Apiary Fund Review, SCAM Or Legit Apiary Investment Fund?

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Apiary Fund Review, SCAM Or Legit Apiary Investment Fund?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Apiary Fund is a currencies and Forex training program which has been receiving a lot of exposure recently. We have received a multiple complaints about the Apiary Investment Fund, and in our detailed review and investigation we will ascertain if it is a SCAM and should be blacklisted or a legit Forex training program. Its worth pointing out that there have been numerous reviews in regards to the possible Apiary Fund SCAM, and there is much conflicting information out there. So first we would like to clarify and shed light on some facts. First, this program offers you their money to trade. This is an incredible breath of fresh air, but if something in the back of your mind is telling you to hold on and wait, you are correct and we will elaborate about this in a bit. Secondly, you should know that this is a downloadable software which is connected to your computer. You should also be aware that there is no conflict of interest here as we are not acting as affiliate marketers or receive any type of commissions for referring customers to Apiary Fund. This means our Apiary Fund review is honest, truthful in spirit and totally transparent.

For those of you who have signed up for an unrelated service and started receiving all kinds of promotional emails inviting you to join Apiary Fund, we believe the smart move is to read our review before diving in and clicking the links on those emails. But first, a word of caution. Any form of investment, be it in Stocks, Commodities, Options, Indices, or even Bonds carries a relatively high level of risk. Obviously if you have a private wealth manager by your side advising you where to place your millions then this review is not for you. Still, many people receive promotional emails from trusted services they sign up for, and suddenly find themselves getting spammed from different sources. Such is the case with Apiary, and that is how they recruit new members. The business development department behind Apiary Fund joins forces with various investment sites and pays them to do mailings or alternatively does joint ventures on revenue share schemes based on money generated by traders signing up through the campaigns. Keep reading to see if Apiary fund is a blacklisted SCAM or a genuine Forex trading and educational program.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: https://apiaryfund.com

Who Are The People Behind Apiary Fund?
The management team behind Apiary Investment Fund are all real people. Shawn Lucas is the founder, and Colton Chesnut is Vice President of Technology. Its worth pointing out that as opposed to all the scams we have previously exposed, these are real people who have staked their reputation by voluntarily providing their personal details. That is a very important factor which in many ways excludes Apiary Fund from the classic SCAM category where all we see are actors and fake testimonials. It does not however excuse them from acting in a way which we feel projects a sense of insincerity at best, and at worst places them in the SCAM category, as quite a few websites believe to be the case.

All That Being Said, Something is Fishy
We had a feeling we smelled a rat, but could not quite put our fingers on it. Then it became clear to us as we continued to watch the video testimonials. A person named Dakota Andrews is providing a review “by a real funded trader”. This is a very useful and welcome initiative, but we don’t know and quite frankly never heard of ANYONE providing a testimonial and then literally begging people to email them about the very same product. This never happens UNLESS, the person doing it is actually employed by the product merchant (in this case Apiary Fund). Take a look at the image below, this guy is saying “I check my email every day”.

Funded Accounts – Scam or Legit?
Intuitively thinking the concept of funded accounts are very much a breath of fresh air in the Forex trading scene. There is however a catch, and in order to understand how this works you need to take a step back and put your thinking hat on because it can get very tricky. Not everything is as it seems because you have to pay for the software and training which is extremely expensive. We will get to the pricing section in just a bit, but before we do that we have to point out something we didn’t like. We very much dislike the fact that the main Apiary Fund sales page has a section which literally says “you aren’t accountable for your losses”. Naturally this seemed like a very awkward statement to us (to put it mildly), so we checked the small print in the terms of service section (see below) and guess what. They clearly state that can’t guarantee a return on investment, which means they are contradicting themselves and beyond being unethical, its also unprofessional and in this context drives customers away and generates negative reviews.

How Much Does It Cost?
This software DOES NOT come cheap! The pricing section offers 3 plans which range from $97 to $697. They all include a fixed monthly fee of $97 which is added to your overall billing statement. Naturally they will try to push you to buy the expensive package, but you should know that what is good for them is not necessarily good for you. Insist on seeing a demo trading station and getting access to some educational material first in order to evaluate their level of proficiency. They do offer a 14 day refund period, but we have heard that the requests are simply differed or go unanswered in an attempt to wear you out. Eventually they respond and do their job, but its plain to see they are not about to give you a refund easily so get ready to fill out tedious forms.

How Does Apiary Fund Work?
Basically after you pay your fee and download the software you get access to educational videos and a trading dashboard which includes technical trading tools such as candlesticks. You are also supposed to get access to a community of traders, but for obvious reasons it is only available with the premium accounts (we didn’t like that either).

Is it Possible to Make Money Using Apiary Fund?
Well, the short answer is yes but you don’t need Apiary Fund to be a successful Forex trader. What you really need is an intuitive grasp of market movements and the ability to make fast calculations without getting emotional. The rest is irrelevant as all the tools you will ever need are provided by much more professional vendors and actually give you all the data you need in real time.

What Kind of Tools Do You Get?
As mentioned previously, you get an assortment of educational tools, including software and technical analysis tools.

Traders Feedback
We received multiple complaints suggesting the software is bogus and the Forex Training program is useless. Reading between the lines we understand that the software may be cumbersome and quite difficult to operate. Now if this was just one case then we would not bother writing a complete review, but 7 complaints telling us the same story means there is a trend here. And the trend is telling us the software is not user friendly and most likely due to this produces negative results.

Other Viral Scams Trending
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If you are not quite sure about what system is right for you and are currently deliberating, that is perfectly normal. Our staff of diligent researchers has scrounged the internet searching for genuine trading machines. Due to our efforts we were able to compile a short yet reputable list of consistent money-making apps. These are all proudly showcased in our recommended section.

Apiary Fund Review Summary and Conclusions – The Bottom Line
This Forex software and educational program does not answer to the classic definition of an investment or financial scam (i.e Ponzi Scheme, MLM Scams, or Pump and Dump) and for that reason should not be blacklisted. However, we did receive complaints indicating their educational material was lacking and not very professional. After checking it out we realized why the complaints arrived. It’s not that we are looking at a bona fide SCAM, but the information is out there and it was just repackaged with minor changes and sold under the Apiary Investment Fund umbrella. Again, this is what we refer to as a borderline case, so we would simply not recommend the Apiary Fund to our traders and leave it at that. This is especially true for our members who are constantly looking for simple trading tools, usually in the form of auto-traders. Our investigation has revealed that its simply not a smart buy, and it is for this reason we recommend our members and subscribers seek alternative investment avenues. As always, we invite you to join our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel and learn how to avoid getting scammed online.

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