this window of opportunity so you have to take action fast.

In reality, this is a rehearsed sales pitch designed to get your wallet fleeced by shady unregulated brokers conspiring against you in a profit-sharing scheme that will even put to shame the likes of Charles Ponzi and Bernard Madoff. On a more personal note, we are genuinely concerned about our members welfare and emotional state of being, since we received a few emails that turned our stomach when we saw how these vultures operate and completely wipe out bank accounts and devastate low-income families which barely get by anyways.

How Much Will this Thing Cost Me?
Don’t put away your wallet just yet. You will have to charge your card with at least $250 and that will be charged by the broker.

Similar Scams to Avoid
Report a Scam ButtonWe recommend you avoid: The Quantum Code, Drexel CodeMillionaire Blue Print, Lie Detector Millionaire, the Free Money System , Amissio Formula, Nesdek INC with Mike McDonald, Quick Cash System, Push Money App, Fastcash.Biz, Safeguard Trader, Perpetual Formula, and Regal Wealth.

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Review Summary and Conclusions
The 7 Figure Months software, app, and auto-trader managed by Martin Saunders is nothing less than a SCAM and a nasty plot perpetuated by greedy affiliates operating in cahoots with shady unregulated brokers who will steal your money in a New York minute. We could not find anything legit or honest about this app and we are warning all our members and viewers to stay away from it. The facts speak for themselves and our findings are conclusive and indisputable. These crooks are in it for the money and their business ethics are taken directly from la Cosa Nostra.  As always, we recommend you reach us through our Facebook Page and YouTube channel as well to get informed.


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