Bitcoin Decoder App Review, Fake Bitcoin Decoder Scam App? Yes!

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Bitcoin Decoder App Review, Fake Bitcoin Decoder Scam App? Yes!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

What is the Bitcoin Decoder App and is it a SCAM (or not)? Well, in our revealing Bitcoin Decoder App review and scam investigation we shall attempt to answer this question and provide you with all the facts and information you need. However, if you just want the short answer then yes. You may have guessed it already, the Bitcoin Decoder App SCAM software is blacklisted by our staff and we know for a fact that it is a fraudulent trading software designed to steal your money and generate profits for affiliate marketers and dirty offshore brokers. But as they say the devil is in the details, and we were able to compile a mountain of evidence which validates our initial claim. So if you were illegally solicited to join this latest Bitcoin via SPAM email or a fake news advertisement of Facebook or through a mirror site, we advise you continue reading our informative Bitcoin Decoder App review before you fall into this trap and end up losing your money.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Website Keeps Changing

Scam Evidence
OK, so here we have the usual screenshot of the registration page. That’s where you signup to access the software. Here they are saying that they have many accounts and each one has 1.4 Million Dollars (at least). But this is bologna and unverified hence it squarely falls under category of crypto scam.

Even more laughable is the silly use of fake Fox News and NBC stickers. Obviously the Bitcoin Decoder App was never featured on these reputable media outlets. But here is the real interesting part. If you take a look at the image below you will see a red square, and that is the text box right next to the fake CEO. It explains what the Bitcoin Decoder App is and how you can “quietly amass a fortune” by working just a few minutes a day.

However, a closer look will reveal that this is the exact same text taken from the Bitcoin Trader scam (see below for comparison). This means that Bitcoin Decoder App is another production line scam and cloned app which rightfully belongs in our scam bucket list.

And of course, here we have the famous popup which keeps reappearing after you signup for various systems. When we registered we got a broker named Hybrid Reserve, and these guys operate out of the Marshall Islands. We checked them out and they are as dirty as it gets.

Bitcoin Decoder App Dragons’ Den and Fake News
The latest and most disturbing piece of information involves the use (or misuse) of fake news to promote this latest get-rich-quick scheme. Most prevalent is the use of the Dragons’ Den cast, as well as wealth gurus such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and the Shark Tank.

What is Bitcoin Decoder App and How Does It Work?
It is advertised as system which identifies trends in global markets “based on supply and demand of goods and services”. The app opens up trades (purchases contracts) on commodities, indices, stocks, currencies, and crypto according to the signals derived from the intelligence gathering algorithm.

Bitcoin Decoder App Review, Another Failing Software
No, unfortunately you will not become the next Bitcoin Millionaire and despite the seemingly convincing sales pitch the Bitcoin Decoder App Scam offers, it is a fraudulent trading software designed to steal your money. They claim the owner of this software got tired of paying high commissions to brokers, so he managed to get new ones he trusts and after providing them with some “trades here and there” they are not charging him any fees. Instead, he wants 2.5% of your profits. Sounds tempting right? Wrong, there is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow and when we invested we lost our money in a New York second after being hassled for 3 consecutive nights and days by aggressive sales reps with funny accents. So don’t do it. Don’t take the bait and don’t say we didn’t warn you because you WILL end up losing your money and that is a guaranteed fact.

Why Is This Happening To Me?
You probably signed up for some service or clicked on a banner or text advertisement which directed you to the Bitcoin Decoder App scam. Once you signed up it started to sink in that you probably got scammed, but you weren’t sure until you started getting the calls.

More Of The Same Bitcoin Scams
The con artists behind the Bitcoin Decoder App are still trying to ride the Bitcoin wave of success and manipulate the facts in a very alarming manner. Stay focused and if you are not quite sure just ask, we try to respond very quickly because there are also fake Bitcoin Decoder App Reviews out there.

Still Believe Bitcoin Decoder App is Legit?
We understand that these schemes can seem very appealing to the inexperienced trader, so we are not judgmental in any way and know that anyone can get duped. However, we ask you to use your common sense and try to avoid a situation where you end up losing your money because that can feel very frustrating.

Tested Alternatives
It’s decision time and yes, to make money you need to risk money but that’s OK because we have done the research for you. Our recommended section includes a short yet reputable list of systems which perform consistently. We invite you to take a minute and check them out.

Bitcoin Decoder App Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Bitcoin Decoder App scam software is naturally blacklisted and there can be no argument about that. There is nothing legitimate about this system, or the con artists who are pulling the strings behind it. It is for that reason that we recommend you avoid this get-rich-quick crypto scheme and seek alternative ways to generate passive income. Should you have any additional questions or would like more information in regards to this latest software, please feel free to reach out and leave a message below. We can also be contacted via our our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel .


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