Ayrex Scam Broker? Ayrex Blacklisted By Consob [Alert]

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Ayrex Scam Broker? Ayrex Blacklisted By Consob [Alert]

Posted on by Dan Wright

Ayrex, a Binary Options Broker located at located at Office 590, Suites 5 Horsfords Business Centre, Long Point Road, Charlestown, Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis was recently blacklisted by The National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange (CONSOB), which is the Italian Regulatory Agency. Ayrex is owned and managed by Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. There are many review sites which are openly endorsing Ayrex, and that is their right to do so. Obviously, the ones who do so are getting various perks besides affiliate commissions. Namely, they are getting exposure back to their websites and building their reputation as that is how they operate. The broker is getting endorsements and the affiliate websites get links to their sites from the brokers home page. Sounds good right? Well that is not for us to decide but at the end of the day you need to consider your options while factoring in this most important element. Binary Scam Alerts will NEVER endorse any system or broker which is directly or indirectly involved in any form of binary options trading. That is because that with the exception of a few regulated exchanges such as Nadex and the Chicago Board of Exchange ALL binary options is scam because there is an inherent conflict of interest. To explain, the broker  makes money ONLY of you lose it. So, lets take Ayrex for example. If you reached a review about Ayrex after being exposed to an article about a fraudulent trading software or another unregulated broker for example, you will see how Ayrex is being gift-wrapped for you. If for some reason you feel that you are being spoon-fed lies or manipulated into doing something you are not comfortable with, its with good reason.

Official Broker Website: https://www.ayrex.com

Additionally, if you are asking yourself if Ayrex is a SCAM broker or not then you need to know that according to CONSOB it is. Now, its true that not all regulated brokers are honest and all unregulated ones are scam, but a quick check reveals it has no license from any one of the major licencing authorities such as CySec, ASIC, or FCA. So, here is the main question which needs to be asked. How the hell is this broker getting endorsements from TOP review sites. And the answer for that can be found in our opening statements, its very simple to see.

Ayrex Complaints:
The binary options community is plagued with complaints and this is also clearly evident in the case of Ayrex as a quick Google search will reveal grievances regarding withdrawals and bad service. Truth be said, even brokers such as 24Option have their share of complaints, however while we decided not to endorse 24Option in our recommended brokers section, it has made a wise decision and exit the Binary Options market altogether and focus on Forex and CFDs only. Again, this does not mean it is a totally legit company, but it does place it in a different category.

If you feel you have been scammed by Ayrex because you were fooled into joining this broker because of a “fake” Ayrex review, please contact us and we shall try to assist you in retrieving your funds (some say Ayrex stole their money, others do not).

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Verdict, Is Aryex a SCAM?
Ayrex is a well-known broker with a solid online reputation which it was able to build. This does not mean it acts in accordance to regulation, AND it does not exclude it from being a SCAM Binary Options broker (at least not according to CONSOB). Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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