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Binary Profit Method Review

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Quick Update: We are currently recommending an alternative to the Binary Profit Method. It is an advanced trading robot – please feel free to check it out – system is displayed below.

From time to time you have a system that comes out which is not heavily advertised and you won’t see it in too many places, however this is not indicative in any way as to the performance of the service or product. This is most definitely the case with the binary profit method, a relatively new and profitable tool used by a few of my colleagues as well as myself as a consistent source of additional income.

The software is a signals tool which utilizes a 3 level indicator system and also provides the technical analysis behind it. Now I know a lot of you are looking for automated trading tools like Neo2, but there are advantages when using manual tools, the most immediate one has to do that you have control over your account balance and can implement effective money management strategies. This is not the case with algorithmic trading where you just surrender your funds to a system and allow it to buy contracts freely. In many ways it’s like giving a robot an open check to trade for you, and I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable doing something like that especially when it comes to such a high risk form of investing.

So here’s the litmus test for the binary profit method.

  1. Transparency: Well, you actually get to choose the broker you want to work with. That’s pretty amazing, usually they won’t let you choose. Secondly, you can see exactly what your trading on and the technical analysis is just a hover function. There is not complicated or messy charting involved, it’s all built in the back end for you.
  2. Performance Levels: Just ask them for proof if you want, I mean these guys are always in double digits.
  3. Customer Support: Simply stellar, nothing else describes it better. They understand what you want and respond lightning fast.
  4. Simplicity: Just copy the trade and don’t get too creative.
  5. Reliability: Besides a Cache bug its bullet proof on all major browsers. Refreshing the page will give you previously stored results, but it’s something which is browser related and they have not control over. So if you refresh just exit the software and login again for accurate results.

Other than that on a personal level these are two very interesting guys that are self made, and while they are very busy Mark will usually find the time to respond, Steve is taking some time to be with his family these days since he’s basically semi-retired.

Update: There was recently a Youtube video released by someone called Chris Pires which claims the BPM is a scam, we investigated this person and found out he is a big scam artist himself and uses extortion tactics to get people to remove his bad reviews.

We also noticed there is not even ONE positive review or system he is backing and his review is a complete lie and fabrication. The BPM DOES NOT use actors (there is no need). Furthermore, this person is clueless about trading. He speaks about trading BONDS of all things, and all he cares about is getting people to signup using his affiliate link to the MLM Empower Network which is known to be very shady.

If you think this review is incorrect or inaccurate please let me know.

  • Dennis Ayawine

    Hi there am your latest subscriber and i really have a keen intrest in the options stuff i would like to know if the binary profit method leads u or teaches u to making the right decisions or everything has been left to the account holder…… Thank you…..

    • Hi Dennis, the binary profit method is a suggestive format for signals. Once you fund your account your receive a username and password, this provides you with access to the trading panel. They offer web-based tutorials and even assist with the first trades. Service is outstanding.

      • Dennis Ayawine

        Ok so i have never done anything like this…. So i want to know your suggestion wether to start with an auto trading app… and learn more about the manual or i should just start with a manual account?…. Thank you

        • First of all, where are you from?

          • Dennis Ayawine


          • ok so most brokers wont accept that country.

          • Dennis Ayawine

            Iitz still worth the try… Or owk so list a couple of brokers that work with binary profit method so i can do a bit of research on the countries from their web address

          • Chris

            Hi Patrick, so being in the US I should forget about Binary Profit Method huh? It’s not available to me here right?

          • Hi Dennis – its definitely available for USA. Just less options.

          • Cynthia Macy

            so what’s the process for a US trader to get access to the signals? Also, can these signals be used on the Nadex platform?

          • adrian tan

            Hi pat, if im working in Singapore though i am an indonesian. Is there any good broker compatible with BPM in either country? Im also new to trading.

            Thx adrian

          • Hi Adrian, yes I believe they are all tested and reliable brokers but the first two in the members area are most suitable for you. Thanks Pat

          • Dennis Ayawine

            Could u please list the brockers they work with

      • Gerhard Kooistra

        Well, i just want to now this, make’s the “Binary Profit Method” make consitantly money for you, or does it not ?

