BinBot Pro Review, Testing Over! Results Indicate 86% Success Ratio

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BinBot Pro Review, Testing Over! Results Indicate 86% Success Ratio

Posted on by Patrick Jones

We have completed our extensive review and testing of the Binbot Pro App and trading robot, and it’s fair to say we have finally managed to come up with results that are very promising. For those of you who had their doubts, it took us 3 weeks to conclude this latest series of performance testing which include accuracy checks, prompt payouts, ease of use, navigation, and customer service. Its fair to say that we found a winner and there’s not much more to add. We have also asked some of our members for feedback, out of ten respondents 9 were satisfied with the overall performance of the app, and the individual who had some reservations admitted to trading manually so we can’t attribute the loss of his initial investment to the software and ascertain that its a scam and should be blacklisted. Keep reading to see our results!

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area

Critical Update: We are currently advising our members to seek Alternative trading avenues as we have come to the conclusion that Binbot Pro does not deliver results as we expected. There are a variety of apps which perform much better, so why settle for something which is mediocre at best.  

Results Are In
Below you will see the results we achieved with the BinBot Pro software, and this is a clear indication for us that it is functioning as it should. It’s worth noting that new brokers and strategies were added, so if you encounter something that looks or behaves differently it’s due to modifications and upgrades that were implemented in the software.


Review Recap: What is Binbot Pro and How Is it Different?
The Binbot Pro software provides customers with an automated trading solution also known as “robot”, which is designed to execute trades in an automated manner without any human or manual intervention. It’s different in many ways, specifically it offers built-in strategies such as “Bolly Band Bounce” and “Rising East” which in essence serve as a pre-selected or “canned” execution method. It’s worth noting that additional strategies and brokers were added, and that is something which was crucial for us when we examined this auto-trader.

Why Is This System Performing Compared to The Rest, It’s Just Another Scam! 
Actually that’s what we said and we ended up eating our hats so you might want to check it out for yourself. We have to stress that the trading environment has become similar to other systems we have seen, only the performance is significantly better.


As you can see above we went the extra mile and reached out to some of our members who were very hesitant at first about providing us with their personal details. Still, we were able to get very consistent information regarding the accuracy levels and performance of BinBot Pro. We were very pleased with the responses we received.


Trending Viral Scams to Avoid
The ones with the most complaints are Quantum Code by Michael Crawford and Lazy Trader app. So make sure to avoid both of these.

Review Summary and Conclusions
We have tested Binbot Pro and it performed according to our expectations. There’s not much to add here and if you want more information on how to get started we can assist you, but it’s pretty simple to handle. I would say that keeping the default settings for the strategies has proven to be most effective (on average). So wrapping up, this thing is legit and we were able to make some cash consistently. We made a few hundred dollars each day with a minimum deposit, and the second account was more robust since we initially invested more. On a side note, the fact that you don’t see actors posing as real people pushing you fraudulent software, doesn’t make a system worst or less trustworthy. Quite the opposite is true, and you won’t find any form of hype or exaggerated claims here. It’s just a solid app which is currently performing consistently under the radar, so it’s best to take advantage of it before the brokers get smart and start doing more risk analysis on this robot. Don’t forget to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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