Bitcoin Loophole Review, Malicious Crypto SCAM Exposed!

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Bitcoin Loophole Review, Malicious Crypto SCAM Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Bitcoin Loophole crypto trading software by Steve Mckay (not to be confused with the Bitcoin Code) is a blacklisted and recycled SCAM. In our detailed Bitcoin Loophole review and investigation, we will provide all the proof, evidence, and explanations required in order to validate our initial findings. Genuine Bitcoin trading apps and strategies exist, however the Bitcoin Loophole is not it and the complaints have started coming in by the dozens. First of all, you should be aware that the brokers integrated with this fake app are shady and unregulated. When we signed up the broker which as assigned to us was named Broker Official. This offshore broker offers Forex CFDs as well as binary options, technically speaking this platform is illegal and these types of operations are “here today gone tomorrow”. The people behind this SCAM are unethical affiliate marketers who understand how to bait and entice unsuspecting opportunity-seekers looking to cash in on a legit crypto app. Needless to say, you are being led awry.

You can’t afford to get scammed! That’s why we are warning all our members and viewers in regards to this get-rich-quick scheme and advising them to avoid this system at all costs. It’s also worth pointing out that the promoters of this vile scheme specialize in SPAM email marketing tactics and false advertising techniques such as phishing and click baiting. Please refrain from clicking on any links related to the Bitcoin Loophole as we have already received complaints of malware and viruses in the form of .exe files being downloaded on PCs and mobile devices without consent. Keep reading to see how we exposed this crooks and why we believe Bitcoin Loophole is a confirmed investment scam.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM:
Below you will see a screenshot taken directly from the Bitcoin Loophole sales page. In it, McKay clearly says “I’m a developer turned investor”. Right next to it you will see Max Carney from the Crypto Wealth Creator claiming he is also a software developer turned investor.

The obvious conclusion is that the narrative has been rehashed and minor adjustments made in order to make it seem less obvious. But its still the same crooks with the same tricks only the graphics and sales videos have been altered to throw the scent off.

As if you needed additional proof, here we have the registration page of 3 other duplicated scams being perpetuated by the same rogue affiliate network. You can clearly see the registration form looks the same only minor graphic adjustments have been made.

Bitcoin Loophole Review
Over the last 90 days 3 individuals gained true financial freedom from Bitcoin! That is how the sales video starts. Immediately, $14,000 were transferred during the first day after signing up for Mckay’s “revolutionary software”. Joining the Bitcoin Loophole is the first step to achieving success beyond your wildest dreams! But timing is everything, and if you don’t act now you will miss out on your opportunity to cash in on the “next big thing” and leave all your financial worries behind.

Over $500 an Hour Or Worthless Piece of Trash?
The app is being touted as freeware (which is a lie). McKay says that today people around the world are taking advantage of the Bitcoin boom, and you could be next!

Who Is Steve McKay
According to the story he is a software developer turned investor who wants to teach his techniques to others. They call him “the million dollar man”.

How Does the Bitcoin Loophole Work?
He created a software that allows traders to trade Bitcoin “without buying Bitcoin”. That was a system he developed for his bosses while working for a Wall Street investment firm. His boss stole his software and made millions, so McKay started trading and after an initial investment his money nearly doubled. Today it is a fully automated signals app which makes profitable trades with no risk.

Is It Free?
Absolutely not! This fake piece of fraudulent software will cost you at least $250, and that money will be charged to your credit card by rogue offshore brokers who care nothing about your financial state of affairs and will steal your money in a New York minute.

Fake Reviews
Yes we have some of those as well. We have seen fake Bitcoin Loophole reviews so please try to be careful before you test the waters. These so called “honest review sites” are getting bribes in the form of commissions to write favorable reviews.

