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Binbot Pro Scam Review, How Does Bin Bot Work?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

In our previous Binbot Pro scam review we identified the various pitfalls, potential benefits, and perceived risks. We also mentioned the various strategies employed by this new system. For example the Neuron Scanner v3.0, Rising East V.1, and Bolly and Bounce. If you are new to trading you should know that these are basically a canned set of parameters programmed to act in a certain way when encountering resistance levels. What we neglected to research in our previous review was the business or marketing aspects of this new software. Now stay focused and totally alert because Binbot Pro is not your average SCAM which is designed to steal money, and there is a lot going on behind the scenes you are not aware of.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Critical Update: We are currently advising our members to seek Alternative trading avenues as we have come to the conclusion that Binbot Pro does not deliver results as we expected. There are a variety of apps which perform much better, so why settle for something which is mediocre at best.  

Does An HTTPS Certificate Guarantee a High ITM Ratio?
The short answer is no, but this may not be the question you should be asking yourself. The first, and most important question is how is it possible that the are only two brokers integrated with the software. The answer was right there staring right at us all along, and it is the focal or pivot point behind this new auto-trader.

A Conflict of Interest
In the classic customer acquisition model the advertiser attracts customers, refers them to the brokers, and these in turn register and fund a trading account. In this case, the brokers (Finpari and BinaryMate) act as de facto advertisers and offer the software to potential customers directly. Now, there are both positive as well as negative aspects to this business practice. First, there is an inherent conflict of interest and that is the reason why they have made sure not to brand the software as one which is associated with them. They simply chose a generic name and integrated their brokers. The problem here is that you are placing all your eggs in the same basket and technically speaking you are not aware of it. Secondly, you have a broker that is acting as a kind of expert adviser (EA) and also taking your trades on its own platform. If it seems a bit fishy to you we understand, but it doesn’t necessarily mean this is a scam.

On a more positive note, by eliminating the middleman you are also getting to test and interact with the actual broker and in this way test their level of professionalism and response times. Chances are, if you have issues you will get first class support directly from the broker and not from an advertiser who is just promoting a fake app and does not really care for the welfare or financial well-being of anyone except their own.

Binbot Pro: A Comparative Analysis From a Business Perspective
Above you will see the classic scam customer acquisition model, and how it works. Its clear to see you have a sleazy affiliate marketer which is using the system (in this case the Tesler App) to bait and victimize innocent day-traders.  Below is a revised acquisition model which illustrates how the brokers have bypassed the advertiser (affiliate marketer) and are directly offering the software to the public.


Binbot Pro Review: A Quick Recap
Our investigation about this latest automated trading system has lead us to the understanding that we have possibly stumbled into a new and promising form of trading technology. The secure trading environment, built-in strategies, and ease of use has also lead us to the realization that this system may be what we are looking for and could be a legit and genuine app. We have not heard or seen any fake testimonials, inflated bank accounts, or hyped up claims of exaggerated wins. We have also had some good initial results with the accuracy levels of this software which currently stands at ~ 79%, which is borderline profitable but improving slowly as we progress.

Money Making Machine?
Done deceive yourself because you are not about to make 100K a month on autopilot. This is not how this system works, but we are testing it and even if it makes us one or two thousand dollars passive income each month we will surely add it to our recommended section. That is a guaranteed fact.

Trending Scams to Avoid
We have heard a lot of complaints about the Free Money System and Orion Code so please try to avoid those.

Signals Versus Automated Systems (Trading Robots)
We know you have some tough decisions to make and that’s perfectly normal. Our team of analysts conducts extensive research about each and every system which is showcased on our recommended section as a service to our members and subscribers. Feel free to check it out.

recommended systems2

Binbot Pro Review Summary and Conclusions
Based on the information and facts we gathered about this new app and automated trading software, our recommendation is to wait for further information concerning the accuracy levels and profitability of this software. We can’t confirm its a SCAM and blacklist it at this point as we have found no evidence or proof which has lead us to this conclusion. In fact, we may very well update our review in the near future and endorse this system based on its ongoing performance and how Finpari and BinaryMate conduct themselves. In the meantime we recommend safer alternative options of investing. Don’t forget to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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