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Bitcoin Pro App Review, Cloned Bitcoin Pro App SCAM Exposed

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Bitcoin Pro App Review and Investigation
The Bitcoin Pro App SCAM software and crypto trading robot by James Robins the fake CEO is BLACKLISTED in our detailed and factual Bitcoin Pro App review. Again, the main problem with Bitcoin Pro App is that it is a complete clone and replica of the Bitcoin Pro Signals and Altcoin Trends software which were recently exposed here on the Binary Scam Alerts website. Additionally, we have received complaints in regards to the hideous nature of this fake auto trader, and all of these grievances indicate to us that we are dealing with a professional affiliate fraud ring. It’s also essential that you are made aware of the fact that behind the scenes these crooks are colluding against you with unregulated offshore brokers in what is commonly referred to as a revenue share scheme. This means the affiliates and online promoters refer customers and opportunity-seekers (that’s you), the brokers steal the money, and then the loot is shared. A close inspection of Bitcoin Pro App has lead us to the conclusion that we are dealing with a highly misleading and deceptive crypto scam, and despite it’s seemingly polished and sincere facade it is neither legit or genuine. In fact, we conducted a URL scan with the affiliate link sent to us, and it came out as SPAM, so please refrain from clicking on any links and unsubscribe immediately from receiving further email communications (if you can – sometimes its not possible). Keep reading our extensive Bitcoin Pro App Review, and see how we exposed the crooks behind it and shed light on this dirty little operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below is the main sales page for the Bitcoin Pro App scam. You can clearly see that they claim it is the “world’s #1 Crypto Profits System”.

But here is where we caught them red-handed. They claim the success rate is 99.7% for all users. This is more than hype, it is a blatant lie and a fabrication of the truth. No system produces this kind of success ratio, and if it did we would see a lot more bitcoin millionaires sprouting (which is not the case).

Moving forward, these crooks illustrate how easy it is to move bitcoin from your Bitcoin Pro App system into your Bitcoin wallet (in this case This is is another lie because the brokers integrated with this software will only accept the usual currencies such as USD or EUR.

It’s even plainly stated in the payment methods section of the broker where they clearly say that no bitcoin transactions are accepted. 

This is because these brokers trade Bitcoin contract futures and NOT actual bitcoins or other crypto currencies. What does that mean? It means that this is not a viable option for purchasing actual Bitcoins and you will need to fund a trading account.  Then you have the option of speculating how BTC will perform compared to USD, EUR, or GBP for example. This is the difference between bitcoin brokers and exchanges or wallets.

Who Is James Robins
Robins is the fake persona and fictional character behind the Bitcoin Pro App. He does not exist in reality.

Bitcoin Pro App Review – What is It?
The World’s #1 Crypto Profits System? We will see about that. The sales video starts off immediately by boasting the new millionaires stating with Peter H. from the UK, Lukas B from Germany, and Nathan S. from Australia. All of them are supposedly making 1.2 to 1.5K DAILY. Then James starts ranting about how you are so lucky to have made it to this page and how you are about to become Crypto Millionaires. “Soon you will receive FREE access to the world’s most profitable Bitcoin Crypto trading software”.

I am “not selling you anything” and put your credit card away! Does that ring a bell? That is the classic tell sign that you are about to get fleeced. Then he continues to talk about how he gathered the best crypto analysts and programmers in the world to design an automated crypto app which generates profits in a simple and easy to understand way. Robins claims that after many hours of tweaking and investment in development, they finally “cracked the code” and found out how to make millions trading cryptocurrencies online.

False Claims and Inconsistencies in the Narrative:
They claim is that the Bitcoin Pro App system will make you from “$1,350 to $3,700” daily for the rest of your life! And that it can be used by anyone regardless if they are experienced traders or not. In the sales video they say the success ratio is 93%, however the screenshot above shows 99%. That is not only unprofessional it also wreaks of foul play.

How Does The Bitcoin Pro App Work?
According to the sales presentation it is a profit sharing system. This means only when you make money the app owners do (if you believe that). They claim they built a complete system from the ground up which integrates with the “biggest and most reliable cryptocurrency databases in the world.” This setup allows it to recognize trends and repetitive patterns of crypto assets with historical data dating back to 2012. This supposedly gives the algorithm an advantage and allows the software to execute successful trades.

As you can see above the “repetitive pattern” spiel is plagiarized from the Altcoin Trends scam or just rehashed by the same people who were too lazy to think of original content for their get-rich-quick crypto schemes.

Is Bitcoin Pro App SCAM?
Yes, it is a 100% confirmed crypto scam which is neither convincing or original. Just look at the image above its all the proof you need.

Is it Free?
No it is not. This crappy software requires an activation fee of at least $250. This money will be charged to your credit card by thieving offshore brokers who are just waiting to get their dirty little fingers on your credit card details.

In Reality
What we are witnessing here is an absolute sham and travesty. The Bitcoin Pro App SCAM has all the classic tell signs such as hyped-up and exaggerated claims of easy money, fake testimonials, inflated bank accounts, conflicting information and flawed or copied narrative, and outright lies and fabrications. In short, run away and don’t look back.

Fake Reviews
For sure, we saw a few of those and we know that the so-called reputable or honest review sites endorsing this bogus system are affiliates receiving bribes and kickbacks in the form of referral commissions.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are Tesler App and Crypto Robot 365.

Crypto Bots, Forex EA’s, and Signals
There are new systems being launched on a daily basis, and all of them offer you a short cut to the easy life or a financially stress-free lifestyle. These systems are fraudulent, designed to drain your balance, and get you to lose your money. However, once in a blue moon a legit system is launched which actually provides consistent results. Our staff compiled a short list showcasing these apps, and they are proudly listed in our recommended section.

Bitcoin Pro App Review – Summary and Conclusions
We have decided to classify the Bitcoin Pro App SCAM as a BLACKLISTED get-rich-quick crypto scheme. We have no doubt in our minds that after sifting through the overwhelming amount of evidence and proof of scam our researchers produced, that we are dealing with some nasty cyber criminals. This initial assumption has also been validated by some of our colleagues in the online trading industry. We have been informed that the crooks behind the Bitcoin Pro App specialize in credit card fraud, identity theft, software manipulation (rigged and set to lose), SPAM and Malware distribution, money laundering, and tax evasion. In short, we are dealing with the scum of the earth and these are the people behind the fraudulent Bitcoin Pro App. To finalize, in light of the indisputable evidence compiled by our staff, we have no choice but to blacklist the Bitcoin Pro App software and advise our members and viewers to seek alternative and more legit investment channels.  As always we would like to remind you to kindly check out our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. That is where we post updates and share information.

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