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Blazing Trader Review, Blazing Scam Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Blazing Trader software by Johan Strand and Lars is a BLACKLISTED SCAM. Our unbiased review and investigation will reveal the truth behind this fake app and auto-trader, and produce all the needed facts and information compiled by our staff of researchers and analysts. When we first started receiving complaints we were under the impression it was just another cheap scam, but after taking a closer look at the evidence our worst suspicions were confirmed. This highly deceptive and misleading app slipped under the radar and has already tricked and victimized hundreds of innocent day-traders looking for a legit app which can help them make consistent profits trading binary options online. In reality, the exact opposite is true and the affiliate marketers pulling the strings and promoting this nasty new scheme will steal your money in a New York minute without a trace of guilt or remorse. We recognized their signature and methods of operation after seeing how they use fake testimonials, make false or hyped up claims, steal image bank photos, and use inflated bank account images to project a sense of authenticity and legitimacy. They use the same scam tactics and will stop at nothing until they bleed you dry and steal your money. Alas, we have come to the foreseen conclusion that the Blazing Trader software is a bona fide rip off and investment SCAM, so keep reading and see how we exposed these cheaters in our review.

Official Scam Website and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see an image of Johan Strand (Alias), saying he was born in New York but spent most of his adult life as a professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics and the Zurich National Institute of Technology.  That sentence right there doesn’t make sense, but the clincher and proverbial Smoking Gun can be seen at the image right next to it where he is starring as the lead actor in an older scam notoriously named the Lie Detector Millionaire where he claims his name is Daniel Wilkins. That right there should be enough for you to seek the proper conclusions, but we have more dirt on this bogus app.
blazing trader

We actually called the Zurich National Institute of Technology and researched their website. We we spoke to them over the phone and they were appalled by these scam artists and threatened legal action against them on account of trademark infringement. Needless to say we were not surprised as this is a natural reaction after seeing how your reputation is being tarnished in order to peddle a filthy trading app online. But we didn’t stop there and had to eliminate and hint of doubt.


So we continued to see if the testimonials are genuine, and guess what. They failed that simple test as well, and the screenshot below proves they steal image bank photos and scrape pictures off the internet without written approval or consent. Such is the case with “Brock Idriess” from the UK. This guy is actually wanted by the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office and is considered “missing”.


Blazing Trader Software Review
So the story starts when Johan Strand offers you 20K each day for the rest of your life, cleared every day on a daily basis. He claims to be a self-made millionaire who will provide you with a glance into the future. According to him he developed “Heuristic logic minimizers which are “blazing fast math algorithms” designed to minimize boolean functions, and this makes computer searches faster and gives traders an “edge” or advantage. As the story goes his brother Lars developed a system that allows him to spot emerging patterns in stock movement and in this context ride the upcoming waves just as they are being formed. Initially Lars’ system only had a 75% ITM ratio but Strand spotted “two glaring glitches”; a couple of redundancies, and the use of an out dated algorithm. Once fixed the new system is preforming steadily at a 93% ITM and 7% break even – “You can’t lose” according to Strand.

In reality this system is rigged and set to take losing trades. You can’t win because the software is a rehashed version of an older system just dressed up to look different. 

Is this Thing Really Free?
No, that’s just another lie designed to suck you in to a web of lies and deception. It will cost you at least $250 and you will not be able to use an older trading account. This money will be charged to your credit card through one of their cheating brokers.

Will I Be Able to Withdraw My Money?
That’s an excellent question, and the answer really depends on the broker you are assigned to. Partnering with a regulated broker does not always means you will get paid, especially if you take sizable bonuses, and contrarily a non-regulated broker may payout promptly. However, this is not usually the case as we have seen so do your due diligence first before you get burned.

The Broker Called Me, Should I Follow Their Strategy?
The short answer is maybe, and it never hurts to listen. However, a large dose of skepticism and a grain of salt will go a long way when it comes to these jackals.

Similar Viral Scams
The ones you really need to watch out for are: Instant Cash Club, Gemini 2, Fast Cash Biz, and Brooks Blueprint.

Fake Reviews
Its no secret that the internet is full of affiliate marketers who specialize in search engine optimization and will sell you snake oil and the elixir of life very convincingly since they get paid to do that. It can be very tricky to separate the wheat from the chaff, so just be extra vigilant and contact us at contact at binaryscamalerts(at) for tips and insights.

