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8 Binary Robot Review, SCAM 8 Binary Robot Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

8 Binary Robot is a scam automated trading software and rightfully blacklisted in our detailed and honest review and investigation. We will try to keep it simple this time, what we have here is a perfect example of a cheap template without even a proper logo design. The people operating this fake signals and automated trading app are affiliate marketers using Google Advertising to bait would-be traders and opportunity seekers, so be super cautious and totally aware of what you are clicking. This latest scheme was designed by crafty online promoters to be their personal cash cow, and has nothing to do with real investing and everything to do with defrauding and victimizing potential customers looking to cash in on a genuine and worthy trading app. Needless to say the complaints we received tell the real story and provided us with the information required to expose these crooks and their filthy tactics. Keep reading our insightful scam review, and see how we were able to shed light on the dirty 8 Binary Robot operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: https://8binaryrobot.com/en/

Proof of SCAM
Here is a screenshot of the 8 Binary Robot main sales page. You can clearly see its a very minimalistic and non-informative page. It means they just chose a cheap template and copied the code.

Below you will see the lower section of the same page, where they chose to provide “proof” of winning trades. However, these imbeciles did not even bother using their own software. They just copied someone’s Option Robot YouTube review and used that in order to indicate how genuine their software is. That’s all the evidence you will ever need, but if you are still unconvinced just contact us by leaving a message below.

8 Binary Robot Software Review
This fake software and trading robot boasts a free demo account with access to a variety of reputable brokers. 24Option and BDswiss are shown, but these act as a fig leaf as they hide and intentionally neglect to mention the rest of thieving ones they chose. The settings indicate the amount of each trade, as well as the method The auto trade button allows you to get started at the click of a button by letting the system choose the strategy and execute the trades automatically and without any form of human intervention. You can also experiment on various settings until you feel comfortable.

The app lets you choose from 6 various indicators. You have Martingale, Fibonacci, MACD, which are all connected to a live market feed. Sounds easy right? Wrong!

In Reality
What we are witnessing here is a very elaborate scam designed to fleece your wallet. We don’t see the usual hyped up or exaggerated claims of easy money, inflated bank accounts, or fake testimonials. But what we do see here is a complete lack of transparency and a fake results which are stolen from another system.

Is it Free?
Not really. You will have to invest at least $250 in order to gain access to this bogus app. This money will be charged to your credit card by slimy offshore brokers operating without a license.

Fake Reviews
We didn’t see any this time (neither real nor fake), which means 8 Binary Robot slipped under the radar. We don’t believe there will be paid reviews since this scheme is designed to recruit customers via paid ads and through one promoter only this time. Other marketers need not apply.

What Are Binary Options?
Binary AKA Digital or Exotic options are financial instruments used to trade the markets. The concept is very simple, choose above or call and you speculate the contract you buy will expire above the resistance line. A put indicates you wish to purchase a contract which you believe will expire below the resistance line. The rest is irrelevant chatter and industry hype, and the only thing that should concern you is finding the right tools in order to profit in the shortest amount of time with minimal risk to your initial investment.

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Review Summary and Conclusions
8 Binary Robot is a scam and we blacklisted immediately after seeing it without having to think twice. Our revealing review has produced all the required proof and evidence, so don’t even think about depositing or joining this program as it squarely falls into the category of financial SCAM (i.e Ponzi Scheme, Pyramid, MLM). The people pulling the strings behind it are well known crooks in the online trading industry, and have been known to steal credit card information after calling customers and tricking them into registering with fake brokers. There’s nothing legit or genuine behind 8 Binary Robot, and if you are reading this you should know that you have been targeted by professional con artists looking to steal your money. Don’t let these charlatans bait you, and make sure to seek alternative and more ethical trading systems. As always, we invite you to join our  Facebook Group and YouTube Channel.

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