Cash 365 SCAM, Legit Review Exposes Fake Cash365 App

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Cash 365 SCAM, Legit Review Exposes Fake Cash365 App

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Cash 365 Review
The Cash 365 SCAM is a new binary options robot which was recently launched. In our detailed review and investigation we blacklisted the Cash365 software and automated trading app because it is fraudulent and designed with pure malice as well as the deliberate intent of stealing your money. The problem with Cash 365 is that it is carbon copy of similar binary options scams such as Binary Robot 365. So, if for some reason you believe this system to be genuine or legit, you are clearly mistaken and will have your money stolen by greedy unlicensed offshore brokers. We also know that these greedy scammers recruit new potential customers by using SPAM email campaigns. If you have received any form of communication please make sure to unsubscribe immediately as we have received multiple complaints about viruses and malware infecting computers and various devices. The crooks behind this latest get-rich-quick scheme are unethical affiliate marketers who have partnered with unregulated brokers and are acting in collusion to defraud and victimize innocent would-be traders. Make no mistake, this is another shameless attempt to lure you into a web of lies and deception and in this way trick and mislead you into opening and funding a real money trading account. Keep reading to see how we exposed Cash 365 and why we believe it is a confirmed investment scam.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM:
Below you will see a picture taken directly from the main sales area of the Cash 365 software (see middle). This person is an actor named Josh Rice who has played the role of a fake broker and Wall Street analyst in the Centument SCAM some time ago. We don’t expect you to remember that, but we do so there it is right before your eyes to see. 

As we scroll down we see a similar pattern, and any google check will reveal that Ashley Carroll is not really a “school teacher”. Her real name is most definitely NOT as advertised, and her picture was stolen from the internet without her knowing about it. The same goes for all the other fake testimonials ie. Leo Chang, Aaron Harper, Deborah Michel, and Norbert Weiner.

Cash 365 Software Review
A “revolutionary money-making system was just released to the public”. Here’s a new bullet-proof software which was developed by a mathematical mastermind and master Wall Street broker. It was kept under lock and key for 10 years, and now you can use this system to make daily profits of $47,650. Now it’s your turn to get your piece of the action and secure your financial freedom forever. This system is recession proof, employment proof, and cash proof. But if you hesitate or wait too long this opportunity will slip away and never come back. Then we start with the parade of fake testimonials which begins with Angela and continues with James as he spews lies from a rented BMW about how Cash365 changed his life. Get the picture?

Is It Free?
Absolutely not. You will have to fork up at least $250 and that money will be charged to your credit card by slimy offshore brokers who care nothing about your financial well-being and will do anything to get their filthy little fingers on your credit card.

In Reality
What we are witnessing here is a classic get-rich-quick scheme. We have all the classic tell signs such as fake testimonials, inflated bank accounts, hyped up and exaggerated claims of easy money, and fake testimonials by the dozens. The narrative is also laughable and recycled with soundbites taken from 2 years ago. In short, run like the wind!

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to avoid are Bitcoin Loophole and Stabilis Lucra.

Fake Reviews
We have seen some of those for sure, so make sure to take a close look at the details and what is actually being offered to you. If you are not sure simply ask us, most likely you are reading a paid review which is not really ethical.

Forex EA’s, Signals, Trading Robots, and Crypto Apps
If you find yourself kind of shocked and don’t really know how to proceed or what app to choose then you are not alone. There are new systems coming out by the dozens on a daily basis, and most of them are worthless and designed to steal your money. Fortunately our staff of diligent researchers has scrounged the internet and found a few consistent money making-apps that perform consistently. These are all showcased in our recommended section so signup and check them out.

Cash 365 Review Summary and Conclusions
Cash 365 is a bona fide financial scam and blacklisted with good reason. In our honest and factual review we produced proof and evidence of foul play, deception, and cheap trickery. These affiliate marketers are gunning for your wallet, and they are very good at their job. We are dealing with professional con artists who specialize in credit card fraud, identity theft, and false advertising tactics. Trusted industry sources have informed us that these shady characters have a checkered past and known to be very threatening and rude. Ethical business practices is not a term they are familiar with, and they are very persistent and know how to manipulate the truth to their benefit. It goes without saying that in light of all this damning proof our staff has compiled, we are forced to blacklist the Cash 365 app and advise our members and viewers to seek alternative and more legit investment avenues. As always, we would like to personally invite you to join our  Facebook Page and subscribe to our YouTube channel for additional updates.

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