Signals Versus Auto-traders
Not a day goes by where we are not asked to endorse and app or auto-trader, but almost all of these systems miserably fail our credibility test. The best and most accurate and consistently profitable systems are proudly showcased in our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Blazing Trader software by Johan Strand and Lars is a SCAM software and automated trading app. In our honest and comprehensive review, we tried, but could not find anything remotely resembling a legit or genuine app or auto-trader. It is for that reason we BLACKLISTED this system and are warning all our readers and subscribers to avoid this verified investment scam since it was designed with malice and the pure intent of defrauding customers and stealing their money.  Don’t forget to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel and get informed.

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  • Anna

    They used a picture of a missing person?! That is just lower than scum!! Are these the same people behind other programs or new people? I have seen anything like this one before…

  • Hi and thanks for sharing. I had to take down the link because people will click on it. What you are looking at is a spoofed or cloaked website designed to look like a Forbes page. In reality it has nothing to do with Forbes. The purpose of this website is not to gain presence (Google cant stop people from creating websites), rather have viewers directed to it from other content pages. For example, you may have a Facebook ad redirecting you to this page, or alternatively a harmless looking banner advertisement. Its great that you picked up on it and thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Helen,

    Yes there are pretty crafty promoters out there and they will try every trick in the book to try and bait you. Nice catch

    • computerhp 2017

      I am being called every few hours to deposit money. I have already
      uploaded the driving licence and credit card scanned along with the
      telephone bill. Please advise me what can I do at this point…I was so
      stupid. However, I have not deposited the money yet. I have blocked my
      card. All they have is my driving licence and my telephone bill with my
      personal information and address and telephone number. Please advise as I am worried! That lady also asked for my access and took my computer vitually by installing “any desk exe” which was removed by the technician from my computer. Even the virus check allowed this exe file which is anydesk exe and said it was safe. The lady guided me through several options luckily all of them failed as my card was blocked. Please help me if I have to do anything else!

      • Just watch the credit card statement like a hawk

        • computerhp 2017

          Thank you for your precious and valuable advice! you won’t be forgotten!

  • Hi Tee,
    We will do a special review on fake news and Blazing Trader (as well as other scams). Make sure to subscribe and get informed. Pat

  • Nusaiba

    I registered for blazing trader last night but decided not deposit any money until I checked them out on the net. Fortunately, i came across this site saying its a scam so did not proceed with making the deposit.

    Today I got a call from a number in Saudi Arabia (im in UAE), the voice was more African than Arabic wanting to know why I did not deposit money when I told him that I had discovered it was s scam and did not want to proceed he became very aggressive. In the end I hung up on him and he proceeded to call me another 6 times from the same Saudi number and another 3 from a +0000 number, I blocked both.

    Scam or no scam I would never deal with anyone so rude and aggressive as what I experienced with these guys. I can only imagine how they would react if you had a problem to sort out.

    Avoid at all costs.

    Thanks for your valuable information.

    • Hi there,

      thanks for letting us know – who is the broker that called you by the way? We would like to reach out to them. Thanks

      • 2muchtrump

        Hi, the broker was Anthony Davis at Optionstars Global. I am still getting a heap of calls from different number, who hang up when I answered. So far today I have had calls from +0 x2, +01999 x2, +30974 x 2 i have blocked them all but everytime I nlock them, they start with a new number.

        • Hey thanks for sharing, I recommend you actually answer and tell them you are broker and if they can loan you some money ($250) you will pay it back with interest after you win it with Blazing Trader. If they persist be nasty and hang up.

          • Tasha

            Haha thats great! Im going to try that too!

        • Sorry I meant broke not broker.

  • Kirstie Tabener

    hi, i got the same phone call, number was from auckland new zealand but it was traced from the uk, they were really rude when i told them i was no longer interested, phone calls at 2am, i blocked the numbers but they keep coming, now i am getting emails saying i have money waiting for collecting.

    • Hi Kirstie,

      Just mark them as SPAM and unsubscribe if you can. If the calls persist simply tell them you spent it all and you are broke. Eventually it will stop.

  • Louis Brewis

    Hi. I got a call whilst halfway through registering. A UK nr. The Broker who called herself Jasmine Perez (with a strong oriental accent) from a company called BinaryOnline. Got the same bull crap fed to me and she got very vague when I asked why its a 250 bucks “buy in”. Why not 10 bucks. Aparently thats the amout required to activate your “free” account. You’re more than welcome to get in touch and I’ll forward you the e-mails that was sent to me. Is there anything out the that isn’t rigged to robbed the average person?

