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Alive In 5 is an Extremely Deceptive Scam, Legit Review Explains

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting an immediate SCAM notification in regards to the Alive in 5 Software, App, and Autotrader as well as Brandon Graham the fake self-made millionaire. Our staff has received a deluge of complaints from a wide spectrum of innocent day-traders who insist they were bombarded with SPAM E-mails and popup up messages illegally soliciting them to register with and fund binary options trading accounts with shady and unregulated binary options brokers. So we decided to rise to the challenge and investigate extensively into this vile and very sophisticated, misleading, and dangerous scheme. After investing much energy and time we were able to review and put together an infrastructure evidence base that will dispel this myth and provide the proof in a very clear and factual way.

Official Scam Site:

Proof of Scam:
After laboring extensively our staff of researchers were able to compile two main pieces of compelling evidence that will not leave a shadow of doubt that this so called system is an absolute sham and disgrace. In the image below you can clearly see that Graham’s Porsche 911 Carrera S is on consignment from It means the car is not his, and most likely the posh house, and the fake girlfriend  who is an actress, although you will not find her on which makes this deception much more dangerous. It is very likely that same people that are behind the Free Money Guaranteed Scam are also responsible for producing this movie, since they are using the same car rental company. And as I mentioned before, they really do have a very broad selection of luxury cars to offer, I did enjoy browsing their site.

Alive in 5 A

After digging in deeper, we found out that these people also produced fraudulent newspaper articles glorifying and legitimizing their crummy software (see image below). We find this kind of behavior to be not only intolerable and unacceptable, but also very easy to debunk so we thank them for handing us the proverbial “smoking gun”. Feel free to check this story on Google, I can assure you it does not exist, and definitely wasn’t written by Helen Wilson.

Alive in 5 B

Alive In 5 Review
This is really an amazing production and the people behind it spent a fortune hiring actors, renting the house, and paying for cars. I must hand it to them, they are professional internet swindlers and very crafty marketers. So this is the plot, it starts when Brandon Graham promises you a “5 Figure Income Every Day” indefinitely for the rest of your life. Then he continues to say how this trading software is “easy, fast, automated, and free”. It’s very effective bringing in the homeless bum and showing how this has changed his life, I must say I was very moved by the way this actor started crying and saying how he can’t believe this is happening to him.

However, we must not forget this is a paid performer and he did a very nice job duping many innocent customers into depositing money into trading accounts. Additionally we have the usual pressure tactics and statements like “last beta-tester positions open” luring and bating potential clients to buy into this scam. There is also an entourage of actors posing as legit traders and making fake testimonials, since we are constrained by time we were not able to sift through each one and search image bank photos, but this does not change the core argument.

It’s also important to mention this system scores a big fat ZERO for transparency! There is nothing having to do with the actual trading history and no real documented wins or real money transfers from broker accounts. So let’s not forget, it’s also crucial to focus on what’s missing, and not necessarily what is presented to you.

To finalize this review, all the candle sticks analysis, market updates, and various trading strategies such as momentum or scalping on 60 second options will not help you in the least bit. Eventually you will need to figure out a way to get out of this trap with whatever money you have left.

Is it Free?
Sure it is, but you will have to leave a minimum of $250 at the door in order to use the crooked software through one of their recommended brokers.

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Signals, Autotraders, Bots, and Copiers
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Verdict, Conclusions, and Recommendations:
It is not everyday that we see such a sophisticated SCAM like the Alive in 5 Software, App, and Auto-trader as-well-as Brandon Graham the fake actor and cheater. Our staff has reviewed this trading tool and produced irrevocable evidence and proof of lies and deception. It is completely fabricated, and there is not one thing which is genuine, honest, legit, or sincere about this trash piece of code besides the intent of the people behind it to steal your hard-earned money. We are therefore warning all our members and viewers to use extreme caution when being approached by this offer and seek alternative means of investment. As always, you can always contact us through our Facebook group or YouTube Channel.

  • Fawaz

    Haha…just got another mail from them today (I didn’t even register with them, a spam I guess) and decided to surf the net for any scam alert and I saw this article about them. I suspected they were a fraud.

    • Hi Fawaz, yes you are correct it’s one of the better ones though you have to admit! Did it manage to land in your inbox?

      • Fawaz

        Yes it actually did.

  • Nathan

    That article looks so cheap and fake looking and I can’t believe they messed up with the rental car. I guess they were hoping no one would notice it and just be blinded by the words Porsche.

  • Paul

    Poor butler on his old age he must still drive a car for a scammer. Why does he not help him first or does he still need a slave. Or is the bum more important than his butler The best is the bum looks so nice when he was met the first time in his apparently dirty clothes. The stuff was not even dirty and if you look nicely at the jacket it still looks new. If he is such a helper of the needy why does he not give everyone a 250 dollar start up and if his system works he can take say five thousand dollars back after half an hour and leave you with the rest to build on. Then everybody wins. Except his poor broker who will go bottoms up. Another scammer in cahoots with a scaly broker. Or is he maybe the broker to.

    • Taylor H

      Haha so true!! This guy could help everyone living in poverty have a better life if it was only true. He will get what he can then turn around with another scam….

  • Tito

    Actually I registered today hahaha and after 2 minutes they called me and the call was from London. They asked me about the deposit. And how I’m gonna do it. Hahaha I said ok I’ll see what I’m gonna do

  • SCAM they won’t give my money back all they do is give you bullshit no money and request info and tell you wait for approval it is my money I want it and too bad so run people SCAM!!!!!!