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Binary Profit Method Review

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Quick Update: We are currently recommending an alternative to the Binary Profit Method. It is an advanced trading robot – please feel free to check it out – system is displayed below.

From time to time you have a system that comes out which is not heavily advertised and you won’t see it in too many places, however this is not indicative in any way as to the performance of the service or product. This is most definitely the case with the binary profit method, a relatively new and profitable tool used by a few of my colleagues as well as myself as a consistent source of additional income.

The software is a signals tool which utilizes a 3 level indicator system and also provides the technical analysis behind it. Now I know a lot of you are looking for automated trading tools like Neo2, but there are advantages when using manual tools, the most immediate one has to do that you have control over your account balance and can implement effective money management strategies. This is not the case with algorithmic trading where you just surrender your funds to a system and allow it to buy contracts freely. In many ways it’s like giving a robot an open check to trade for you, and I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable doing something like that especially when it comes to such a high risk form of investing.

So here’s the litmus test for the binary profit method.

  1. Transparency: Well, you actually get to choose the broker you want to work with. That’s pretty amazing, usually they won’t let you choose. Secondly, you can see exactly what your trading on and the technical analysis is just a hover function. There is not complicated or messy charting involved, it’s all built in the back end for you.
  2. Performance Levels: Just ask them for proof if you want, I mean these guys are always in double digits.
  3. Customer Support: Simply stellar, nothing else describes it better. They understand what you want and respond lightning fast.
  4. Simplicity: Just copy the trade and don’t get too creative.
  5. Reliability: Besides a Cache bug its bullet proof on all major browsers. Refreshing the page will give you previously stored results, but it’s something which is browser related and they have not control over. So if you refresh just exit the software and login again for accurate results.

Other than that on a personal level these are two very interesting guys that are self made, and while they are very busy Mark will usually find the time to respond, Steve is taking some time to be with his family these days since he’s basically semi-retired.

Update: There was recently a Youtube video released by someone called Chris Pires which claims the BPM is a scam, we investigated this person and found out he is a big scam artist himself and uses extortion tactics to get people to remove his bad reviews.

We also noticed there is not even ONE positive review or system he is backing and his review is a complete lie and fabrication. The BPM DOES NOT use actors (there is no need). Furthermore, this person is clueless about trading. He speaks about trading BONDS of all things, and all he cares about is getting people to signup using his affiliate link to the MLM Empower Network which is known to be very shady.

If you think this review is incorrect or inaccurate please let me know.

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