The Calloway Software Review, Fake Calloway SCAM? Blacklisted!

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The Calloway Software Review, Fake Calloway SCAM? Blacklisted!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

What is the Calloway Software and who is Brett Calloway? If you are searching the internet for an impartial and informative Calloway Software review and investigation then you have reached the right website. The Calloway Software SCAM signals app (not an auto-trader) is a fraudulent trading system which is currently being very aggressively promoted by a crafty lot of affiliate marketers pretending to have legitimate review websites. However, as we shall prove in our revealing Calloway Software review, this newly-launched system is anything BUT legitimate or genuine. In fact, quite the opposite is true!

Misleading and extremely deceptive. This review was prompted by complaints!

SCAM Alert! If you have received an invitation to join the fraudulent Calloway Software investment platform and illegally solicited via SPAM email, annoying popup messages, fake Facebook advertisements, or fake reviews (the ladder being the worst) then you are being officially targeted by sleazy online promoters of the worst kind. In addition, you should be well aware that these affiliates are operating in collaboration with sleazy offshore brokers who care nothing for transparency or ethical business practices. In fact, these guys left their license at the door and made a conscious and deliberate decision to start scamming innocent victims and steal their money. How does the Calloway Software scam work? If you really want to know then you should continue to read our  Calloway Software review because we exposed these crooks and put to shame all the fake review sites who are endorsing this shameful signals app.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Evidence of SCAM
Below you will see the main sales page and registration area for the Calloway Software website. It is plain to see the Brett Calloway is NOT a real person, and this bogus illustration of some completely anonymous entity completely validates our assertion and lays to rest any doubt you may have in regards to who is really behind the software.

Moving along, below you can clearly see some fake statements about how the Calloway Software liars are recruiting sales managers, customer service representatives, and webmasters. So, in essence you have a fake entity offering fake jobs to opportunity-seekers looking to cash in on a legitimate trading app. In our humble opinion, this is just monstrous since these con artists are preying on people’s vulnerabilities and basic need to get a decent paying job and we have a duty to inform our readers about this recent development.

But this is the most important piece of evidence our staff of researchers was able to produce. Below you will find the post registration form which is presented after you signup. As you can see, it is the exact same software which powers fraudulent software such as Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Aussie System. Only in this case the broker which was integrated with our account was Cryptonix Team, a fake broker which is owned by Wilkinson Europe LTD and has an address in the United Kingdom. Previously, when we tested Bitcoin trader our broker was Prestige Financial Markets (same crap). Particularly disturbing is the fact that Cryptonix Team is a Forex and CFD brokerage which for some reason is presenting itself as a crypto-currency exchange. Warning! You are entering the lion’s den here and its feeding time so make sure to hold on to your wallet and keep that credit card tucked away safely!

Calloway Software Fake Testimonials
When we started sniffing around we saw that some parts of the sales presentation were edited out. However, we were still able to dig up this fake testimonials from a fiverr actor named kingblade9. It seems these liars tried to cover their tracks, but it didn’t work and now they are caught so shame on you cheaters!

Who is Behind the Calloway Software?
The sales presentation claims it is a person by the name of Brett Calloway, however it does not mention his position in the company or his professional background. In fact, the only thing we are allowed to see is a silly illustration of an image which does not really mean anything. Are you starting to connect the dots?

How Does The Calloway Software Work?
According to the presentation this semi-automated signals app automatically analyzes current market conditions for you and provides you with several profitable positions to make money from. There is talk about moving averages, relative strength index, and stochastics. The sales video claims that these are popular indicators and the software exploits these “powerful strategies” along with trend analysis in order to produce accurate winning trades. No need to fancy charts or margins. Signals are automatically generated into your own copy of the Calloway software with the help of “real-time strategies. You just choose the assets and control the signals as you wish.

The Calloway Software Review – Scam or 96% Accuracy Level?
The Calloway Software is presented to us as a “self-sustaining automated system”, meaning the software automatically provides you with many signals to trade with on a daily basis. But it DOES NOT trade automatically for you! Imagine making a few hundred dollars a day, wouldn’t that make life a bit easier? Here you have a chance to gain access to the “best trading tool and capitalize on huge profits”.

According the the sales page this algorithm is designed for rookie investors, and generates solid and consistent results. “We’ve cut out the learning curve so new members don’t have to worry about spending grueling hours learning to trade on their own”. They also claim you will gain free access to tutorials, economic calendars, chat rooms for interacting with other members. The only decision you will have to make is what assets to invest in and when to enter the trade. That’s when this”proprietary software” goes to work for you and “simplifies the trading process”. With this system you can trade cryptocurrencies, Forex currency pairs, or both.

Is The Calloway Software Really Recruiting Employees?
They claim they are hiring staff, because no one knows how the software works more than you as a trader, and they are offering up to 10K a month for your help. This is really a crude and sleazy attempt to sidetrack you and create some type of differentiating element. No one will hire you for any position and these are lies! We know these confidence artists and they will use every trick in the book to bait you so don’t believe it for one second!

Is It Free?
No, it will cost you around $250 to get access. However, the brokers may charge you extra since they want to cover their advertising fees so don’t be surprised if you are told it costs double the amount.

Is the Calloway Software SCAM Or Legit?
Of course it is a scam and confirmed get-rich-quick scheme. We have produced ample proof and evidence, but if you are still doubtful because some fake review site told you it is legit then take a minute to review the facts and read our review again before you make an informed decision. If you are hesitant, its with good reason so take a step back and reevaluate your position.

Why Is The Calloway Software Scam Going Viral ?
It is going viral because a network of fake review websites has decided to endorse this system and it is causing much hype in the crypto and online trading niche.

Some Viable Alternatives
If right about now you are asking yourself well, what does work? Then we have some tested alternatives just waiting for you. Take a minute to check out our recommended systems section as we have listed a few reputable systems which have endured the test of time and produce consistent results.

Calloway Software Review Summary, Conclusion, and Helpful Tips
The Calloway Software SCAM signals system by Brett Calloway is a blacklisted Forex and Cryptocurrency trading app. We find this scheme to be particularly alarming and offensive due to the heavy losses which may be incurred if you decide to signup for this program and risk your money. We have received severe complaints from pensioners, students, stay-at-home moms, and unemployed members just crying about how they are being constantly mauled by greedy sales reps posing as legitimate brokers and trying to get them to pull out their credit card and invest. So, to recap. There is not Brett Calloway (he does not exist), the software is bogus, rigged, and set to take losing trades, and there is a ton of Bitcoin hype all around this latest launch. We also must mention again the fake testimonials, inflated numbers “the App that Made me $3,025 in 24 Hours!” and flawed narrative which doesn’t really make sense. These are all serious red flags which lead us to the inevitable conclusion that the Calloway Software is a confirmed investment scam which should be avoided at all cost. If you have additional question make sure to contact us via our our our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel

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