Bitcoin Compass Review, Fake Bitcoin Compass SCAM? Yes, Confirmed!

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Bitcoin Compass Review, Fake Bitcoin Compass SCAM? Yes, Confirmed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Bitcoin Compass Review and Scam Investigation
People are Getting Rich From Bitcoin, and You Could Be the Next Millionaire! That is the opening sales pitch for the Bitcoin Compass scam software, app, and fraudulent investment platform. When reading our detailed Bitcoin Compass review, you will see with your own eyes the compelling and indisputable evidence of SCAM and malicious foul play our staff of researchers was able to produce. Our complaints desk received multiple grievances in regards to this newly launched get-rich quick scheme, and with good reason! It seems a relatively unknown fraud affiliate network operating out of the Netherlands is currently promoting this losing software. So, if you have been illegally solicited to join the Bitcoin Compass SCAM via SPAM Emails, Fake Facebook Ads, fake news advertisements, or annoying popups, then you should know that you are being targeted by professional con artists.  In addition, if this system appeals to you and seems like a legit or genuine trading app then you must be aware that it is a confirmed financial scam. Don’t believe us? Keep reading our Bitcoin Compass review and see exactly how we exposed the crooks behind it and their methods of operation (interesting read).

Official Website, Login Page and Members Area:

SEVERE SCAM ALERT AND MEMBER NOTIFICATION: The Bitcoin Compass SCAM is a part of a new chain scam or what we refer to here as a production line scam. This means the con artists pulling the strings behind the scenes are highly motivated, well-funded, and experienced online marketers who understand how to manage a well-oiled fraud network. 

Proof of SCAM
Below is the main sales page and registration area for the Bitcoin Compass scam app. Inside you can see the controversial John McAfee talking about how Bitcoin can hit the $500K mark.

And right below, you can see the same McAfee saying the same thing in a cloned scam named the “Bitcoin Victory“. Additionally, these guys didn’t stop at crypto scams, they duplicated this scheme into a type of business opportunity SCAM using the same name, logo, and design.

Moving along, here you will see the Bitcoin Compass testimonial section. It is plain to  see that the whole testimonial section is cloned and copied from the Bitcoin Victory scam, a fact which is very disturbing to say the least.

And for the final nail in the coffin, above we can see the Bitcoin Compass post registration page, and right next to it you will see a duplicated post signup form, only in this case its for the Bitcoin Victory scam, and the broker’s name is Royal CFDs which is owned and operated by Digital Worldwide OU and have a registered business address in Tallinn Estonia.

What Is Bitcoin Compass?
The Bitcoin Compass SCAM is being marketed as “unique” offer and a genuine opportunity to generate crazy returns on your investment and become an “overnight millionaire”. In reality it is a cloned scam and replica of the Bitcoin Victory scam.

Bitcoin Compass Review
Get ready to “join the Bitcoin revolution now and start getting rich!” Believe it or not, that is how they are selling this piece of trash code and fake auto-trader. These crooks will also have you believe that their “members are among the wealthiest people in the world and make their millions without having to lift a finger”. As we progress we see the usual slimy sales pitch about precision performance, and how no other trading platform compares to the level of “accuracy”. Then it continues to talk about “cutting edge” technology and “trusted trading” by an award-winning app.

Is It Free?
No, it is not! It’s going to cost you at least $250 to get started, and that money will be charged to your bank account by thieving offshore brokers

Another Copied SCAM
We have wrote extensively about the alarming rise in in production line scams, and we have also explained why this is happening. Since get-rich-quick schemes are exposed relatively fast due to complaints, greedy scammers have devised plans to cut down on costs by duplicating a scam and just changing the name and color scheme. Bitcoin Compass is a text-book example of how this is done.

Fake Bitcoin Compass Reviews
We have seen more than a few fake Bitcoin Compass Reviews, and we know exactly why this is happening. In reality, the fake review sites who are endorsing this fake app are getting kickbacks in the form of affiliate commissions every time you fund a real money trading account. So don’t get tempted and don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are the Calloway Software and Crypto Cash.

Still Believe Bitcoin Compass Is Legit and Want To Invest?
Well, to be honest if for some reason you are still impressed by this bogus app and would like to invest, then you should probably searching the internet for other way to generate passive income online because online trading is probably not for you.

A Few Trusted Apps
If right about now you are scratching your head and asking yourself what does work? Then you are in luck, because our staff of researchers has compiled a short list of cash-generating apps which produce results consistently. These are proudly showcased in our recommended section, so take a minute to check them out.

Bitcoin Compass Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Bitcoin Compass SCAM software, app, and fake automated trading system (AKA Bot) is BLACKLISTED in our review (and with good cause). We have received viable information from trusted industry sources which corroborates our assertions and much foreseen conclusions in regards to the fraudulent Bitcoin Compass investment platform. Just to clarify (in case you haven’t fully perceived what is happening here), the charlatans behind this ruse are conspiring against you with rogue offshore brokers in a brazen attempt to defraud, victimize, and steal your money. If you need additional proof, please reach out and message us via our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel


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