In Reality
This is a rehashed crypto scam and a classic get-rich-quick scheme. All the tell signs are there for you to see. We are witnessing fake testimonials, hyped up and exaggerated claims of easy money, inflated bank accounts, and outright lies and fabrications. The narrative has been rehashed so many times that its just nauseating.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are QProfit System and Crypto Wealth Creator.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are in the mood for Forex EA’s, Signals, Crypto trading systems, and Options trading systems we have them all. The creme of the crop is proudly listed in our recommended section. You can check them out by signing up now.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Bitcoin Loophole SCAM software by Steve Mckay is totally blacklisted. In our detailed Bitcoin Loophole review we have proven that it is a recycled piece of trash technology. Today we know that it was designed with pure malice and the deliberate intent of defrauding unsuspecting victims and stealing their hard-earned money. The band of thieving affiliate marketers and promoters pulling the strings behind the scenes are known criminals and have a checkered past. These crooks specialize in credit card fraud, identity theft, software manipulation (rigged and set to lose), and a host of other unsavory specialties. In a nutshell, if you are searching the internet for a legit or genuine crypto robot or signals app, the Bitcoin Loophole is most definitely not it. If you decide to test the waters and deposit, we can guarantee that you will end up losing your money and end up with a hefty dose of frustration, anger, and guilt so don’t say we didn’t warn you because ultimately its your responsibility to make an informed decision based on the facts as we have presented them to you. In light of all the damning evidence our staff has produced, we are compelled yet again to blacklist the Bitcoin Loophole and advise our members and subscribers to seek alternative investment channels. We can always be reached on our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel, so don’t forget to join and subscribe to get updates.

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  • John Jones

    Broker Offical? That just sounds shady right there. No one would name their business that!

  • Hi John, Its not just US – people from everywhere are targeted by the Bitcoin Loophole Scam. The review explains it.

  • Irina

    Hi, can I please ask if someone can give me advise.
    I signed up for an account with Prestige Financial Markets because I wanted to get to know how the financial market works online and maybe make an attempt at trading. It was a silly thing to do. However I started reading and realised that I need a lot more knowledge before I am confident to do this so I decided to delete my account. When opening the account I gave my name, telephone number and email. For the past 4 days I have been trying to delete this account unsuccessfully. There is no option on the website to delete the account. I tried to speak to a customer representative with their live chat but as soon as I ask if they can delete the account they first tell me to speak to my account manager and then when I explain that the account manager sent me to them, the only information I get before they disconnect me is that they can only deactivate but not delete accounts. A couple of times I managed to ask that the account is deactivated and that my personal information is not given out or sold before they disconnect the chat but still nothing seems to happen. As soon as I sent the sentence “Could you please deactivate my account and can you tell me how will I be informed that this is done etc” the chat just gets disconnected. I sent one email asking the same things and it was not acknowledged in any way, nor was any action taken. I do get 5 or 6 phone calls from “account managers” a day and I keep trying to explain to them that I would like the account closed. Most of them tell me to go on the website and close it and would not listen when I explain that it is not possible. The last one was a different kettle of fish though – he started shouting down the phone that he is not my personal assistant and he is not going to do such a thing and that I should enjoy the constant calls I am going to start receiving. It actually sounded very menacing and very threatening. I am really at a loss what to do here. Any help or ideas will be highly appreciated.

    • Hi Irina,

      Prestige Financial Markets is licensed in Vanuatu . That is a crook safe haven. Secondly, this is a binary options broker and has nothing to do with legitimate Bitcoin trading. Did you provide credit card information?

      • Irina

        Thank you very much for your quick reply. Luckily I stopped before providing any payment information. I am just concerned because of the scams that can be done with stealing personal information. This is my big concern and it is also very unpleasant to get calls 10 times a day. However, I can block the numbers from which they call me. It is just how do I get them to remove my information from their website!

        • Hi Irina,

          You don’t but eventually they will stop if you tell them you are broke and don’t have money. So answer once and say something like, please give me a loan and I will pay you back from my earnings. That will get them off your back really fast trust me. Anyways, if you want something that actually works and very easy to use then we have a good alternative. Just mail us at [email protected]

  • Hi Krunal,
    Yes this is true its a huge scam.

    • James

      I was getting 30 calls a day after registering with bitcoin loophole because I refused to put the money in after registering on the website. So I took 1 hours out of my day to setup fake phone numbers linked to my email and then decided to have an online chat on the website….it was fun, i think everyone should do this.

      • Hi James, they are relentless for sure. Next time just move on – Bitcoin Loophole SCAM is very tricky we know