Bitcoin News Trader Review, Fake Bitcoin News Trader SCAM Exposed!

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Bitcoin News Trader Review, Fake Bitcoin News Trader SCAM Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Bitcoin News Trader Review and SCAM Investigation
Don’t miss the Bitcoin Craze! Hmm, does that sound familiar? That is the main sales pitch for the Bitcoin News Trader SCAM software, app, and fake signals system (not a crypto robot). The Bitcoin News Trader (not to be confused with BTC News Trader) is yet another viral get-rich-quick scheme which got picked up by some very unethical affiliate networks and media agencies such as Offer Vault, and these guys are professional cyber crooks that understand how to bring together affiliate marketers and promote fraudulent software. This is why it should come as no surprise that we received consecutive complaints in regards to Bitcoin News Trader scam, and the way things are looking its not going to stop any time soon. So why did we blacklist the Bitcoin News Trader? First, our research staff was able to produce evidence that it is a clone of the News Spy Scam software, which was exposed quite some time ago on our site. Secondly, we didn’t leave anything to chance and actually pulled out our credit card and invested using our own money. Of course, our balance was depleted in a matter of minutes and we started getting profusely badgered by sleazy sales reps posing as legitimate brokers. Speaking of brokers, the one which was assigned to us was GFC Investment. It is owned by KINTEKA OU and has a registered business address in Estonia. Now, if you believe Bitcoin News Trader is a genuine investment platform and wish to invest your hard-earned money, we strongly advise you continue reading our Bitcoin News Trader review and see exactly how we exposed these liars and their pathetic little scam operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM and Malicious Foul Play
Below you will see the Bitcoin News Trader primary sales page and registration area. Its very plain to see that there is a red seal that says “real proof below”.

Well, here is that proof right back at ya! We have taken a screenshot directly from the Bitcoin News Trader sales page, the part where it says “don’t take our word for it”. And right next to it we pasted the same section taken directly from the News Spy scam app. The text is copied verbatim and so is the design and coding. Any child can see that we are looking at a cloned scam and that is all the evidence you need to make an informed decision (but wait, there’s more).

You can’t have a decent scam without some fake stickers and logos right? Of course, and Bitcoin News Trader is no different in this sense. Below you can see for yourself all the fake certifications and corporate logos which are used in order to lend the Bitcoin News Trader scam a sense of perceived legitimacy when in fact the exact opposite is the truth.

Bitcoin News Trader Affiliate Networks
Below is a screenshot we were able to capture from a sponsored listing on an affiliate network name Offer Vault. In the red section highlighted below you can see they are offering promoters $650 every time they refer a member who invests. Let’s not forget, there are a lot more leaches on the food chain.

This means that the broker has to pay the network, and they charge a fee for themselves before sending the money to their promoters. Then they have to pay the credit card processing company, bankroll their operation and still manage to make a profit after everything is paid and accounted for. This means that in order for the brokers to break even you will need to invest at least double that amount, and lose everything. That’s how the Bitcoin News Trader SCAM works and that’s the real secret which no one really talks about.

What Is Bitcoin News Trader and How Does It Work?
Bitcoin News Trader is advertised as a “success formula” which specializes in online trading by getting access to “high-quality news before everyone else and properly evaluating its influence on the market”. They say you can “trade like an expert ‘working’ only several minutes a day, allowing you to work from anywhere in the world”.

Bitcoin News Trader Review – Losing Signals App!
The Bitcoin News Trader scam is, as we mentioned a clone of the News Spy fake software. The sales pitch is identical, and they claim to have a news intelligence hub which combines news automation and a dedicated team of analysts. They also mention that you don’t need to be an expert trader in order to generate money online, and that the Bitcoin News Trader does all the work for you. In more practical terms, Bitcoin News Trader  is a fake crypto signals app which executes losing trades purposely. That is the sole purpose of this system and goes to the core of our argument. In layman’s terms, when you lose the broker wins herein lays the conflict of interest which brings us to our next troubling issue.

Bitcoin News Trader Fake Reviews
The reason why we have so many fake Bitcoin News Trader reviews is because there are many webmasters out there looking to get paychecks for endorsing fake apps. This is a travesty not to mention an extremely misleading practice. If you need additional information simply leave a message below and we shall try to respond as fast as we can.

Bitcoin News Trader Fake News
We have seen a few fake news articles related to Bitcoin News Trader. They are mostly paid advertorials or various paid ads designed to look like official systems. Some of these websites also feature pictures of stay-at-home moms who generated money using

this incredible “cash-producing app”. Other advertisements we saw deliberately target United Kingdom residents and try to trick viewers by telling them a “15 year old kid bought his mum a new house” after making millions of £ from home. We pasted an image of this advertisement above so you can see for yourself (there are more like it).

How Much Does It Cost?
It’s not free that’s for sure. Get ready to part with at least £/$/€250, and that money will be charged to your credit or debit card by some greedy offshore broker as we mentioned previously.

Still Trust Bitcoin News Trader?
If you still believe the Bitcoin News Trader scam app to be genuine then you need to understand the consequences of your actions. There is no possible way to profit using this system, and you had best hold on to your wallet because it’s about to get picked by professional ripoff artists.

A Few Viable Options
If you are in the market for a new trading app then you have reached the right website. Our staff compiled a short yet reputable list of tested trading systems which have withstood the test of time. These are all proudly listed in our recommended section so take a minute to check it out.

Bitcoin News Trader Review, Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Bitcoin News Trader scam software, app, and fake Bitcoin signals app is BLACKLISTED. If you take a close look at the evidence we were able to produce you will understand our conclusions to be an absolute fact, so any hesitation or doubts in regards to the authenticity of this thieving app can and should be laid to rest. If you had the dire misfortune of joining this software and getting scammed, please leave a message below and share your ordeal so others understand what they are getting into. As always,  we can be reached via our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel



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