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Binary Copier Review, SCAM Copier Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Binary Copier software and trade copier is a SCAM and we blacklisted this fake app in our fair and impartial review and investigation. We hate to be the bearers of bad news but the complaints have arrived and it’s useless trying to ignore the facts as they are very clear and have led us to an abrupt yet much foreseen conclusion. If some of you believe this fake trading robot to be genuine or legit you had best get ready to have your money stolen by filthy offshore brokers which are conspiring against you with unethical affiliate marketers. We have also received requests by angry day traders who have complained about overcharging on the credit card bills and receiving phone calls from rude and pushy salespeople trying to illegally solicit their credit card information. When we tried contacting the people responsible for this sham we received a somewhat cryptic response advising us to fund a trading account, and that’s when all the dots connected for us. Just keep reading to see how we exposed this bank of crooks and why Binary Copier is a dangerous financial scam.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM:
This is a really tricky SCAM because these swindlers understand how to hide their true intentions. So in this case the actual proof and evidence lays not so much in what is presented to us, but what is hidden from your eyes. For example, we don’t know who is behind this software or who owns it. There are no testimonials at all (real or fake), and we didn’t find any proof of earnings or wins. Additionally, there is no mention of what the expected success or ITM ratio is. The only this which is seen is a vague comment in the “About” section saying “the accuracy is beyond human capabilities.” And to top it all off there is no demo mode so you can’t test out the trading environment and execute trades just to see how the software behaves. You are totally locked in and the only way to start trading is by funding an account through one of their brokers.

We did find a robust FAQ section, however there were more than a few inconsistencies and some clarification which is needed in regards to the performance of the app and how to proceed with cashing out.

Binary Copier Review – Truth or Lies?
According to the sales page this software is presumably “the best” signals copier available today and a great way  to place profitable trades thanks to a “new way of signal tracking”. It continues to say that this app “enables traders to receive popular trades and take advantage of that opportunity instantly”. We don’t believe these kinds of claims as there is no supporting data which validates this information (which is obviously fallacious).

Distinguishing Features:

A. Unique Trading Hub:
Invest in currencies and stock. This is supposed to be a trading community where traders learn and copy from each other. However we don’t see any trader profiles or any kind of demo explaining how the system works.

B. Popular Signals:
This is a simple dashboard which displays random signals such as currency pairs or stock. You can choose to trade according to that or copy other traders in the network.

C. Risk Amplifier:
This is supposed to be a VIP feature with 3 levels of trading techniques that adapt to your trading needs or style. In reality it’s just preset strategies that behaves differently according to criteria which are programmed by the coders of this dubious app. It’s supposed to give you a feeling that you control the level of risk, and in a way it does that but the outcome is always the same – you lose!

D. VIP Strategies:
There are 2 strategies, namely Currency Stimulation and Recurrence Effect. Both of them have trading algorithms that are supposed to adapt to your needs.

In Reality
What we have here is a group of coders that have rolled out a scam signals copier with a very believable-looking design. It’s true, we don’t see any fake testimonials, hyped up claims, or inflated bank accounts. But by the same token there is no viable information to support the claims behind this app which are also very vague. In fact, this Binary Copier in general is a very vague and unfocused system which tries to lure you without letting the people behind it to get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Unfortunately this does not work and we are on to these con artists.

Is it Free
Actually it isn’t but they never said it is so at least they were honest about that. You will have to pay a minimal sum of $250 and this money will be charged to your credit card by one of their scheming offshore brokers which may or may not be regulated.

Similar Viral Scams Trending
The hot scams to watch out for are Lexington Code and Code Fibo. In fact, anything with the word “Code” in it is most likely a scam and should be avoided.

Fake Reviews
There are quite a few websites which have chosen to endorse this fake trading robot and obviously this was done in order to collect bribes in the form of commissions. We don’t appreciate that, so if you are unsure about something simply message us and we will respond.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are deliberating and not quite sure about how to proceed it’s completely normal. Our staff of researchers has filtered out the losing apps and compiled a short list of consistent money-making apps. These are all showcased in our recommended section.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Binary Copier software and trade copier is more than a SCAM. It’s a fraudulent software which was designed with pure malice by thieving affiliate marketers operating in cahoots with rogue offshore brokers. The people behind this fake app and semi-automated copier have a checkered past and a reputation for defrauding innocent day traders very effectively. We urge you to avoid this system at all costs since our proof and findings are unequivocal and can’t be disputed. The only logical conclusion we have reached is that it is a confirmed investment SCAM and rightfully blacklisted. Again, we are forced to advise you to seek alternative and more profitable investing avenues. Should you need any further information please make sure to join our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel .

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