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Binary Compound System Review, Dangerous Scam Exposed

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Binary Compound System software (AKA BCS) and Harold Crowells the Non-existent voice-over actor is a BLACKLISTED SCAM and this unbiased review will prove it. We recently received a complaint from one of our German traders inquiring about this most recent app and auto-trader, as well as a request to conduct a full review and investigation into this system. After examining the software and seeing how it behaves we came to the conclusion that it is a dangerous SCAM, and should be avoided at all cost. Our findings are conclusive and leave no room for doubt, we did however notice something different here. The presentation was very light and easy-going as opposed to other products being aggressively promoted these days, so this leads us to the realization that it is produced by marketing professionals with the intent of defrauding and cheating innocent day-traders in a very crafty and sublime fashion.

Official Scam Websites and Login Pages:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see a screenshot of the sales video presented by the so-called Harold Crowells. It’s plain to see the people behind this software are misleading the viewers by telling them “there is no chance of failure or disappointment” when every novice trader understands that trading involves risk. Of course some systems are better than others, but in this case the promotional and advertising practices of these cheaters are fallacious and untrue.
Binarycompound1The complaint (see below) came in from a German trader who was obviously scammed by this fake app, and wanted some clarification as to why this has happened to her. We can only try to comfort her by clarifying that this is not her fault and she is not the only one who has fallen victim to this latest binary options investment SCAM. My only advise to her at this point would be to try and cash out whatever is left of her money and seek alternative means of investing.

Binary Compound System Review
As the story goes Harold Crowells worked for a big investment house and stole the portfolio data of the most successful traders in the world who”consistently beat the market” and outperformed the biggest stocks. He termed this the Magnetic Effect Method since followers copied the patters of the big investors and created a kind of “compounding” effect. Today he is giving us the same “gift” for free so we can enjoy the lifestyle we want just like him.


In reality we have heard this rags to riches narrative in the past and it has a very strong effect because everyone identifies with the underdog and naturally attracted to people who have succeeded in life. That is the real magnetic effect and it has nothing to do with trading and everything to do with human nature and how we perceive reality to exist. Speaking of reality, a $250 budget will not make you millions over night and in most cases you should be so lucky as to break even considering they are using rogue and unregulated offshore brokers like BigOption (see image above).

Additionally we see the usual scarcity counters and usual pressure tactics used to push you into funding a trading account under false premises. The testimonials are performed by actors, although we were not able to find them on so we admit that this is merely an assumption and not a validated or proven fact. We tried contacting these people but received a cryptic response with a link to a brokers deposit page. So when we look at the big picture and connect the dots the conclusion is obvious.

Is this Software Given for Free?
Not really, you will have to pay at least $250 which will be collected by the broker they choose (pray it is not bigoption).

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Review Conclusions and Recommendations
The Binary Compound System and Harold Crowells is a SCAM and we HAVE BLACKLISTED it in our fair and impartial review. Some of our subscribers asked it is somehow related to the compound trader SCAM, it is not but the end result is the same. If you buy into this fake app and auto-trader then you will surely lose your money as we have deposited funds with this signal provider and our balance was wiped out in a matter of minutes. So we have come to the realization that there is nothing genuine or legit about this system and it will steal your money and share the profits with a rogue and unregulated binary options broker. If you still have some doubts and would like further clarifications please make sure to contact us via our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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