Bit Bubble Tech Review, Bit Bubble Tech SCAM Linked To Ponzi Scheme!

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Bit Bubble Tech Review, Bit Bubble Tech SCAM Linked To Ponzi Scheme!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Bit Bubble Tech SCAM and Followup Review
In our previous Bit Bubble Tech Review our staff produced clear and conclusive evidence of SCAM, yet despite our scam alert it seems the complaints are coming in with good reason. Similar to the Bitcoin Code SCAM, Bit Bubble Tech has its origins in Cryptocurrency Ponzi Schemes, and the crooks associated with it are known to have deep connections to the dark net where massive amounts of stolen money gets laundered and funneled into offshore tax havens such as Panama, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, or Seychelles. That’s why it came as no surprise to us that the nature and severity of complaints related to the Bit Bubble Tech SCAM are skyrocketing, and despite explicit warning in our previous Bit Bubble Tech review and investigation, people still keep latching on to this extremely manipulative and vile get rich-quick-crypto scam. You should also know that there are massive affiliate fraud rings which are latching on to this dubious system, and using false pretenses, lies, and highly deceptive advertising practices in order to trap you in their web of lies and deception.

Proof of Malware, SPAM, Spyware
Let’s dispense with the formalities and get to the point. We ran a malware test based on one of the links associated with Bit Bubble Tech, and it came out SPAM and malware infected across all parameters.

We also asked around and found out that some very shady characters are associated with this scam and it’s not going to stop until people start making a point of it and filing scam reports to the authorities because this trend will only grow with time as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming the preferred stomping grounds for online fraudsters and get-rich-quick scams such as the blacklisted Bit Bubble Tech.

A Word of Caution
If for some reason you happen to believe that the Bit Bubble Tech app, software, or trading robot is legit or genuine then you had better get ready to have your money stolen by thieving offshore brokers. Make a note, these guys are not your friends and will bleed you dry until you have no money left and your bank account is depleted.

Why Am I Being Targeted?
You are being targeted by the Bit Bubble Tech SCAM since you signed up for a service in the past and received SPAM email marketing communication, or alternatively are currently getting massive popup messages delivered directly to you.

Incoherence, Lack of Transparency, Recurring Scam Motifs
In the end scammers and scam services similar to Bit Bubble Tech will eventually be shut down much like their binary options predecessors. However, until then much money will be stolen and commissions collected. The good old days are back and scammers are patting their tummies since regulation has not yet caught up with them. However, that will ultimately change and a lot of people will have to answer for their misdoings and foul play.

Grievances, Theft, Rude and Insulting Behavior
Members signing up for the Bit Bubble Tech software encountered the type of behavior which would put even the biggest swindlers in the crypto-ponzi scheme scene to shame. Totally unapologetic and ever-so persistent and relentless in their pursuit, these pushy sales agents in the guise of legit brokers are there for the sole purpose of stealing your money. Any means justify their actions as long as they get you to pull out your credit card and invest.

Bit Bubble Tech Review – Its A Crypto SCAM
We have fiverr actors, hyped up claims of exaggerated earnings, inflated bank accounts, fake logos or certifications as can be seen below.

We haven’t even started discussing the relation to HYIP’s and Ponzi Schemes. It appears that the crooks associated with the Bit Bubble Tech SCAM keep opening new HYIP’s and very quickly shut them down after they are exposed on the internet by scam monitor websites. These thieves are ghosts which operate in the shadows and we have received this information through people who were associated indirectly with them. They are scared to come out openly as our experience has shown these types of characters are not very accepting of whistle blowers.

Other Viral SCAMS Trending
Watch out for Bitcoin Code as that is the biggest and most viral trending get rich quick crypto SCAM being promoted these days by online promoters.

Viable Alternatives
Our staff has scrounged the internet looking for legitimate crypto signals and trading apps. Once we find one we immediately test it and if it passes our screening process we add it to our recommended section. Again, we will never endorse any software related to Binary Options trading and all our systems are integrated with tested, reliable Forex and CFD brokers.

Bit Bubble Tech Review Summary and Conclusions
The Bit Bubble Tech software, app, and semi-automated trading software is a BLACKLISTED scam. The crooks pulling the strings behind it are associated with HYIP’s or high yield investment programs as well as crypto Ponzi Schemes of the worst kind. You would be well-advised to avoid the Bit Bubble Tech SCAM at all costs and search for more profitable and genuine cash-generating solutions. As always, we invite you to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel for more updates.

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