Bitcoin Formula Review, Cloned Bitcoin Formula SCAM is a Fake App!

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Bitcoin Formula Review, Cloned Bitcoin Formula SCAM is a Fake App!

Posted on by Dan Wright

If you are reading this Bitcoin Formula Review, then you are surely searching the internet for information or facts in regards to the newly-launched Bitcoin Formula Scam trading app and software. Here’s a little factoid, this is not a trading robot or some fake automated signals system. This is just a sales page with a registration form which has been totally ripped off and plagiarized from another scam named the Bitcoin Trader. Now, before we continue with our review, we need to clarify a few details. Firstly, we are not associated or affiliated in any way with the Bitcoin Formula SCAM, so there is no conflict of interest. Secondly, the crooks orchestrating this sloppy scam were able to get listed in an various filthy affiliate networks such as Offer Vault and Biz Profits, so this scam will surely go viral soon as it will get picked up and promoted by affiliate marketers and fake review sites. Additionally, when we tried signing up we were assigned a broker, but as our evidence will show, we were never advised about which broker was assigned to us and received some type of error message pasted on a page that would not fully load. From this fact we deduce that this is a twofold blow for the advertisers. Initially for lacking originality, and then for being tech amateurs and not properly integrating with brokers.

So why should you be concerned about this new system? In reality our Bitcoin Formula Review and investigation was prompted by serious complaints, and people don’t complain without reason. Our submit a scam section on the site received recurring grievances about the Bitcoin Formula software and as we started to connect the dots, it became quite evident that we are dealing with a confirmed financial scam. As a result of this, and due to the extremely deceitful and misleading nature of this fake system, our staff of researchers had no choice but to warn our members and BLACKLIST this bogus software. Keep reading out detailed Bitcoin Formula Review to see the evidence we were able to produce and how we were able to expose the con artists behind it.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: This Site is Spoofed and Keeps Changing

Proof of SCAM
Here we see a screenshot taken of the original Bitcoin Trader software, and right next to it you will see the Bitcoin Formula sales page. It’s very clear to see that it is a total clone and replica wrapped up to sell you lies and get you signed up for something which is totally obscure and hyped up.

As we move forward you can see the same trend continuing, as the text which says “Join Us and Start Getting Rich” as well as “Laser accurate” performance and award winning trading app is copied verbatim from the Bitcoin Trader to the Bitcoin Formula.

It’s worth mentioning that this has been tried previously without much success. A system named 365 Bitcoin Trader also went live recently, but it has not gone viral like the original Bitcoin Trader System.

And here is the last piece of the puzzle. Above you will see the post-registration page popup, and as you can see the rubbish about high payouts and successful trading is constantly being waved in your face. Unfortunately, we are looking at an affiliate marketing scheme where online promoters get referral fees for delivering paying customers to shady offshore brokers. In our case we received a 404 error message and a blank screen after being directed to this page, which means these are sloppy scammers who are not really technically savvy. For all intents and purposes, this software has nothing to do with market trends or an intelligent trading algorithm integrated with an arbitrage investment platform. Its just a simple sales page full of hyped up claims and inflated bank accounts designed to drain your bank account.

What is Bitcoin Formula?
It is being advertised as “a group reserved exclusively to people who jumped on the insane returns that Bitcoin offers and have quietly amassed a fortune in doing so.” Bitcoin Formula Members get to enjoy a carefree lifestyle, travel the world, and generate passive income by working just a few minutes a day.

How Does Bitcoin Formula Work?
It’s supposed to be an award winning trading app “which performs at the 99.4% level of accuracy”. That is the reason members Bitcoin Formula members “double, triple, and quadruple their hard-earned money.”

Bitcoin Formula Review
The system is being presented as an advanced trading app with superior, cutting-edge technology which beats markets by 0.01 seconds. This is the “secret” which provides the software the edge it needs in order to beat the competition and generate money for its members. Once you fund the app you automatically claim the “proprietary bitcoin trading software for free” and start trading and making  money.

Is It Really Free?
Absolutely not! It’s going to cost you at least $250 in order to access this filthy software, and that money will be charged to the broker which is assigned to you (which will not be regulated in most cases).

Is Bitcoin Formula Scam Or Legit?
This is a filthy scam and there is nothing legit about it. Con artists will use all kinds of tricks to deceive you. Primarily fake news will be used, so get ready for fake advertisements from Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and other business moguls depending on where you live. For example, if you live in Malaysia, you may be illegally solicited by an ad claiming Tan Sri Vincent (a local business mogul) invested in the Bitcoin Formula and made millions. Needless to say, this is a blatant lie and an example of false advertising in its purest form.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are Binary Robot 365 and Bitcoin Code.

Forex EA’s, Signals, and Crypto Robots
If you are in the market for a viable alternative and tired of getting scammed by worthless apps, then you have reached the right website. Our recommended section lists the top systems which have a proven track record and known to generate money consistently.

Bitcoin Formula Review Summary and Conclusions
The Bitcoin Formula scam software, app, and fake signals system is completely blacklisted, and there is no reason to believe otherwise. Our staff was recently contacted and threatened so that we would not publish this review, but we decided to do so anyways since our mission is to always inform our members and get the word out before its too late. It should not surprise you in the least bit that our findings have led us to the conclusion that Bitcoin Formula is a fraudulent financial scam, and if you decide to fund a trading account despite our most explicit warnings, then we are absolutely convinced that you will end up having your money stolen by offshore brokers who have little or no sympathy for your financial situation and view you as their personal cash cow. It’s also common knowledge that con artists like these are also involved in various sorts of criminal activities such as credit card fraud, Ponzi schemes, fake ICO’s, and tax evasion. If you are still unsure and would like additional assurances or documented proof in regards to the dubious nature of the Bitcoin Formula scam app, simply leave a detailed message message below or contact us via our our our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel

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