Bitcoin Secret Review, Fake Bitcoin Secret SCAM or Legit App?

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Bitcoin Secret Review, Fake Bitcoin Secret SCAM or Legit App?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Is Bitcoin Secret SCAM or legit money-making opportunity? If you have been scratching your head and asking yourself this question then you have found the best Bitcoin Secret review and scam investigation. The newly launched Bitcoin Secret software and trading robot (not to be confused with Bitcoin Secret Loophole) is a fake signals app and a cloned version of the blacklisted Bitcoin Trader system. The greedy scam artists behind the Bitcoin Secret are illegally soliciting you to join a fake investment scheme and after that they intentionally lose your money. Why does this happen? Well, in affiliate marketing this is what’s commonly referred to as a revenue of profit share plan. That means the crafty online promoters, who understand how to bait and trap you on your computer or mobile device get you interested and signed up with an offshore broker (which may or may not be regulated). When you fund a real money trading account the affiliates are in-turn compensated according to previously approved commission structures.

SCAM ALERT and CRITICAL WARNING! The malicious Bitcoin Secret get-rich-quick scheme was designed by crafty online marketers with the sole and deliberate intent of stealing your hard-earned money. This fake trading app serves as a textbook example of how a thieving software steals money from innocent victims looking to generate income from a legitimate investment platform, so please make a mental note that Bitcoin Secret is a ghastly fraud you don’t want to mess with.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: This site keeps changing depending on your geographical location and the affiliate links you click.

Evidence of SCAM:
Below is a screenshot for the primary sales page and registration area for the Bitcoin Secret scam software. Right next to it you will find the same sales page for the Bitcoin Trader app. It’s plain to see that this is a copied version and a part of a grander scheme which we refer to as a production line for crypto scams.

We have previously written about this alarming trend when reviewing the fraudulent Britcoin System scam, and now we know that the same affiliate network is responsible for the development and deployment of both systems.

Moving forward, when we signed up for the software we got the same post-registration pop-up as we did for the Bitcoin Trader, only this time the broker was Wise Banc, which is not a licensed broker. It’s owned and operated by Orion Service EOOD with a registered business address at Sofia, Bulgaria. Please refer to the image below as reference for comparison. Again, we would like to clearly state that not ALL unlicensed brokers are scammers but specifically in regards to Wise Banc, we have received multiple complaints and all of them mention problems cashing out.


What is Bitcoin Secret and How Does it Work?
The Bitcoin Secret scam is advertised as a system which caters to an exclusive group of people who “jumped on the insane returns that Bitcoin offers and have quietly amassed a fortune in doing so.” The sales page also claims that “Bitcoin Secret Members enjoy retreats around the world” and get to live a lavish lifestyle while working only a few minutes every day. Similar to the Bitcoin Trader app, Bitcoin Secret claims a 99.4% level of accuracy, superior technology, and an “award winning app”.

Bitcoin Secret Review – Can You Become The Next Millionaire?
We have written extensively about the Bitcoin Trader and what it is, so we will not write the same things again. We will however say that Bitcoin Secret is marketed as a system which offers insane returns on investment and an easy as well as accessible way to make fast money by just a few clicks of the mouse. We do not believe these lies as the level of transparency is ZERO, there is no white paper or product life cycle map to show us the development cycle and key objectives, the identity of the people orchestrating the scam is hidden (and with good reason), and there is a host of other issues such as inflated bank accounts and fake testimonials which are used excessively. In other words, you are being misled and deceived by confidence artists looking to exploit your lack of knowledge or understanding in the online Bitcoin trading niche.

Is Bitcoin Secret Really Profitable?
The people who make the profits are the Forex CFD, and Cryptocurrency brokers who accept your deposits, and the online promoters who refer paying clients (that’s you). In essence, if you buy into this fraudulent software then you will be paying their salaries and affiliate commissions so don’t do it and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Bitcoin Secret Cheats You Out of Your Money (Proven Fact)
Our research staff contacted the Bitcoin Secret people because we wanted to ask them questions in regards to the app and guess what? The email bounced and obviously nobody replied so this fact alone should be enough to raise your suspicions, but there is more (a lot more) as we shall see.

Warning Signs
All the alerts and signals are there for you to see in a very clear and evident manner as we have previously mentioned in our Bitcoin Secret review section. It’s also worth pointing out that it’s customary (although not always to be honest) to have a social profile present on the actual sales page so people know who they are dealing with. This is NOT the case with Bitcoin Secret,  and it would be perfectly fine if these crooks wanted to stay anonymous, but if you add that to the fact that the email doesn’t work then you start to see a pattern of deception evolving.

Bitcoin Secret Fake Reviews
We are the first ones to publish a Bitcoin Secret review and scam investigation. There are no reviews of any kind at this time, however we are sure this will change as soon as our review goes live.

Still Think Bitcoin Secret Is a Profitable System and Want to Test It Out?
If after reading our informative review you still believe Bitcoin Secret is a genuine crypto app and would like to test it by funding a real money trading account then you need to consider your options and maybe find another way to generate income because trading Bitcoin online is most likely not for you.

Worthy Alternatives
If the idea that Bitcoin Secret is a scam is starting to sink in then you will probably be asking yourself “well, what DOES work?” Fortunately our staff compiled a short list of consistent profit generating machines which have withstood the test of time. We have actually updated our recommended systems page so make sure to check out our latest apps.

Bitcoin Secret Review, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Bitcoin Secret scam software and automated trading app (AKA Bot) is a fake signals system which is the brainchild of dirty con artists who are gunning for your wallet! It should come as no surprise that we had no choice but to BLACKLIST Bitcoin Secret, and advise our members to seek alternative and more legit investment avenues. If you are still not sure and would like additional corroborating evidence in regards to the corrupt Bitcoin Secret scam app, then we invite you to reach out and message us. We can always be contacted via our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel



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