Algo Robotics Review, Fake Algo Robotics Scam? Yes, Confirmed!

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Algo Robotics Review, Fake Algo Robotics Scam? Yes, Confirmed!

Posted on by Dan Wright

Algo Robotics review and scam investigation (prompted by complaints). Is Algo Robotics SCAM or not? Well, we are guessing you are reading this review because you received some type of SPAM email invitation to join a website called Now, the sales pitch about a 100% automated trading software which is easy to use, smart, and accurate got you intrigued. However, something made you take a step back and think twice. Some call it intuition, others skepticism but regardless of how you want to call it, for some reason you became hesitant and started searching the internet for an informative and impartial Algo Robotics review. Thankfully you have landed on our site, and our diligent staff of researchers was able to produce conclusive proof of SCAM which will lay to rest any uncertainly in regards to the authenticity of this insidious new software. Truth be said, Algo Robotics has nothing to do with algorithmic trading, and you can forget about a 307% return on your investment (that’s a blatant lie)! Contrarily, it has everything to do with misleading and deceiving innocent day traders and opportunity-seekers such as yourself.

Algo Robotics Is a Blacklisted Crypto and Forex SCAM (Fake Forex Bot). Don’t take the bait and never deposit!

The obvious objective of the Algo Robotics app is simple. It is to bait you by making fake claims in an attempt to coerce you into signing up with an illegal offshore broker. In our case it was Golden FX, which is owned and operated by a company named “Consulting Group Ltd.”with an address in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (registration number 1622 CTD 2017). They also have a registered office at Suite 305 Griffith corporate centre PO Box 1510 Beachmont Kingstown. This is how the advertiser or affiliate makes his money, but not you! You lose the money and Golden FX pays the promoter with your stolen funds! We also found out that this broker is also connected to BRFXtrade, which is listed with the same company name and has been blacklisted by various Forex review sites. Want to know why this is happening and why you are being targeted as the next victim of the fraudulent Algo Robotics scam software? Keep reading our detailed Algo Robotics review to see exactly how we exposed the crooks behind it and shed light on their misdoings!

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will find the primary sales page and registration area for the Algo Robotics SCAM software and fraudulent automated trading app. Here you will clearly see it says “100% automated trading”, however there is no software to be seen or tried out in the form of a demo account in any place (not even a picture). The reason for that is because there is NO software (well, not in the traditional sense).

This is what happens in reality after you fund a trading account. The broker pushes some fake in-house bot which trades on auto-pilot and loses your money (intentionally). After that you will get called up PROFUSELY by clever sales agents in the guise of “Senior Account Managers” who will try to sell you their strategies and promise you vast riches if you only take a minute and wire them the remainder of your pension fund or tuition money. Yep, welcome to the nauseating world of boiler room scams, and you are officially selected to become the next victim if you join this program.

Here is the next piece of evidence we were able to obtain. Its a well-known fact that you can’t have a really effective scam without some fake testimonials, and voila! Here we have “Mohammed” from Abu Dabi who seems to be super-happy and claims he withdrew $5,897.32.

In reality “Muhammed” is an image bank actor and we found his picture on a German server provider website named United Hoster. The link is attached so you can see for yourself.

And of course here comes the hype and exaggerated claims of easy money. The image below claims that Algo Robotics has generated a 307% return on investment! Naturally there is no experience needed, no fees or commissions, and everything is done on auto-pilot.

Obviously this is a ruse which is intended to mislead you. The antivirus logos by Verisign and Symantec are also fake and used to lend this scheme an added dimension of legitimacy. Unfortunately for these con artists, we caught them with their hand in the cookie jar and will not stop until Algo Robotics is shut down or these crooks get locked up!

What is Algo Robotics and Who Is Really Behind It?
Similar to other systems which have been recently launched, Algo Robotics is merely a website with a sales scheme and a registration form. There is no trading dashboard, no way to reduce you risk by changing the amounts you wish to trade, and no functionality of any kind. After you signup you get a phone call from the broker who will try to dissuade you from the concept of trading automation and sell you some worthless strategy. If that doesn’t work they will just call you day and night until you threaten them or change you phone number.

Algo Robotics Review, SCAM Or Legit Crypto Robot?
This app is being marketed as “an automated trading system or robot”. This means the trades are executed on auto-pilot and without any form of human intervention. No need for experience or knowledge of the markets, the Algo Robotics algorithm does all the “heavy lifting” for you so you can sit back and watch you profits grow without having to manage trades or understand complicated trading strategies.

How Is Algo Robotics Different?
They claim it is “ahead of the markets by 0.01 seconds.” In other words, it is supposed to be faster than competing systems.

Fake Algo Robotics Reviews
Actually there are no Algo Robotics Reviews at all (fake or real) since we are the first to expose this crappy piece of technology. But we can promise you that right after we post others will follow.

Is it Free?
No, it is not! Get ready to part with at least $250, and naturally that money will be deducted from your credit card by some thieving offshore brokers who could care less about your financial situation.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The big scams to watch out for now are Calloway Software and Bitcoin Revolution.

Still Trust Algo Robotics?
Well, if that’s the case and you still want to invest with this fake Forex robot then don’t be surprised if you end up getting ripped off and some sneaky salesperson with a weird accent keeps calling you at night to get more money out of you.

A Few Trustworthy Solutions
We understand that right about now its starting to sink in that Algo Robotics is really a kind of elaborate scam which you have been able to avoid because you are a smart person who conducts proper research. But still, the question remains. What does work? Fortunately our staff compiled a short but reputable list of consistent money-making systems. These are all present in our recommended section, so take a minute to check it out.

Algo Robotics Review Summary and Conclusions
The Algo Robotics scam software and automated trading system is BLACKLISTED for sure and its both pointless as well as counter-productive to try and prove otherwise. We put this piece of trash to the test and invested our own money, and guess what. Big surprise, we lost everything after about 30 minutes after the broker activated the app. So yes, we are being sarcastic about it, but in reality when it happens to you it feels really bad because no one likes getting cheated, especially by criminals in some strange place who just want to get their dirty little fingers on your credit card. So to recap, the Algo Robotics software, app, and automated trading system (AKA Bot) is BLACKLISTED and with good reason. The software is rigged and set to lose, and even if by some strange stroke of luck you happen to win some money, the broker will never let you cash out so you can kiss your money goodbye. As always, we invite you to message us and subscribe via our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel



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