Bitcoin Revolution SCAM, Complaints And Declined Withdrawals!

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Bitcoin Revolution SCAM, Complaints And Declined Withdrawals!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

This Bitcoin Revolution review and update is essentially a followup in regards to our previous Bitcoin Revolution SCAM software and fake trading app investigation. For those of you who would like a quick overview of what the Bitcoin Revolution is, and why it is a confirmed financial scam, we have embedded our YouTube video and attached a link to our original Bitcoin Revolution review at the bottom of this post.

In essence, the Bitcoin Revolution SCAM is a cloned website which is powered by the same platform as the Bitcoin Trader and the Crypto Revolt software. It was designed with the sole purpose of defrauding innocent victims and opportunity seekers looking to remedy their financial situation. However, once the scammers cast their net it’s just a question of time before uneducated or inexperienced would-be traders signup and start losing their money.

To exacerbate an already sensitive situation, the con artists are using fake Facebook ads and other forms of false advertising in order to lure their potential victims. This development has been covered by various high profile news websites, and we don’t expect this trend to abate any time soon. In fact, the use of well-known celebrities such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson, the cast from the Dragons Den, as well as other public figures such as Sir Alan Sugar or Jacinda Ardern (NZ Prime Minister) will only grow.

Bitcoin Revolution Complaints
We feel compelled to warn our members and just let them know about the nature and severity of complaints we received. In this context we ask you to read what we wrote about scam tactics which are used by brokers. We have actually prepared a short list of members who signed for the Bitcoin Revolution scam, and are now experiencing the pain and frustration of having their money stolen.

Ian from Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom: Hi Patrick, I just spent the last 40 minutes on the phone with Jeremy Gold from VE Markets and they are very convincing and want me to invest £20,000 after I already lost £4,352. I feel I’m being manipulated into doing something I don’t really want to do, but the idea of making so much money using their strategies is very appealing. These people whoever they are understand exactly what to say and I’m scared they are cheating me. Can you help me?

Lars From Skåne in Sweden: Hi Patrick, I believe I was overcharged by a broker named Hybrid Reserve. I originally invested €300, but when I checked my credit card statement I found out a company named SingleBell LTD charged my Visa Card for €1,500. Do you have any idea how I can file a complaint and get reimbursed?

Dennis From Jurong in Singapore: Hi Patrick, I’m so ashamed for losing over $15,000 after signing up for the Bitcoin Revolution software. I saw an advertisement on my Facebook account which had a picture of Robert & Philip Ng who claimed they made money using this software. I would never have signed up otherwise, and all they do is keep calling me and asking for more money. Is there any way you can get them to stop calling me? They are getting really rude now and don’t want to go away.

Bitcoin Revolution SCAM: Declined Withdrawals
In our previous Bitcoin Revolution review, we explained how the scam works, but now we will focus on the end result. At the end of this process you have a broker, and they make money when you invest and lose. Whatever happened before that is irrelevant at this point, and your only concern should be how to break away from these scammers and go back to your life or finding a legitimate way to generate money.

The primary purpose of declining, deferring, or delaying withdrawals is to wear you down and get you to move on and forget  about your money. Now, when small amounts are concerned, its actually the best way to go about it even if it does infuriate most people because your time and emotional stat of mind are more important. When it gets to the bigger amounts and at some point the understanding that you will never see your money settles in, you will probably suffer from some kind of anxiety attack or depression (sometimes both). People who got scammed for large amounts of money have a hard time bouncing back because they feel belittled and outsmarted, so their ego takes a beating as well as their bank account. That is the biggest problem and why its always smart to conduct proper research before you invest into a get-rich-quick scheme such as Bitcoin Revolution.

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Bitcoin Revolution Review Summary and Final Words
If you were cheated, conned, scammed, and had your money stolen as a result of joining the Bitcoin Revolution scam software and fake trading robot, we invite you to leave a message below and share your experience as we believe that prevention and heightened awareness are the best ways to combat this latest scourge of the internet. As always, we can be reached via our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel



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