    • Hi Louis, this is really annoying. I would suggest you just tell her you are broke and eventually it will stop.

    • rahim

      hey i got a called too from some Jessica Grey. Same thing, I told her i am busy right now so she asked me my credit card details and said she will fill it. Very persistent. She is going to call me again in an hour. I gotta block that number 🙂

      Such things are too good to be true anyways.

      • Hi Rahim,
        Just tell them you need money for food and can’t spare a dime because you are poor. If they insist ask them for a loan of $250 which you will gladly pay back after you win in back on blazing trader

  • Christine West

    My husband signed up to this and paid the 250 dollars by credit card. This was on Wednesday. He only did so because the advert was fronted by Martin Lewis money saving expert. When he realised what he had done he contacted the customer service team and asked for his money back. They said they needed a copy of his passport, credit card front and back, to be able to verify the account. He doesn’t want to do this obviously but they’re saying it’s the only way to refund his money. Any advice or suggestions welcome. Don’t we have the standard 14 day cooling off period?

    • Hi Christine,

      You can do that just cross out or block the digits in the center of the credit card and leave the last 4. Additionally, put a stamp on it that says “for verification purposes only”. This goes for the rest of the documents as well. Block out parts of the passport ID number – if they insist on getting all the details let me know – I will guide you on this personally. TY Pat

  • Hi Petia,
    Just ignore them and tell them you dont have any money. Better yet, answer the phone and ask for a loan which you will gladly repay after you make money with blazing trader. If they still persist just hang up on them 🙂

  • UR..BRO

    I just registered for blazing trader 5 mins, then someone called me and walk through me on how to deposit. He said deposit $250 and have $250 bonus. then I said “wow that’s great”. then i ask the caller to give me some time to fill up the info in the deposit tab.

    Then I searched if it is scam, then KAABBBOOOMMMMM I came on this page… YOU DA MAN BRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    binaryscamalerts saves lot of stupid people like me……… hahah no offense!

    • Hi. Youre not stupid and did the right thing by researching. Ty Pat

  • Bernardo Basmayor

    Blazing Trader has similarity with Compound Trader. Are they the same?

  • Nissimor Lómanoren

    Thanks god I found your page! (sorry if my English is not good enough)

    I was checking one of my email accounts and this was being promoted there, so I decided to take a look. Of course I made a “half” registration just email, name and phone, but as soon as I did it, I thought “too good to be true”, and all that speech about “get your Porsche, get your 20 million dollars house in Miami, get the life of your dreams buying everything you want, eat all the lobster you can, blah blah…” honestly, was that speech is what made me doubt. A little Google search and the word SCAM came from everywhere.

    While I was reading this blog, a woman called me. She tried hard I mean, really hard, to convince me to complete my registration and activate my account. I confronted her with some data you wrote here: she told me that the guy from the video’s name was Daniel, and blah blah…

    So I asked her finally something she couldn’t answer: if the system was so good, why in hell was she working as a simple sales agent, instead of a being winning 20 thousand dollars per day?

    After her silence, I could say “thanks for calling, but I’m no longer interested”…

    And that was my experience with them.

    • Hi Nissimor,
      I think you have reached the right conclusion and can honestly say you saved yourself a pretty penny and a lot of regret.

  • Hi Chamcham,

    Sure we have our Facebook and YouTube Channel on the website – so feel free.

  • amanda murphy

    I put my name and number down then read about it being a scam. I’ve blocked over 20 numbers from them. They still ring at all hours of the day and night on different numbers. I had 40 missed phone calls from them one night. Talk about being desperate. Going to have to change my number they are relentless.

    • Hi Amanda,

      Sorry about that. Yes Blazing Trader is a huge SCAM

  • Marie BlackHoney

    Hi I’m from Malaysia. Thanks for sharing on your page. First, I received two emails from Binary Online yesterday followed by two calls and they called again today despite of what I said “I dont know how to trade and what is trading” & “I dont have that kind of money USD250 now since I was jobless”. The first call from a woman is quite polite but the last call from man is “sigh”. They say” yeah, the problem is I’m jobless”. The numbers are from london and UK. Called from different persons but all sounds like indian or african and talk so fast that I dont know what are they saying. I said, what about after I have a job then I give your software a try? Then he just said thank you and hang up.

    • Hi Marie, without knowing you did the smartest thing. They now understand you have no money so chances are you will be contacted much less. Expect SPAM however, and in any case there are legitimate ways to generate money. Please contact us and we will show you the way.