Bitcoin South African System Review, Cloned Bitcoin SCAM Exposed!

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Bitcoin South African System Review, Cloned Bitcoin SCAM Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Bitcoin South African System Review and SCAM Investigation
Is the Bitcoin South African System SCAM and who is the elusive Jasper Boyle? These are all important questions which will be answered in our in depth review. However, before we get started we would like to immediately warn all of our members who are residing in South Africa and inform them in regards to the newly launched Bitcoin South African System scam software, app, and automated trading system (AKA Robot).

SCAM ALERT: The losing Bitcoin South African System review was published after receiving numerous complaints. Most of them describe in details how the software loses money and how our members were cheated out of their money by brokers. In our case it was Royal CFDs, an unlicensed Forex and Cryptocurrency broker owned and operated by Digital Worldwide OU with an address in Tallinn Estonia.

The Bitcoin South African System is the fifth in a series of what we refer to as a “production line” for crypto scams. These are:

  1. Bitcoin Aussie System
  2. Britcoin System
  3. Bitcoin Kiwi System
  4. Bitcoin Malay System

If we look at all of these get-rich-quick scams, we can see they all have the same things in common. First, they use the same design, just switch name and color scheme. Secondly, they use the same fraudulent software. And finally, they are all connected to the same group of thieving brokers which are out to steal your money. So, if for some reason you believe that the Bitcoin South African System is a legit or genuine trading software, then you need to consider your options and definitely continue reading our review because we exposed this dirty operation and provided all the required proof of SCAM in order to validate our initial findings.

Official Website, Members Area, and Login Page:

Evidence of SCAM
Below you can see the screenshot taken directly from the Bitcoin South African System registration area. You can see for yourself that the text explicitly mentions that this software represents an “automated approach to generating a fortune in Bitcoin”.

And right here you can see the same actor plastered on the same sales presentation spewing the same lies in a very rehearsed and theatrical manner.

Here is the same post-registration page. And this time we signed up twice, the second time we got Royal CFDs, and the first time Prestige Financial Markets (both brokers are crappy).

And of course you can’t have a proper scam without some fake testimonials. So here is the testimonial section from the Bitcoin South African System main sales page. It is plain to see they are all stock photos and do not represent a factual or genuine testimonial from real people.

Jasper Boyle is At It Again
Boyle is a fictitious identity and and in no way does he pose “a big threat to financial institutions.” The sales pitch about him being a broker for some investment bank is a complete fabrication. Furthermore, at no time did Boyle have access to “large investment accounts” or invent any mathematical processes or algorithms which power financial systems. The crooks behind this scam are crafty marketers and understand how to sell a good story, but we know the truth!

Review: What is the Bitcoin South African System and How Does It Work?
The Bitcoin South African System is a part of a chain-scamming affiliate network. As we already stated, the website is an exact replica of Bitcoin Brit System, Bitcoin Kiwi System and Bitcoin Aussie System and the video is adapted with a proper accent to seem more believable. It tells you a made-up story of what great opportunities await those, who decide join the “next big thing in bitcoin” and invest with the Bitcoin South African System app – a “state-of-the-art” automated trading software, which trades “on auto-pilot and with zero risk to your money”. They also boast a whopping 97% trading accuracy (another lie), which translates into “guaranteed” profits well over $5,000 USD every single day. And all you have to do is invest at least $250. Get ready for a “game changing software”, that places the power directly into the hands of every-day “regular people”.

Fake Bitcoin South African System Reviews
So far we are the first ones on the scene to expose this fake app. However, we can pretty much guarantee that once this scheme goes viral it will metastasize and get picked up by dubious review sites which will have their pound of flesh regardless of how much misery they cause.

Bitcoin South African System Fake News
The complaints we received mentioned some Forex gurus riding a fancy car and waving dollars in the air like they just doesn’t care. A closer look revealed we were not really looking at a news story, it was just made up piece of fake news put together in a way which is designed to trick and deceive you. A click on any of the spammy links, redirects you to the main sales page of the Bitcoin South African System, where you are instructed to signup and provide your credit card details.

Still Trust the Bitcoin South African System?
If for some unknown reason you are still under the impression that the Bitcoin South African System is a legitimate or profitable trading software, then you should probably steer clear of any form of online trading. There is not much to be added here, just avoid trading online if you believe this app to be authentic.

A Few Viable Options
We can only assume that after reading our review, you are probably asking yourself right about now “well, what does work?” The answer is staring you in the face, all you need to do is check out our recommended section, that is where we list our top apps and continue to test them on a daily basis to make sure they are consistent money-makers.

Bitcoin South African System Review Summary and Conclusions
The Bitcoin South African System scam software, app, and auto-trader (AKA bot) is a blacklisted Bitcoin scam and confirmed get-rich-quick scheme. Jasper Boyle does not exist, and there is no possible way you can “generate a fortune” using this software. In light of the overwhelming proof and evidence of SCAM, effective immediately we are BLACKLISTING the Bitcoin South African System scam software and advising our members and subscribers to seek alternative and more profitable investment opportunities. As always, should you have any additional questions or queries, we can be contacted via our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel



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