Bitcoins Wealth Review, Fake Bitcoins Wealth SCAM? Yes!

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Bitcoins Wealth Review, Fake Bitcoins Wealth SCAM? Yes!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

In the past 90 days 3 people saw their lives change dramatically after investing in Bitcoin.

That is the opening statement for the fraudulent and cloned Bitcoins Wealth SCAM (AKA Bitcoin Wealth) by Steve Robinson. In our detailed Bitcoins Wealth review (Not to be confused with Bitcoin Wealth Club by Vitaliy Dubinin), our staff will produce conclusive and irrefutable evidence which proves without a shadow of a doubt just how sleazy and low this fake get-rich-quick scheme really is. Some people are amused by the fact that the confidence artists behind the Bitcoins Wealth scam app, software, and automated trading robot copied the Bitcoin Code software by Steve McKay. Obviously we are not entertained in the least bit by this disturbing trend of cloned apps, and Bitcoins Wealth serves as the textbook example of how to duplicate fake software.

Factoid: The Bitcoins Wealth software is being very aggressively marketed by a fraud affiliate network specializing in cryptocurrency scams and get-rich-quick schemes. This system has metastasized and evolved into its current form after being severely BLACKLISTED as the Bitcoin Code scam (and rightfully so).

The original name was changed in order to confuse and deflect any stench which originated from the first Bitcoin Code scam by Steve McKay. However, as we shall see the truth is the only currency we believe in and Bitcoins Wealth certainly does not fall in line with our strict requirements. Do you honestly believe Bitcoins Wealth can help you generate some money online? If this is the case and right about now you are hesitant and asking yourself why this is happening to you and how exactly does this scam work, then we invite you to keep reading our detailed and informative Bitcoins Wealth review because we exposed the crooks behind it and shed light on their thieving software.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Evidence of SCAM
Below you will see the primary sales page and registration area for the Bitcoin Code scam. It is plain to see that they are using some lifestyle footage in order to project a sense of wealth. Right next to it you will see the Bitcoins Wealth sales page, and any child can see its an exact clone.

Moving forward, here you can see the adaptation from Steve McKay to Steve Robinson. A closer look at the text will reveal that it is copied verbatim and pasted in the same deceptive and misleading way.

And here is the final piece of evidence which will lay to rest any doubt you may have regarding the authenticity of this fake app. We have taken screenshots of the original Bitcoin Code Software as well as the “new” Bitcoins Wealth app and pasted both of them for you side-by-side. Again, you can see it is EXACTLY the same system, only the name has been changed in one for the reasons we mentioned previously.

Who Is Steve Robinson?
He is NOT a software developer “turned investor turned millionaire-maker”. Robinson is not mentioned in any way on CNN, Forbes, BBC, or The Guardian (we did some serious fact-checking on this). The story about being a “100 Million Dollar man” is also fictitious and designed to instill trust. According to the sales presentation 3 years ago Robinson was clueless about investing, he was a coder under the employ of a well-known Wall Street firm. His employer asked him to develop a new bitcoin trading software for affluent clients. Apparently his boss fooled him into creating a personal cash cow in the form of an automated trading app. Eventually Robinson used the software himself and that’s when his financial worries became a thing of the past. Now he is offering 25 new beta tester spots because he is already rich and wants to “give to the world instead of take” (if you believe that).

Bitcoins Wealth Review – SCAM Or New Millionaire Maker?
Can you really make $13,000 everyday?Is it really possible to become a millionaire using this software? In the Bitcoins Wealth sales presentation they say they provide the required tools needed to achieve massive profits on auto pilot. But is this really true or an elaborate scam designed to trick you? Can this auto-trading app really generate an “insane” amount of returns. Or is Bitcoins Wealth another deceptive Scam?

Bitcoin is the new way to get rich online, but you will only be able to make life-changing money if you are quick to act. This is why Bitcoins Wealth is for “action takes not tire kickers”, so you must make haste and act fast because these types of opportunities only come once in a lifetime! Or do they?

Some Unique Insights You Won’t Find Elsewhere
Bitcoins Wealth represents a part of a worrying trend of what we refer to here as “production line scams”. We have discussed this trend previously, and it is definitely growing for a variety of reasons. First, fraudsters are getting exposed faster due to the aggressive nature of their scams and the growing level of consumer awareness. So instead of getting creative, they are getting smart and not investing in new schemes because it takes a bite out of their profit. Instead, they just change the name and color scheme (in this case even that wasn’t changed) and voila! You have a new get-rich-quick scheme and it didn’t even cost you a dime! All they have to do is integrate it into their software and tell their affiliate marketers to switch links and promote a different scam. Neat trick huh?

How Do The Brokers Fit In?
The brokers are the clients, and when we signed up we were referred to Cryptonix Team which is owned by Wilkinson Europe LTD and have a business address in the UK. This means they are the ones paying the affiliates referral commissions. Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing if everyone profits. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Bitcoins Wealth everyone profits EXCEPT you! The brokers take your money and send some of it back to the promoters, the credit card processing companies take their cut, and even the employees get commissions if and when you fund a new trading account. In short, you are greasing the whole operation with your hard-earned cash and that is the real secret and how the scam works.

Fake Bitcoins Wealth Reviews
We have seen more than a few of these, and its a shame that these seemingly legitimate websites resort to publishing fake reviews. So if you are not sure or hesitant please make sure to leave a message below and ask.

Still Trust Bitcoins Wealth?
Its not a good idea to trust the Bitcoins Wealth scam, but if for some reason you feel an unexplained itch and a desire to risk some of your hard-earned money then you had best be prepared to absorb a heavy dose of frustration and remorse. In fact, we are so sure you will lose your money with this cheating system that if you can actually produce proof of winning trades we will eat our proverbial hat and apologize to all of our members.

Most Viral Scam Trending
The Calloway Software. Just don’t deposit, period.

A Few Genuine Trading Apps
If you are in the market for a genuine trading app then you are in luck. We have a new addition to our recommended systems and it has shown some promising results so make so make sure to check it out when you get a chance.

Bitcoins Wealth Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Bitcoins Wealth scam software, app, and fraudulent trading robot is part of a chain-scamming software and therefore blacklisted in our detailed and informative review. Let there be no room for doubt or misunderstanding, this is a malicious software which is rigged and intentionally set to lose your money. The presentation and fake claims squarely place the Bitcoins Wealth scam app and the non-existent Steve Robinson in the extreme section of the Bitcoin fraud niche. The brokers associated with this scheme are dirty and relentless. We implore you to refrain from joining this program and alternatively seek more legitimate investment avenues because there are some tested systems available which actually work as advertised. As always, should you have additional queries or questions, please make sure to contact us via our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel


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