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Automated Crypto System Review, Automated Crypto System SCAM!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Automated Crypto System Review and SCAM Investigation
Thinking about joining the Automated Crypto System SCAM software and fake signals app? We think its a bad move, and our Automated Crypto System review will prove without a doubt that this fake Forex and Crypto trading robot is a SCAM. Consequently, we had no choice but to blacklist this phony copied system, and soon you will understand why. You probably read some fake Automated Crypto System review, or watched a YouTube video about how profitable this newly launched software is. Well, we hate to burst your bubble but these are all lies devised by a clever network of fake review sites which are making a concerted effort to deliberately defraud unsuspecting victims. If you believe we are exaggerating or blowing this matter out of proportions then you better think again.

Our evidence sheds light on this newly launched Forex app and connects the dots for you in a way which clarifies everything and leads you to the right conclusion. Namely, that you are being mislead and deceived by a crafty lot of marketers and website owners who will have their pound of flesh regardless of the consequences. Still convinced Automated Crypto System is a legitimate Forex Robot? Better keep reading our review because we exposed these cheaters and their filthy little operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below is the main sales page and signup section for the Automated Crypto System scam software. We would like to focus your attention to the circular icons and the main text area where they tell you to “get your free crypto robot software today”.

And right below is the FX Master Bot software which we reviewed here some time ago. You can clearly see that they copied the same icons and used the same text only switched it from Forex to Crypto.

Moving along, here is the post registration page we received after signing up. Notice the little arrow pointing to the chat box. We asked the 24Option customer support if the allow auto trading on their site, and their response was a resounding “no”. So, from this it is plain to see that the con artists behind the Automated Crypto System are liars and cheaters.

What Is Automated Crypto System and How Does It Work?
The Automated Crypto System scam software is advertised as a Forex trading robot, but in reality its a copied signals app. It is partly copied from the FX Master Bot, and partly from the original Crypto Robot system. In other words, you are being lied to and manipulated.

Automated Crypto System Review – The Ultimate Forex and Crypto Robot or SCAM?
Forget the fancy dashboard, its designed to make the software look professional when in fact the exact opposite is the truth. There is no “sophisticated algorithm”, and the educational center does not exist. There are also no testimonials at all (fake or real). We also don’t see any type of trading history or proof of bank wires from brokers indicating money was actually sent! They claim you can chat with the support staff, but we didn’t see any chat window (not to mention a contact us section or even a simple email). They claim all you have to do is pick a strategy that works and get started, but from our experience that is an oversimplification of the facts. Most people signing up don’t even know what a Forex trading strategy is, not to mention terms like MACD, Stochastic, or RSI. So while at first glance the software may seem to be authentic, in reality its just an over-hyped signals app which is being falsely marketed as an auto-trader.

Is It Free?
Actually no, not really. You will be charged a minimum amount of £/$/€250 by the broker which is assigned to you. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a regulated or unregulated broker, the software is crap so you can’t win any way you look at it.

Fake Automated Crypto System Reviews
Oh yes, there are many of those and this is happening because there is a network of websites which are endorsing this dirty software. So be careful and stay alert at all times.

Still Trust Automated Crypto System?
It doesn’t matter which broker is allocated to you if the software is defective. Bottom line is that you will lose your money, and that is a guaranteed fact so please don’t trust this system regardless of how convincing these reviews are.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones we keep getting complains about are Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Loophole.

A Few Viable Options
If you are shopping around for a genuine trading app that actually delivers on its promise and generates consistent profits, then you will surely want to check out our recommended section. We keep it maintained and updated on a daily basis.

Automated Crypto System Review, Summary, and Helpful Tips
The Automated Crypto System scam software is a worthless piece of recycled crap designed to get you to lose your money. We know that the fact that regulated brokers are sometimes (not always) included tends to get customers to drop their guard, but that is a dire miscalculation. The first and most important aspect of trading is getting the right system, after that comes everything else (including which brokers you choose to work with). If you believe we have made a mistake in our assessment and that the Automated Crypto System software is a genuine trading tool, please leave a detailed message below and we shall try our utmost to respond accordingly. As always,  we can be reached via our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel



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