Binary Interceptor is a Confirmed Scam, Legit Review Proves

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Binary Interceptor is a Confirmed Scam, Legit Review Proves

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting a severe SCAM notification in regards to the Binary Interceptor Software, App, and Autotrader as well as Robert Harper the fake actor. Our staff of researchers has received complaints about a massive SPAM email marketing campaign that is now badgering innocent day traders and trying to lure them into registering and funding accounts with crooked and unregulated binary options brokers located offshore, so we conducted a full investigation and review of this system. The facts and evidence were difficult to obtain, but at the same time very compelling and left us with no doubt.

Official Scam Site:

Proof of Scam
This time we will make it short and very unequivocal. Let there be no room for mistakes, misinterpretations, or misunderstandings about these cheaters. The Binary Interceptor is a verified SCAM of the most dangerous kind, and the evidence is provided for you very clearly in the image below. For those of you who forgot, “Derek” is the main presenter and actor selling the Virtual Income App, which is an older scam that was marketed very aggressively about a month ago (give or take a few days). If you want to take a peak and stroll down memory lane feel free to check out the previous video he starred in.

Interceptor 2It’s very plain to see it is the same actor, selling the same boring pitch, with the same stupid face. I can also tell you that it is the same software rehashed to look differently, and the it’s the same people pushing the same SCAM only using different actors and surroundings. We also checked out Robert Harper, the person is a ghost and has no public social profile on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Binary Interceptor Review
This colorful story starts out describing how a certain app was developed and “anytime new financial data is available on the net, the software will intercept it, filter out relevant data, and give you the best trades to make”. The story goes on to mention that the idea was ripped off some Millionaire (whose name we will never know obviously), and how the auto-trader uses mind blowing artificial intelligence to provide the best possible performance. The part which really has me confused is how they say they get paid if traders make winning trades. This is a novel concept, but binary is based on market maker models and there are no liquidity providers. To simplify, its a very abrupt lie and also not very sophisticated because instead of showing the benefits of the system, they are pointing out an obvious pitfall. In short, this “so called” software is designed to take inferior positions and get you to lose your money. If you have bought into this obvious sham, don’t try mixing trading strategies like candlesticks analysis or bolinger bands on 60 second options. Just count your blessings and move on while trying to collect whatever money you have left in your balance.

Does this Cost Anything?
Well, it is free of charge but you will need to fund a trading account with at least $250 using one of their recommended brokers in order to qualify for the software.

Similar Scams
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Signals, Autotraders, Bots, and Trade Copiers
We got new stuff coming out every day but we only recommend the best systems after testing them and getting initial reviews from some of our members.

Final Words, Conclusions and Recommendations
The Binary Interceptor Software, App, and Autotrader as well as Robert Harper (whoever that is) is a confirmed binary options investment scam designed to steal your money. While examining the evidence we have turned every stone and were very methodical about documenting the process, so if you still have any doubts and believe this thing may be legit, genuine, or sincere please contact us through our Facebook group or YouTube Channel and get informed.

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