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Brooks Blueprint Legit Review, Filthy Scam Exposed By Experts!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

If you have stumbled onto this Brooks Blueprint SCAM software Review, chances are someone is targeting you to be the next victim in this most vile and deceptive scheme. Steven Brooks and his fake binary options auto-trader is a sub-standard app designed to take inferior trades and intentionally lose and steal your money. We can’t overstate how dangerous and misleading this sleazy new system is, and if you are contemplating buying into this ruse, then you can kiss your money goodbye because these ripoff artists are making it harder for us to retrieve stolen funds. Our review will brutally expose these cyber-hooligans and provide conclusive and indisputable proof of SCAM. There is no room for doubt or misunderstanding, the in-depth investigation we have launched will show you exactly what you are getting yourself into, so be warned and continue reading.

Official Scam Site and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
Here we have a screenshot of the Vimeo account for someone called Mark Doherty (Alias most likely). If you click to enlarge the image below you will see his Vimeo Profile and what videos he recently uploaded on the internet. This is the same person who uploaded the Brooks Blueprint video into the SCAM website you have been exposed to. It’s plain to see the same people promoting the Quantum Code, Perpetual Formula, and Drexel Code SCAMS, are behind this latest viral scheme as well. What’s even more troubling is that this crook says “there is no chance of losing any money” and that is an obscene lie since even the most novice trader knows trading involves significant risk to your capital.
Brooks Blueprint Scam
Brooks Blueprint Software is Rehashed Garbage Code
This is the same automated trading software used in the other SCAMS, just repackaged and made to look a bit different. If you have been around you should know these systems are at best set to random and the ITM ratios are similar to tossing a coin and at times you stand a better chance winning the lottery as seems to be the case here. The app is amazingly accurate at targeting your wallet, and that is the only thing it excels at.
Brooks Blueprint Scam2Is this the Millionaire Blueprint SCAM?
No it isn’t, we got a got a question from one of our members asking us if there is a connection between the two, and the answer is no. These scammers just stole the concept because they could not come up with anything original of their own, I guess they are not very creative at stealing people’s money after all.

Brooks Blueprint Scam Review
So here we have Steven Brooks (More like Steven Crooks if you ask me) who is stepping out of a rented house, and just before he enters his rented BMW sports car he starts ranting about how people are losing their jobs, the high cost of living, and climbing unemployment. Then he proceeds to say he’s had enough and “no one should have to live this way”. He then immediately proceeds to enter a rented office where some fake actor with a heavy southern accent and a cowboy hat rambles about how life is too short and the incredible amounts of money this system made him. Then this cheater shows a check for $89,750 signed by Steven Brooks on behalf of the Brooks Blueprint.

This charade continues as a flock of actors providing fake testimonials continue to machine-gun through a similar sales pitch and show the same fake checks for varying amounts. In one case its Walter Robinson, and in another its Stephanie Hawkins proudly showing a check for $120,905, and then Ken Ramirez, and so on. As we have mentioned previously in our other reviews, the money comes from your broker’s bank account ONLY, and nowhere else. Any attempt to conceal or hide this should be viewed as an immediate red flag and send some alarm bells ringing in your head. On a side note, if you look at “Steven” you will see his lips move as he listens to the other actors go through their scripts.

And NOW this cheating fiend will “show us the light” and let us have access to his unique software which will change our lives and let us make money “without having to work, and without having a job”. Sounds fishy? Yea, unfortunately there are no shortcuts in life and if you want to succeed you have to work hard at it and get properly educated or at least find the right tools and people to help you achieve success. Unfortunately the Brooks Blueprint is NOT what you have been looking for, and despite the emotional performance about his old workplace and how it got bought out by the Chinese, this system and the people behind it will rob you blind and leave you out to dry without any feelings of guilt or remorse.

“Would You Really Throw Away the Chance of Becoming a Millionaire?”

Well, this is the final nail in the coffin because we have seen nothing but hot air and smoke coming from this con artist. We have also seen ZERO transparency, no professionalism, and  NO proof of winning trades from the actual broker’s account trading history. We did see the support email was working, but the only questions that were answered had to do with funding accounts and not actually cashing out winnings.

Is System Free of Charge?
Forget it, $250 is the minimum amount of money required to gain entry and qualify to access the software and the annoying popups it offers.

Manual Signals Versus Auto-traders
If you are looking for more control over your trades and a suggestive platform then you are looking for signal indicators. I personally prefer this over auto-trading, but it seems most people are looking for a hands-off trading solution because they don’t have time. So if that’s your thing then you will want to check out our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Binary Options Trading in Broad Strokes
Binary or Exotic options are a form of trading which has become very popular recently due to the simplicity and high revenues which can be generated in a relatively short amount of time. Stocks, Indices, Commodities, and Currencies are available to traders and most brokers will offer around 100-150 assets to choose from. Trading formats include range, ladder, 60 seconds, and follow me which is also referred to as social trading or copying. Blinded by promises of fast cash on auto-pilot many day-traders make the classic mistake of not conducting the proper research and end up losing their money because the broker is dirty or the system they chose is useless (many times a combination of both).

Brooks Blueprint Review Summary and Conclusions
The Brooks Blueprint software and Steven Brooks is a SCAM. We have blacklisted this system, and are warning all our members and viewers to avoid it at all costs and seek alternative means of investing. If you have been SPAMMED or contacted by marketers attempting to lure or bait you it, make sure to take a step back and politely refuse the offer. Better yet, unsubscribe from the service or file a SPAM complaint in the proper section of your email provider software. We tried looking for anything genuine or legit, but all we found was half-truths, lies, and deception coupled with malice.  Please join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel to get informed!

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