  • Stephen Wicks

    I looked at the binary profit site and I think this maybe a possible scam. When you look at his trading results, I stopped going back after 3 pages because they all were winners, which is absolutely unbelievable. Nothing wins all the time.

    When you see his live training, the screen says “Welcome Steve” but it’s his partner Mark doing the training. They maybe business partners but do you really think they have each other’s username and password?

    Finally, there are like any other binary scam, you have to fund your account with their “recommended” brokers,there are four of them to choose from, that’s just another way of saying “fund your account here so we can get a cut of your deposit.” That’s how all these binary scams work. Their giving you the software for free, but you have to ask “What’s in it for them?” This may be a legitimate opportunity, but I have my doubts.

  • JoF

    Hi, any update on this please? Could I ask binaryscamalerts post their result if they are using this service please? I just emailed Steve on a few of my concerns and I am happy that he replies accordingly.

    • Hue

      Brokers are scam in this system, trust me this is BS. This is what this review fails to point out, clearly. Shame that the author lacks an element of transparency!

    • john

      So Mr reviewer you deleted my reply to Jof, just because you did not agree with what I said. Well where is it its not to be seen? You have confirmed it all the more what I said is true else why delete my reply mate. After all, the brokers are not necessarily who they say they are and you know it and besides you invite people to let you know if you believe that your review is inaccurate. Nothing wrong with the system not that I have tested it for myself but a definite no no with the brokers they cite. There are claims to support this and there are many people still trying to get their money back. How the heck can we respect you if you suppress free speech dear reviewer?

    • Hi Joe, we used this system and retest it on a weekly basis. The results are consistent as long as we do things right. I personally have my own strategies and tools that I use, however BPM is a close second place and much easier to use.

  • Alexis Nonya

    I’m also interested in knowing if this is still an effective program to use

    • The review and comments indicate it is so there should not be any issues. Believe it or not they also respond to emails.

      • Alexis Nonya

        well i haven’t gotten any response on any emails from them and it’s been almost a week

  • Darlene

    Hi again have you reviewed “trade 4 me” and “basement trader” ? Thanks for any info on these two.

    • Hi Darlene, please email me at [email protected] and send me the links. I will do a special review just for you since you asked. 🙂 Please excuse the delayed response. Pat

      • Darlene

        Trade 4 me and basement trader

  • Waves

    I’m looking for something reputable to try. Apparently you can only use one broker & residents from USA can’t use it, according to this quoted passage below from another review:

    It’s important to mention that the binary profit method is only compatible with OneTwoTrade , and therefore will not synchronize with any other broker.

    To conclude, if you are NOT from the USA and looking for a real thrill, the binary profit method is a safe bet. Just make sure you inquire about bonus policies before investing.

    • Hi Waves, this partly correct. US traders have limited options, however this has nothing to do with the system. Most brokers simply won’t accept US traders these days, so there is little variety to choose from. Overall Tradorax is also powered by the Tech Financial software so that makes it even more appealing. True, there may be mixed reviews but from what I know they are decent and payout. Thanks Pat

  • Gerhard Kooistra

    Hi there, i saw in the trading results, on the BinaryProfitMethod, only winners, no losers, wel in my oppinion is that impossible ……, so what you have to say about that to me ?

    • Hi Gerhard. Yes this is correct. I was told it is a fetching error on the script. They apologised and will fix it. In reality its around 87%.

      • colin dadswell

        ive just checked that page and the numbers give a 96.9863 % success rate which is impossible and is making me a little suspicious

        • yes they are fixing it. it states around 80%. this is the number. ty Pat

          • colin dadswell

            how long do they need to fix a fetching error?

  • Gerhard Kooistra

    Well, i just want to now this, make’s the “Binary Profit Method” make consitantly money for you, or does it not ?

  • Jet Streme

    Hi Patrick, do you have a tutorial or trading strategy for using Binary Profit Method? On the trading indicators, how do I determine what expiry time to take.

