Bitcoin Money Review, Is Bitcoin Money SCAM App? Yes!

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Bitcoin Money Review, Is Bitcoin Money SCAM App? Yes!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Scam Alert: The recycled Bitcoin Money Scam software, app, and automated trading robot is a FAKE investment platform which is designed to execute losing trades and steal your money! This is a fact, and our impartial Bitcoin Money review and scam investigation will provide you with compelling and clear-cut proof and evidence which validates our initial assertion. We have mentioned the use of “production line scams” previously, and Bitcoin Money is another example of a cloned app. However, before we continue it is critical that you understand what kind of crooks you are dealing with, because this review was prompted by a sudden flurry of very serious complaints which were submitted to our website. These grievances are mounting as a direct result of a highly misleading and deceptive fake news campaign which is being launched NOW on Facebook and Google by a handful of unethical affiliate marketing networks and media agencies. There is also a massive SPAM email marketing campaign, as well ass click ads and popup advertisements which are also used in a very aggressive manner.

This huge campaign is being launched RIGHT NOW in cooperation with rogue offshore brokers who operate in the shadows and will use every trick in the book to defraud unsuspecting victims looking to cash in on a legit Bitcoin app and generate some passive income. In our case the broker was XTrader FX, which already has a dubious reputation. This company is owned and managed by GPAY Ltd, and has a registered business address in the United Kingdom. So if for some reason you are under the impression that the BLACKLISTED Bitcoin Money SCAM software is legit, then it is crucial you continue reading our Bitcoin Money review, because we exposed the criminals behind it as well as how they operate.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Spoofed Website Changes Constantly

Evidence of SCAM
Here is the main sales page for the Bitcoin Money SCAM software and trading platform. Its very plain to see how Jake Tapper the CNN Anchorman is babbling about the usual Bitcoin hype and “no banks, no fees”.

Right below you can see the same person rambling the same rehashed texts only there he is plastered on the Bitcoin Revolution, Crypto Revolt, and Bitcoin Evolution scams.

And here is the post-signup page, where you can see exactly how the software is replicated. Again, the same messaging platform is designed to bait you and the only things which alternate are the brokers.

Now we get to the interesting part, which is the fake news. Again we see how scammers are riding the Bitcoin wave of success and using fake media ads in order to reel customers into their get-rich-quick scheme. In this case we have Shane Filan who is an Irish singer and songwriter (not to mention a celebrity), who is warning his fans to “avoid an online scam” which uses his name. In this case there is some sales pitch about an automated trading algorithm and an initial deposit requirement. Originally this campaign was designed for the Bitcoin Revolution scam, however we know it was adapted the the Bitcoin Money scam.

What is The Bitcoin Money Software And How Does It Work?
The Bitcoin Money Scam Software is marketed as an automated trading app which produces signals that have a 99.4% success ratio. You are told that joining this program will make you a part of an exclusive group or club of millionaires which are taking advantage of the opportunities Bitcoin presents and are now financially free and living a lavish lifestyle.

Bitcoin Money Review, You Will Not Be Getting Rich
with Bitcoin Money Today!
The Bitcoin Money SCAM software has nothing to do with automated online trading, or “superior technology using the most advanced programming the trading world has ever seen”. It also has nothing to do with Blockchain technology or Bitcoin Cash. It is neither a fast, nor accurate system. It is however fraudulent and utterly misleading. The testimonials are fake, and so is the live profit chart. We have checked the source code and know for a fact that the profit chart is a closed system programmed with java script and the data feed is forged. Additionally, there is no mention of the Bitcoin Money system in any of the news outlets mentioned in the sales page (Forbes, CNN, and Time). In other words, this is a ruse designed by a clever lot of marketers with the sole purpose of getting you signed up with a thieving offshore broker.

What is a “Production Line” Scam
A production line or cloned scam is basically a website which has been copied and the only thing which was changed is the logo and color scheme. The use of production line scams is growing rapidly because it is a cheap and effective way to launch new schemes. This method of operation is gaining popularity with con artists because they get exposed very quickly online so duplicating scams with minor changes makes it possible for them to keep their campaigns up and running so they can bait their victims more effectively.

Who Is Really Making The Money Here?
Well, its not you that’s for sure. The ones who are generating profits are the promoters and the brokers. You are the one who is paying their salaries, so assuming you are not in the mood to donate your money to crypto scammers we suggest you don’t deposit.

Fake Bitcoin Money Reviews
We have actually seen a couple of those believe it or not. If you want us to show you then leave a message below because we are not about to give any kind of fake review sites exposure on our website.

Still Trust the Bitcoin Money Scam App?
If you still believe the Bitcoin Money scam app to be legitimate then you still have not fully grasped how dangerous and deceptive this confirmed financial scam really is. We urge you to reconsider and avoid this software.

A Few Reliable Options That Work!
Its true! Most systems are worthless and designed to generate money for the promoters. However, every now and then a new system hits the market which actually passes our screening process. That is when we add it to our recommended section.

Bitcoin Money Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Bitcoin Money SCAM software, app, and investment platform has nothing to do with legitimate Forex or CFD trading and everything to do with malicious deception and trickery. It is for that reason we have chosen to BLACKLIST this fraudulent software and advise our members and viewers to seek alternative and more genuine investment opportunities (believe it or not there are a few). Should you have any other questions or queries, or alternatively would like to take a closer look at our findings please reach out and message us via our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel



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