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Binary Option Club Review, Options SCAM Exposed With Evidence!

Posted on by Dan Wright

The Binary Option Club (AKA Binary Options Club) social trading app and trade-copying software by the non-existent Paul Schafer is a SCAM and we BLACKLISTED it in our factual review and investigation. The thieves behind this software are presumably a purveyor of a quality trade copier, however our staff smelled a rat when the accuracy levels dropped below the minimum 75% ITM success ratio and we started losing money. When the complaints started arriving we immediately noticed a few disturbing facts. First, its worth pointing out that there are many fake reviews about this new system and that is extremely alarming. Secondly, some of our members have told us they were baited after responding to a very aggressive form of advertising which kept popping up. Besides the obvious SPAM emails, we find this form of false advertising to be especially dangerous because it uses spyware to track your browser navigation and based on your browsing activity chooses the best time to deliver a very enticing message illegally soliciting you to join this vile scheme. If you believe this system to be genuine of legit we are sorry to disappoint you once more, but you are being set up and about to get scammed by some of the industry’s most crafty affiliate marketers. These crooks could care less about your financial welfare and are only interested in getting you signed up with a broker’s account of their choosing. We have also been informed by one of our sources that a virus was installed on his computer after trying out this system. So stay totally alert and keep reading to see how we exposed the Binary Option Club fake social app and why we believe it steals money.

Official Website, Login Page, and Member’s Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see a popup which is displayed right after the registration process is completed. It’s plain to see you are locked into signing up with a broker of their choosing. There’s no way to see how the software performs on demo mode or even see it in action in a real trading environment.

Furthermore, these crooks claim they don’t like auto-traders and prefer “humans make the calls”. To counter this we have added a recent blog post by Citadel Investments who have recently “Acquired” the CITI Automated Trading Desk Assets.

Here’s another article from the New York Times saying how robots are replacing humans since they are able to make split second decisions and execute trades much faster than people can.

So when you evaluate the facts you simply have to see what the agenda behind Binary Option Club is and why these swindlers are pushing you in a direction which is beneficial to them, but not to you.

Binary Option Club Software Review
Here’s a software that claims “you can become an expert and make a solid income by following 3 easy steps”. Yes, this software is supposed to provide a solution to anyone who was previously “scammed” by trading robots. Unfortunately the proverb “out of the fire and into the frying pan” is very suitable in this case. Instead of finding the right auto-trader, you are being funneled into something which is totally new and has a zero track record of success.

Distinguishing Features:
A. Manual trading by “so-called” experts. The main problem is we don’t know who Michael Jessop or Chase Drexler is. In fact, these are most likely fake profiles and bots which are set to execute trades according to a certain criteria. These are not real people, so don’t get your hopes up and once you ask difficult or unusual questions no one will respond.

B. “Free University“: This is not really a university and does not get into the details of how to avoid making mistakes and why are the risks involved with short-term contracts. It’s a kind teaser mixed with half-truths and sound-bites designed to entice and bait you.

C. Manual or Automated Trading?: This is not clear (which is another problem), but from what we understand there are two formats. The first is manually copying other traders, and the second is having the system automatically execute copied trades for you. Either way you lose since copying trades executed by fake profiles will get you random results at best and most likely will result in your balance being wiped out.

Accuracy, ITM, and Success Ratio
After testing this software we have reached a 50% success ratio, which means we are back to tossing coins. This simply validates our previous claims and connects all the dots for us so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Is it Free?
No it is not. Binary Option Club will cost you a minimum of $250 to get started, and this money will be deducted from your credit card by one of their recommended brokers which may or may not be licensed.

Similar Viral Scams Trending
The ones getting the most complaints are Omnia App and United Trading Network.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are not sure and having a difficult time making the right decision its totally fine. We have done all the research for you so now you don’t have to. Our short list of endorsed system represents the best and most consistent money-making apps. These are all showcased in our recommended section.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Binary Option Club social trading app and copying software by Paul Schafer is a malicious SCAM and rightfully blacklisted in our detailed review. If for some reason you believe this system to be genuine of legit, you had best get ready to have your money stolen by these blood-thirsty hyenas. The seemingly innocent looking facade of this fake app has already tricked many traders and caused them much misery and grief. We urge you to use your common sense and refrain from using this fraudulent software and fake copier, since we now know what will happen to your initial investment. Additionally, these affiliates have teamed up with dirty brokers that will steal your credit card details as well and overcharge you (this is confirmed). In light of all this evidence and findings our staff was able to produce, we are forced once more to blacklist the Binary Option Club and recommend alternative investment solutions to our members and viewers. Don’t forget to  join our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel .

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