Bitcoin Loophole SCAM Review, App Linked to Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

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Bitcoin Loophole SCAM Review, App Linked to Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

Posted on by Patrick Jones

In our previous Bitcoin Loophole SCAM Review and investigation we have ascertained that the Bitcoin Loophole is a confirmed investment SCAM. However, we have just received new information that registrants of this new get-rich-quick scheme are at risk of having their personal details sold to fraudulent Bitcoin Ponzi scheme websites. Such was the case with John R. Wilson, who signed up for the Bitcoin Loophole by  Steve Mckay, and three days later was contacted by a Bitcoin Ponzi site named My Daily Cash Machine. It seems here name and private details were resold to the highest bidder in some kind of marketing forum which is referred to as Black Hat. It appears her private details were either stolen from the Bitcoin Loophone database or alternatively sold off by the nasty affiliate marketers who orchestrated this latest scheme. 

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

2018 Update: Bitcoin Loophole is currently being promoted online by a particularly unethical affiliate fraud ring – If you are exposed to any form of marketing material such as popups or SPAM email please refrain from clicking on any links as we have been notified of a phishing scam utilizing the name of Bitcoin Loophole.

The Letter We Received
Here is the letter we received from John who resides in Manitoba Canada. What we are seeing here is a sleazy attempt to generate a secondary income stream by reselling customer details without having the proper legal mandate to do it. In essence, these crooks are acting just like scalpers who are reselling used tickets to the highest bidder.

It goes without saying that there has been much hype around the Bitcoin Loophole and similar crypto scams such as Bitcoin Code and Crypto Wealth. These trends will only increase and grow as the news around Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies gains traction and big profits are made with relatively small investments. The con artists will always be there, waiting for you around the corner and try to twist and manipulate the facts in a way which suites their schemes.

Bitcoin Loophole Review – Recap
Over the last 90 days 3 people achieved the kind of financial freedom you can only dream of. And that is due to Bitcoin! Mckay’s “revolutionary software” boast massive gains at the click of a mouse and spectacular return on investment. Joining the Bitcoin Loophole is a dream come true, and a software which is everything you dreamed of (and more)! But you must make haste or this window of opportunity will close never to return.

Who Is Steve Mckay?
McKay is a fictional character and his image was stolen from the internet without consent.

Bitcoin Loophole – Your Personal Information Is Compromised!
If you were unfortunate enough to signup for this phony crypto scam, then you now know it is also a tiered pyramid scheme where your personal details and confidential information is circulating online. Similar methods of operation have been attributed to various pump and dump schemes, identity theft, violation of the federal wire act, money laundering operations, tax evasion schemes, and all kinds of criminal activities designed to launder and steal money earned from illegal websites such as Bitcoin Loophole operating under the radar.

I’m Scared, What Do I Do Now?
Watch your credit card statement and monitor it like a hawk on a daily basis. If you start seeing strange or unauthorized credit card transactions, make sure to contact your bank immediately and inform them of this development. Credit card fraud and identity theft account for about 16 Billion Dollars in the USA only. Many of these transactions occur online and in a way which makes it difficult to track and stop in real time. Fortunately you are automatically insured, but you have to spot it fast. If you want to be absolutely safe then change credit cards, phone numbers, emails, and all kinds of instant messaging tools such as Skype (if it was used).

Why Are They Fake Bitcoin Loophole Reviews?
The people promoting this fake app and fraudulent software are sleazy affiliate marketers and online promoters. They have been around for a while and understand how to gain exposure on the internet. Needless to say these crooked internet marketers are abusing their skills and in a way colluding with offshore brokers to steal your money.

Similar Crypto Scams Trending
These are definitely the Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Trader, Crypto Robot 365, Max Crypto, and Ethereum Code.

Bitcoin Here to Stay Or Passing Fad?
There are varied opinions about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Jamie Dimon the CEO of JP Morgan which is the worlds biggest investment bank called people who believed in Bitcoin “stupid”. On the other hand Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein has not really made up his mind, which means something is happening and we just don’t know about it.

Bitcoin, Is it Here to Stay?

Eventually legitimate Bitcoin investments will be regulated as governments are starting to take action and regulate the niche. But until then, get ready for the Wild West on the world wide web.

Review Summary an Conclusions
The Bitcoin Loophole SCAM by Steve McKay is a classic Crypto get-rich-quick scheme and therefore blacklisted. As time progresses we will see more of these types of scams which are designed to bait and manipulate you into funding trading accounts with rogue offshore brokers. Until then, we recommend you seek more genuine trading alternatives and invite you to join the discussions at our our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel, where we try to answer your questions and provide much needed information.

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