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Posted on by Patrick Jones

Hi Everyone,

My name is Patrick and I was recently scammed by an online binary options broker. Ever since it happened I can’t forget the feeling or let go, so I made it my life’s mission to learn about binary options and how people are being swindled out of their money by crooks and aggressive marketers without a shadow of remorse or guilt.

If you have been robbed blind by some evil broker or alternatively are considering investing in this very high risk business, just make sure to take a minute and read about how these brokers and marketers operate so you can actually make an informed decision.

If you want to reach out just leave a comment below or message me on my Facebook account.



  • paul

    have you used binary profit method, how have u done, paul

    • Hi Paul. I only recommend one signals product and with good reason. Steve is very responsive, great service, transparent, and professional. Highly recommended.

      • kim

        You only recommend one signal product. Who is this Steve you speak of ..the company?

      • Shane Maurel

        Is this Steve that you mention from the company called Binary Profit Method?

  • Diego Figueroa

    Hi Patrick. Have you seen this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcmWNtANKaA ? It seems that Binary Profit Method is a scam too ! So annoying !!!

  • Peter Greaves

    Hi Patrick

    I have been looking at your write up on Porter Finance for the binary options which looks favourable

    but looking further into this broker they seem to have problems when you come to with-drawing monies with delay tactics and negative response and one report where they took monies out of an account without permission when a customer want to close the account.

    When you studied this company did you have any problems when with-drawing monies.

    • Hi Peter, this broker always pays out. If there are any other issues I would like to know. Specifically service – Txs

  • Peter Greaves

    Hi Patrick

    Reading on the website binary options blacklist dot Com the porter finance section

    Trader Reviews And Ratings of PorterFinance regarding the comments at the foot of the page and the ongoing the payout problems does not fill me with confidence

    Would it be safer and less problematic to go for a broker that is UK regulated.

    • Patrick Jones

      Hi Peter. EVERY broker can have a bad review here and there. The question is if its a trend. From my knowledge they are a solid broker and never had issues there.



  • Firas

    Hello every one, I registered with push money app and put my name,email and phone no.but didn’t deposit anything. So is there any risk for me..
    Am waiting for an answer please..
    Thank you

  • Hi Mark, Steven Bigelow actually wrote a BOOK about this stuff so unlike others he is considered to be somewhat of an authority. Please write in details what happened. As do Quantum Code and Michael Crawford, well that’s no surprise and we have written extensively about it.

  • Mark McHaney

    Hey Patrick. I downloaded Mr. Bigaloes e-book and I’ll let ya know what I think when I can read it. It is free. I’m not at home so no laptop. Thanks again!

  • Hi Mirella,

    We are not endorsing Lexington Code.

    These are our recommended systems:




  • no – we do not endorse it.

  • David Corlett

    I have been scammed by Jeremy Hart of Qbits,and there infamous broker Tom Reed, and have lost £8250.00.The scam follows a similar pattern to those already described.You suggest there may be ways of putting matters right. Any help much appreciated
    David Corlett