Britcoin System Scam! Honest Britcoin System Review Exposes Fake App

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Britcoin System Scam! Honest Britcoin System Review Exposes Fake App

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Britcoin System review. Is Jasper Boyle a real person or is the Britcoin System SCAM? Our experienced staff of researchers did some serious fact-checking and came to the inevitable conclusion that the Britcoin System is a total SCAM and replica of the Bitcoin Aussie System which we blacklisted here at Binary Scam Alerts. Britcoin System is totally unrelated to and should not be confused with Britcoin, currently Intersango which was the first UK exchange to allow BTC/GBP trading.

SCAM ALERT! We are now reaching out to all our British members and warning them about the Britcoin System (AKA Britcoin System Software, App, and Auto-trader) Scam. We have just now received a deluge of complaints from Forex and CFD traders residing in the United Kingdom, who have been hammered with an endless stream of SPAM E-mails regarding some fraudulent system from a spoofed (fake) Email address. In the message they got, an illegal invitation solicits potential victims to signup and deposit money with a shady and unregulated offshore Forex and CFD broker (When we signed up to test the app we were assigned a broker named Hybrid Reserve).Our feedback indicates to us this happened because we  now know we are dealing with a crafty lot of online marketers who will pick your pocket by promising you an easy way to make a quick buck. In reality, these unethical affiliate networks and media companies are the ones who will be generating profits, and you will be the person who will pay their commission checks IF you chose to fund a real-money trading account (that’s the real secret). Think we are exaggerating? Don’t quite believe us yet? If so then we highly recommend you keep reading our detailed Britcoin System review and investigation because we busted these crooks so bad and exposed their misdoings in a very transparent, and factual manner.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Britcoin System: Evidence of SCAM
Below you will find the primary sales page and registration area for the Britcoin System scam software. You can see for yourself, it clearly says “Britcoin System is a game-changing software putting earning power directly into the hands of regular people”.

Right below it, you can see the same sales pitch using the exact same sales pitch verbatim only it is on behalf of the Bitcoin Aussie System.

Moving right along, above is the testimonial section for the Britcoin System, and right next to it is the one for Bitcoin Aussie System. It is clear to see that the content is copied AGAIN and the testimonials are fake and totally forged. The images are also not real people and a simple Google check will reveal that these pictures were stolen and used without permission in order to promote fraudulent software.

And for the finale, here we have a screenshot we took of the post-signup page we received when we registered for the Britcoin System. It is the exact same template which is used for the Bitcoin Aussie System with the exception of the broker which was assigned to us at the time (VE Markets).

Who Is Jasper Boyle?
He is not a real person, and definitely DOES NOT pose “a big threat to financial institutions.” He was never a broker for a massive international bank, and never had access to large investment accounts and mathematical processes which power financial systems.

The Britcoin System Review – Blacklisted SCAM Or Genuine Trading Platform?
“The results were shocking!” Or were they? Boyle claims he used his knowledge from the banking industry to develop his software and “quadruple” his earnings in less than 24 hours. However, no back testing or professional documentation is provided to validate his claims. He also states he wants to rectify the current situation where big banks use their money and influence to generate money for themselves and their rich clients whilst leaving the “ordinary guy” out of the loop. So he developed the Britcoin System for every day folk just like you so now you can have access to the same computing power and “laser-accurate” signals software just like the big boys do. He claims his goal is to create 15 millionaires, but we know this is all a facade and an insincere way to trick you out of your hard-earned money!

How Does The Britcoin System Scam Work?
In the sales presentation there is a mention of a powerful trading algorithm which allows you to stay split seconds ahead of the market and reap all the benefits. In reality, the software is rigged and set to lose. The online promoters get a cut of your losses when you invest and that is how dirty revenue share schemes operate.

Is Britcoin System Software Profitable As Advertised?
If you decide you want to test the Britcoin System for yourself and risk your money, we can pretty much guarantee that you will end up losing your investment because that is what the software was designed to do. YOU LOSE so that the promoters and dirty brokers can make their profits.

Britcoin System Lies, Exaggerated Claims, and Fabrications
Bitcoin is not even close to the $20,000 mark, and Boyle is a fake persona created by fanciful online promoters with a knack for deception and trickery. There is massive hype around the Britcoin System, and with that we get the con artists who will constantly try to bait and mislead innocent opportunity-seekers looking to cash in on a legit automated trading app.

All The Red Flags You Can Imagine
Well, lets start with unsubstantiated facts, and continue with inflated bank accounts (for starters). Then we have a ton of fake testimonials, and fictitious entities that try to sell you well-polished horse manure. Please, this is just too much and too obvious!

Britcoin System Fake Reviews
We have seen a few fake Britcoin System reviews and endorsements. This is happening because unethical affiliate marketers believe this sales pitch will be effective in getting you to open a trading account so that they in turn may get commissions. Don’t believe it and don’t take the bait!

Still Believe Britcoin System Is A Genuine System and Want to Try It Out?
If after reading our review you still want to check out the Britcoin System then maybe you should consider finding another way to generate passive income because we made it very clear and provided valid and cross-referenced proof of malicious foul play. We connected the dots for you and presented to you with relevant details and an easy-to understand and factual review. So if you still want to try out Britcoin System  don’t say we didn’t warn you because you WILL lose your money (guaranteed). Oh, we forgot to mention that it is most definitely NOT free. Get ready to lose at least $250 since that is the minimum deposit amount.

Recommended Alternatives
Even with all these fraudulent apps flooding the net, sometimes it’s possible to find one system which actually delivers on its promise. Our staff constantly scans the internet looking for profitable trading systems which generate money consistently. Fortunately we were able to identify a few systems, and these can be found in our recommended systems section.

The Britcoin System Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips
The Britcoin System SCAM software by Jasper Boyle is a blacklisted Cypto SCAM and a confirmed get-rich-quick scheme. If anyone tries to sell you another story on Facebook or Telegram about how Britcoin System is the “real deal” then you should immediately stop communicating with them and report them to the authorities for conspiracy to commit financial fraud. We have also tried to find out who the real people behind the Britcoin System are, but without any Facebook or LinkedIn profile we were not able to do so (another red flag). There’s no demo mode, no back testing, in a nutshell there’s a total lack of transparency, and we got complaints about over-charging by the broker. Bottom line, make sure the avoid the Britcoin System scam and seek alternative investment opportunities. Don’t forget, we can be reached via our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel



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