Bitcoin Kiwi System Review, Fake Bitcoin Kiwi SCAM Exposed [Facts]

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Bitcoin Kiwi System Review, Fake Bitcoin Kiwi SCAM Exposed [Facts]

Posted on by Dan Wright

Binary Scam Alerts is reaching out to its New Zealand members and warning them in regards to the recent launch of the fake Bitcoin Kiwi System Scam (AKA Bitcoin Kiwi System Software, App, and Autotrader) by Jasper Boyle. The Bitcoin Kiwi System is a new get rich quick scheme, that opened in August 2018. You probably watched the sales video and were impressed by the promise of generating massive income in a short amount of time. Well, in our detailed Bitcoin Kiwi System review and investigation (prompted by complaints), our staff of researchers will provide proof and evidence which will expose this fraudulent trading robot in a very transparent and factual manner.

The Bitcoin Kiwi System is a key component of what we refer to as a “production line for crypto scams”. If you are now raising your eye brows and asking yourself what does that mean? You should know you are not alone. Here’s the bottom line, Bitcoin Kiwi System, Bitcoin Aussie System, and Britcoin System are one and the same. These scams were created by a tech-savvy affiliate network with offices in European and the Middle Eastern countries, and they (the scams) are all designed with the sole purpose of baiting you and getting you to fund a real-money trading account with one of the brokers which are integrated into the software. Why do the scammers do that? Well, the answer is simple. Every time you fund an account the online promoters get referral money in the form of affiliate commissions (that’s the real secret). Are you intrigued? Keep reading our informative Bitcoin Kiwi System review to see how we exposed these crooks and their methods of operation. Oh, and don’t worry, we will make it very easy for you to understand especially if you are a beginner and just starting out.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Evidence of SCAM
OK, so here we have screenshots taken directly from the main sales pages of all three systems (Britcoin, Aussie, and Kiwi). We have placed them next to each other in a way which is very plain and easy for anyone to see how a production line for crypto scams looks like. Here you can clearly notice that all three are complete clones and duplicates of the same software, and the only thing which has changed is the graphic design.

If that’s not enough proof, below you can see the same post registration page for all three systems. Again, in each system a different broker was allocated (Prestige Financial Markets, Hybrid Reserve, and UFX in that order).

To be quite honest, if we were clueless about online trading and saw this review we would really rub our eyes in disbelief and ditch this filthy app on the spot. And for all intents and purposes you should do the exact same thing and move on to try a different software.

Bitcoin Kiwi System SCAM: The Return of Jasper Boyle
As we have mentioned in our previous reviews, Boyle is not a real person. His identity was created by morally corrupt affiliate marketers who wanted to place a person behind their scam. Needless to say this non-existent persona never worked for any bank or had access to investor accounts and financial data. This fictitious entity also never developed mathematical processes or algorithms which power financial systems. Its all a big hoax designed by confidence artists in order to bait you.

How Does The Bitcoin Kiwi System Work
Forget the spiel about a trading algorithm, lightning fast performance, and technology which keeps you one step ahead oft the market. This is a fallacious, not to mention recycled narrative designed to bamboozle you. The way it really works is by getting you to deposit, and when you do that the promoters get paid. The marketers are using SPAM email marketing tactics and aggressive popup ads to promote their scams, so just adjust your browser settings accordingly.

Bitcoin Kiwi System Review – Make $20,000 Dollars A Day Or Rip Off?
Jasper Boyle, the man of the hour is sick of rich people getting all the breaks. So he created this secret trading algorithm which is designed to “empower” the every day working man (or woman) and let them live the lives they have always dreamed of. No more financial stress, or phone calls from the bank. Here’s your chance to take advantage of a system which offers up to “99% trading accuracy” and is totally “risk-free”. Boyle is inviting you to join his Beta Testing group and become one of the next 15 Millionaires he is about to let through the door. But you have to be an action taker not a tire kicker, so don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to make $3,498 today!

Fake Bitcoin Kiwi System Results
Naturally you can’t have a proper scam without some fake results, hyped up or exaggerated claims of easy money, and inflated bank accounts right? Well, you have the trifecta and tons of other red alarm bells which should go off at any given time. For example the fact that you can’t even see the software before depositing is a huge red flag. Another problem has to do with the fact that the support email doesn’t work. We tried contacting the Bitcoin Kiwi System support email but that email bounced and there is no one to speak with. There are more indications of scam but we think you get the picture by now.

Is Bitcoin Kiwi System SCAM or Legit?
Obviously this software is an investment scam and a very dangerous one. The software is set on lose and there is no way you can win money here. But even if by some strange coincidence you mange to generate a profit you won’t be able to cash it out because the broker (in our case it was Prestige Financial Markets) will steal your money.

Still Want to Join Bitcoin Kiwi System?
If after reading our Bitcoin Kiwi System review you STILL want to invest then you probably should not be engaged in any form of online trading. We can pretty much guarantee that if you invest though this software then you will end up losing all your money and get stuck with dirty brokers that will constantly badger you to reinvest.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The one which is the most deceptive and misleading is Maximus Cryptobot which also uses Fiverr actors.

Viable Alternatives
Our staff is constantly being asked to endorse new systems, but we always reject the offer since we know that in most cases the people behind the apps are ripoff artists and charlatans who are trying to sell you bottled air wrapped up in fools gold. Fortunately we were able to compile a small yet reputable list of consistent money-making apps which have withstood the test of time. These are all listed in our recommended section.

Bitcoin Kiwi System Review Summary, Conclusions, and Some Helpful Tips
The BLACKLISTED Bitcoin Kiwi System scam software, app, and trading robot by Jasper Boyle is a confirmed financial scam which was designed with pure malice and the deliberate intent to defraud and victimize unsuspecting day-traders and opportunity seekers. If for some reason you are unsure and need additional corroborating evidence which will attest to the nature of this most foul of scams, please make sure to contact us by leaving a detailed message below and we shall be more than willing to assist you. Again, you should be aware that the Bitcoin Kiwi System is neither a legit nor genuine auto-trader, and it is pointless to try and prove otherwise. The crooks behind this scam are well-known in the online trading industry for their unethical business practices and complete and utter disrespect for your financial distress or concerns. These charlatans are in it for the money and along with their thieving brokers will not stop at anything before they get their dirty little fingers on your credit card details. So please don’t get tempted and never deposit. Don’t forget, we can always be reached via our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel



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