    • pls mail me tomorrow np

    • Hi jet, Have you contacted Steve? They are pretty responsive there.

      • Jet Streme

        Yes, I have. Please see the email I sent you.

      • Konstantin

        What is Steve’s email? I wanna ask him a few questions before signing up.

  • JR Humarang

    Hi guys!

    Ive tried this and it realy works! Made 6/7 for the day. Steve is also very responsive on the emails it span of 1-5 mins if you have any questions.


    • OK great stuff – happy to hear its working out for you.

    • Kassam

      What broker have you got an account with? Is your broker regulated?

      • Hi Kassam, that is a question for Steve but you have to sign up first at

        • Kassam

          Anyone using this bot and resides in Vancouver to show me live performance on this bot?

          • Hi Kassam – it’s a signals tool and you have Frank doing just that 11 hours ago – his post is pinned to the top.

    • Lisa

      Hi, are you still using this software and if so how are you finding it?

    • colin dadswell

      ive emailed steve 3 times over the past 2 days, not had a reply yet and this is BEFORE i buy into it…. doesnt bode well

      • Hi Colin, that is not possible – I test it with aliases and there is always a response! It may be in the spam box or alternatively the email was not correct. You can reach him via [email protected] – there WILL be a response – and if not we will stop endorsing it. Thanks, Steve

        • colin dadswell

          ahhh right i emailed the steve email addr. he did get back to me yesterday. but i will use the email you state in future.

          • colin dadswell

            I didn’t see your email until a few days later, in the mean time i was still using the steve acct and giving him a little grilling… he responded within a few hours and gave feasible answers. I’m just trying to get my money out of Binarybook; as soon as i have i will deposit with a relevant broker and try it out on a demo acct before risking actual money.

    • colin dadswell

      So how many signals a day are you getting Frank, I mean solid signals where all three criteria are met

  • Anna

    Hi Guys,I’m glad I found this place!!!I have been scummed from TAURIBOT.I lost all my money.
    Does really exist any legitimate one?I M new to this thinks I don’t know how to trade that was the reason I signed up with the crap I mentioned above…Even I was doing a diligent research..I didn’t know where so many fake reviews and fake reviews website!Please any advice which one good for newbie.
    Thank you very much

    • Hi Anna, yea this Autotrader is a big scam. Thanks Pat

      • Anna

        Hi Patrick,Thank you.So Pat which one you recommend for newbie like me?

  • Ron

    This is a totaly scam – I opened an account and I takes away my money in one hour. To be honest don’t write something like that and – do affiliate marketing for this method to make even more money. That’s not fair for all the people who just want’s to have a good method.


  • colin dadswell

    so ive been looking into binary option for a while….. i think i have been recently stung with the copy buffett jobbie….. after having read all the reviews on a few sites including binaryoptionswatchdog in particular who claim to expose scams but i quickly noticed that ANY negative or questioning post i put was quickly removed!!!. so i’m hoping this site and the comments therein are genuine. I guess i will find out soon enough!!

    So what profits are people actually making using Steve’s binary profit method?
    Do you recommend it?

  • Lisa

    Hi everyone, I notice these posts are now a month old? Can anyone share any recent stats for the Binary Profit Method please? Thanks very much.

  • Victor

    Hi am in South Africa which Binary trading system can you recommend if i want to start trading thanks.

  • Richard

    I would like to do this but I am in the United States. What broker can I use while using Steve’s Binary Profit Method?

  • Maurice Nyongesa

    I have just today received a mail from Quantum Code through paypal which i don’t know how they did it cause it came from paypal system that money have been send to me , of which no figure and as you open then you are directed to their system but have paypal log. FUNNY THING… WHEN I OPENED THEIR PAGE I SAW A CUSTOMER CARE PAGE, SOMEBODY SEND ME A WELCOME NOTE BUT AFTER ASKING MY QUESTION HE NEVER ANSWERED BUT WENT SILENT FOR MORE THAT 2 HOURS UNTIL I CLOSED THE PAGE. Surely this is a scam

  • Peter Batemann

    Hello there Friends – Is this still working?