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Aurumtech Review, Dangerous SCAM Warning!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Aurumtech Inc AKA Aurumcorp software by Marco Pierre Shoemaker is an extremely dangerous SCAM and we had no choice but to BLACKLIST it in our fair and impartial review and investigation. Stay alert and totally attentive, because the complaints we received have indicated to us we are dealing with some of the industry’s most criminal and morally corrupt affiliate marketers. This is not just another financial scam, here we are witnessing a very elaborate and high-end production designed with pure malice to steal your money and then split the profits with thieving unregulated brokers. The amount of money invested in this sham is mind-boggling, which means it is that much more sinister, misleading, and deceptive. If you believe this new trading robot and fake signals app to be legit or genuine, you are deeply mistaken and we can guarantee you will lose all your money without any way to retrieve stolen funds. Still, despite all their efforts it seems this fraud ring has had a lapse of judgement and this oversight will cost them dearly since we were able to use our connections and find out the real identity of this actor and paid performer. Keep reading to see how our staff produced conclusive proof and evidence of SCAM and who the real CEO or Arumtech really is.

Official Scam Website, Members Area, and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
“Marco Shoemaker”, the so-called CEO of Aurumtech INC is and actor named David Williams! In the screenshot below you will see of the real actor portraying a father in a Royal Moore Auto Center commercial. Feel free to browse Williams‘ personal website at your convenience as well if you want to take a closer look. For all intents and purposes we refer to this piece of evidence as the “smoking gun” since it totally lays to rest any doubts or hesitations concerning the legitimacy of this new system.arumtech1

In addition, it appears this actor is really popular with the big industry crooks since they used him for the Push Money App scam, which is one of the most notorious schemes directly responsible for wiping out thousands of bank accounts from innocent day-traders across the world. He is also the featured actor in another SCAM named Mirror Trader.

Aurumtech Inc Software Review
Not to be confused with Aurum Tech in the UK (which is a legit tech company), Aurumtech Inc is supposed to be one of the leading startups in trading technology, responsible for changing peoples lives. People who have no experience trading or lack of funds to invest are invited to join, and become a part of a program that generates millions of dollars on auto-pilot. This is done through “custom logarithmic prediction with valuable commodities, mainly Gold but also Silver and Platinum.

The sales video claims that you are “about to embark on a journey that shows you how the money really flows, and it will float right into your wallet.” Then we get into the limousine scene where Shoemaker introduces his company as one that focuses on wealth through technological prowess in the commodities sector.” He then proceeds to ask the viewers to enter their name and details in the registration area, and claims it’s a security procedure to filter out any “governmental spy robots, and just to secure your position as a trainee”.


After the initial signup we see him leaving the limo and boarding a jet plane to Palo Alto California. On the plain he is talking about making “life-changing wealth”, and claims he is referred to as “Marcomoney” and “Shoemillions”, but he really loves making a difference in peoples lives. He also claims he has created over 25 various charitable organizations for philanthropic reasons, and his wife complains he spends too much time with his tech “baby” and Gretchen his assistant instead of her. He plainly states that he will make YOU his next success story, and make you financially free and it won’t cost you a thing. Furthermore, he mentions that they have allocated staff to help you manage your newly found wealth. Shoemaker is promising you that if you don’t make at least $250,000 in the first quarter, he will give you $25,000 as compensation for your time as a trainee. Marco claims he is from a poor family of German immigrants who industrious and entrepreneurial, and has no background in technology.

Can You Believe That? Not a Single Trade Lost in 6 Years, It’s Incredible!

He is telling the rags-to-riches story about how he started out working for a Wallstreet Brokerage making cold calls to potential clients, until his brother called him from MIT about some super-fast technology they developed that eliminates human error in the trading process. So he started trading for his clients using this system and very quickly he made massive profits for them, and that the wins are 100% guaranteed with no losses because of the time margin which the technology exploited between when the trade was placed and the price changed.


Then they enter their offices and interview Alexei Mefdah who explains that the Temporal Margin Exploitation or TME is how they exploit the time margins in price movements. In other words, he claims the software analyzes institutional trade fluctuations and beats the market rates due to the time gaps. Alexei claims they have the fastest systems and that is why they beat their competitors and get 100% win ratios and guaranteed wins all the time. He says it’s all about speed of execution, anticipation of moves, and calculation times, and has nothing to do with fancy charting like candlestick charts or various forms of manual market analysis. Then Shoemaker enters a fancy meeting room and starts a Skype conversation with Andrew from Australia who says he made over $170,000 in profits during the first month.

In reality, this is a very sophisticated SCAM designed to fleece your wallet and wipe out your accounts very quickly. It looks very believable and appealing, especially if you have not been exposed to other systems in the past, but that is why we believe it to be particularly deceptive and misleading. This scheme employs all the classic elements used in a very crafty and sneaky manner. Hyped up claims, inflated bank accounts, lies, inconsistencies, half-truths, fake testimonials, false advertising, and various other tactics such as trademark infringement are used as baiting tools to lure and victimize innocent day traders.

Is it Really Free Like They Say?
Not at all! Access requires an initial deposit of $250, and that money will be charged to your credit card by one of their recommended brokers, which may or may not be regulated or legit.

But I Read This System is Genuine!
Yes, regrettably this may be true since some leading website owners write fake reviews and take bribes. Fortunately we have proven this system to be fraudulent and the narrative to be totally fabricated and riddled with holes.

Other Viral Scams to Avoid
We recommend you stay away from Gemini 2, Cash Loophole, and The Millionaire Blueprint.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
Just today we received about 4 endorsement requests and they all miserably failed our simple credibility tests. In fact, almost all systems pan out to be worthless apps designed to steal your money. We do however showcase the best and most consistent money-making machines in our recommended section, so feel free to check them out.

recommended systems2

Review Conclusions and Recommendations
The Aurumtech Inc AKA Aurumcorp software by Marco Pierre Shoemaker is a SCAM. Make no mistake, we had to blacklist this fake app and auto-trader in our impartial review due to the alarming rate of complaints that have arrived to our help desk. If you have received a SPAM email communication make sure not to click anything and immediately unsubscribe. Our findings and conclusive evidence have uncovered a hornets nest and we have already received overt threats not to publish our review, but decided to do so anyways despite the risks involved since this is our social contract and mandate given to us by our readers. Once again, don’t be tempted to test the waters and deposit, we will not be able to help you get your money back this time. In light of all the proof our staff produced we highly recommend our users stay away from this new system and seek alternative means of investing.  To learn more join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.


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