Bitcoin Code SCAM, Review Exposes Fake News Click Baiting Tactics

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Bitcoin Code SCAM, Review Exposes Fake News Click Baiting Tactics

Posted on by Patrick Jones

In our previous Bitcoin Code SCAM Review and investigative reports we have examined the malicious nature of this new viral SCAM. As a result of the endless swarm of complaints we have been receiving, we have been able to gain unique access to a fake CNN news websites which openly solicit innocent opportunity seekers by inviting them to sign up for the fraudulent bitcoin code software and fund trading accounts with unlicensed offshore brokers. The fallacious and deceptive nature of these fake news or editorial reports is extremely misleading, as it piggybacks on the reputation of business moguls and visionaries such as Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson. Truth be said, the greedy and conniving scammers operating behind the scenes are seasoned binary options affiliates and online promoters who are diversifying into crypto scams and looking to ride the Bitcoin wave. We have already warned all our members that Steve McKay is a fictitious character and does not exist in reality. We have proven he is an image bank actor, and that the whole Bitcoin Code narrative is nothing more than a figment of some thieving crook’s imagination. It is totally futile and utterly imprudent to ignore the facts as they have been presented to you in 2 extensive Bitcoin Code reviews. This is a malicious SCAM which has been totally blacklisted by the overwhelming majority of online trading review sites. Keep reading to see how the fraudsters behind the Bitcoin Code SCAM operate and how they trap and victimize innocent day traders looking to cash in on a legit crypto app.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:
Link To Fake News Site: Please Message Us To View It – We Will Not Publish It in Our Review As It is SPAM and Dangerous.

Modus Operandi (Method of Operation)
Below you will see a fake CNN News site entitled “Richard Branson And Elon Musk Invested $17 Million In a Bitcoin Tech Startup.” These audacious thieves even had the nerve to list Seth Fiegerman as the person who authored this piece of fake news. We contacted Seth (who really works for CNN), and are currently waiting for his response. We will update you in regards to his reaction on our YouTube Channel, as we are absolutely 100% sure he will simply refer us to the legal department after rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

After a deeper investigation we also came across the same fake news page, only it was associated with Yahoo Finance and Forbes. We have screenshots and proof of this as well if you require it. Needless to say these internet pages fall under the category of web spam and/or phishing scams and are very dangerous so don’t let yourself get caught in this trap and stay super alert on on your toes.

Bitcoin Code Review – Recap
Steve McKay machine guns through an aggressive sales script and claims that during the past 90 days 3 people have had their lives change after investing in bitcoin. After that the presenter in the video boasts about how over $13,800 were wired into the bank accounts of new Beta Testers just yesterday. And now it’s your turn to join the Bitcoin Code and get your piece of the action.

Needless to say the proverbial cat is already out of the bag, and these con artists have been caught red handed with their dirty little fingers in the cookie jar. These are professional scammers with an appetite for thievery and what’s worse they even take pride in their work. We know who these creeps are, and the more they defraud and steal money the more they laugh and boast about it. These people are not aware of it yet, but they have already been reported to the Interpol, FBI, and various regulatory entities such as the SEC and ASIC. We would like to see them in striped prison uniforms eating out of tin cans and begging the courts and judicial system for forgiveness.

Why Is Fake News Being Used to Promoted Crypto Scams?
This is done to lend the scam an aura of legitimacy and in this way act as a type of fig leaf which veils the malicious nature of the get-rich-quick scheme. To make a point, it is similar to investing after following the trading patterns of Warren Buffet or George Soros. It’s plain to see the deception as we have peeled this onion to its core and found nothing but a festering pool of grief, despair, and anxiety.

Additional Viral Scams Trending
Its fair to say that Tesler App and Binary Robot 365 are currently topping the complaints lists.

Bitcoin Trading Strategy
If you are looking for a tried and tested strategy we have it for you. We have recently added it in our recommended section, along with our endorsed Forex and Options trading apps. Please be advised that this strategy has been proven to perform and works exceptionally well with the brokers we have integrated with. If you have any questions or would like to check out other system, these can be found in the same place as well.

Bitcoin Code Review: Summary and Conclusions
As mentioned before in our detailed Bitcoin Code Review and scam investigation, Steve McKay does not exist. Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson have nothing to do with this fake app and fraudulent trading software. If you have invested in this program its time to take a step back and start taking a very close look at your credit card statement. People who would stoop this low would have no qualms or moral hesitations about ripping you off and letting you hang out to dry. This is a bona fide investment scam and the people behind it have deep pockets as they are buying massive amounts of advertising space for their campaigns. In a nutshell, keep your distance from Bitcoin Code and start looking for more legit or genuine trading alternatives. As always, we would like to personally invite you to join our   Facebook Page and YouTube channel for additional updates concerning new viral scams and get-rich-quick schemes.

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