Bitcoin Secret Loophole Review, Bitcoin Secret Loophole SCAM Exposed!

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Bitcoin Secret Loophole Review, Bitcoin Secret Loophole SCAM Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Bitcoin Secret Loophole app, software, and automated trading robot (recycled from the Original Bitcoin Loophole by Steve McCay) is a BLACKLISTED crypto SCAM! If you are you searching the internet for a detailed and informative Bitcoin Secret Loophole review and investigation then look no further! Our staff has produced all the required evidence, proof, and insights required in order to provide a factual groundwork which validates our initial claims of a financial scam.Additionally, a fresh flurry of complaints has indicated that we are dealing with a highly sophisticated affiliate marketing fraud ring which operates from a variety of geographical locations. We also know for a fact that the crooks involved with the Bitcoin Secret Loophole SCAM are also responsible for funding and managing illegal HYIP’s and Ponzi Schemes. To make matters worse, we have received initial scam reports that sleazy sales reps operating in the guise of legit brokers have literally called customers (that’s you) during strange hours of the night and badgered them profusely about funding their accounts. False pretenses, lies, manipulations, and half-truths are consistently being used in order to victimize and cheat innocent opportunity-seekers in order to steal their money. Victims who are baited by the Bitcoin Secret Loophole scam experience previously unsurpassed levels of tenacity and persistence on the phone and via SPAM email marketing. The insatiable appetite of these thieves keeps growing and to fulfill their constant need of dirty money, they view you as their personal cash cow. In essence, they are using the highly deceptive and misleading nature of the Bitcoin Secret Loophole app in order to trick you into funding trading accounts with unlicensed offshore brokers. In a recent interview by the BBC, Andrew Bailey of the UK Financial Conduct Authority has clearly stated that “people are being lured into buying cryptocurrencies by pictures of expensive watches and cars”. In other words, he is saying that get-rich-quick crypto scams such as the fraudulent Bitcoin Secret Loophole, are gaining traction and people are getting ripped off on the internet. Keep reading our informative Bitcoin Secret Loophole review and see how we exposed the crooks behind this fake app.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below you can see a screenshot taken directly from the Bitcoin Secret Loophole primary sales page. In it, you can view an image of “William S.” sitting on his new sports car saying thank’s Steve! (I wonder if it is the same Steve McKay after all.. ) Right next to it you will see the same image and same people standing behind the same car, only this image is taken directly from Motor Trend Magazine and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Bitcoin Secret Loophole or get-rich-quick crypto scams.

Additional evidence shows that the software is a complete clone and replica of the Bitcoin Code, which is probably the most viral scam being perpetuated these days by unethical affiliate marketers who are colluding against you with offshore brokers.


Bitcoin Secret Loophole Review – Your Qualify to Get Ripped Off!
A message to our pro members: “Congratulations on your massive bitcoin earnings!” That is how the sales presentation starts. All members have allegedly reported profits of above $120,000, and the numbers keep rising. Over the last 90 days 3 individuals gained true financial freedom through Bitcoin. Nearly $14,000 were deposited into their accounts after signing up for this “revolutionary” software. “Don’t miss out” on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in on the cryptocurrency market. Beta testing is open for a limited time, and then we see a parade of fake review with blurred pictures and forged identities.

Only those who act quickly can take advantage of sky-rocketing values. This lucrative market is waiting for you, and all you have to do is signup and invest. Exotic vacations, a larger house, and a carefree lifestyle! All of these are within your reach.

How Does the Bitcoin Secret Loophole Work?
It is marketed as an automated trading software which executes trades on auto-pilot without any form of human intervention. This type of algorithmic trading software is also referred to as a crypto robot or auto-trader. In reality it is a bogus software designed with the deliberate and malicious intent of defrauding unsuspecting customers and would-be day traders.

Who Is Steve McKay?
He is a software developer turned investor who wants to teach his techniques to others. In reality, he is NOT the “million dollar man” and was never of Forbes or any other magazine cover. McKay is a fictitious persona and alias who was created by online promoters in order to peddle their dirty crypto-app. He did not work on Wall Street and he is definitely not a programmer.

Is Bitcoin Secret Loophole SCAM?
Of course it is, and if you are doubtful just read what the head of the FCA is saying – we have highlighted that section for you in red so it is plain to see.

Is it Free?
No, it is not and you will be required to deposit at least $250 in order to fund your trading account. That money will be charged to your credit card by thieving offshore brokers who care nothing about your financial situation and will do their best to steal your money.

In Reality
What we are witnessing here is a textbook example of a get-rich-quick crypto scam, and this is exactly what the regulators and governments are warning you about. We have all the tell signs such as hyped-up and exaggerated claims of easy money, fake testimonials and stolen images, inflated figures and bank accounts, and just outright lies and fabrications. The narrative is rehashed and slightly modified as the online promoters see fit. In short, keep your distance.

Fake Bitcoin Secret Loophole Reviews
There are a few, and unfortunately we know that these so-called legitimate or honest review sites are getting paid commissions in order to peddle fake software. Be careful and hold on to your wallet.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are Bit Bubble Tech and Bitcoin Trader.

Signals, Forex EA’s, and Crypto Robots
There are new systems being launched on a daily basis and all of them offer you vast riches at the click of a mouse. Fortunately, our diligent staff conducts daily audits and once in a while manages to identify a reputable app which produces profits consistently. Once it passes our testing phase we list this software in our recommended section.

Bitcoin Secret Loophole Review – Summary and Conclusions
The Bitcoin Secret Loophole SCAM is a blacklisted crypto robot and there is not doubt about that. The software integrates with rogue offshore operations manned by pushy sales reps on a shoestring budget. We honestly tried, but could not find anything legit or genuine about the Bitcoin Secret Loophole app. We also know that there is much talk about these crooks managing Ponzi schemes and stealing Bitcoin in a very anonymous and untraceable manner. We also have it from trusted sources that the people involved with the Bitcoin Secret Loophole SCAM are also well-known for specializing in identity theft, credit card fraud, software manipulation (rigged), and ransomware distribution. So, in light of all the proof and evidence our staff has produced, we are officially BLACKLISTING the Bitcoin Secret Loophole system and advising our members and viewers to seek alternative and more legitimate means of investing. Don’t for get to check out our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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