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Cash Code Exclusive Scam Review! Eye-Opening Expose

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Cash Code software, app, and Auto-trader SCAM as well as Robert Allen have been reviewed extensively and BLACKLISTED by industry leading sites. But in most reviews the focus was on the actual SCAM and how it misleads and deceives day traders who simply want to make an extra buck trading binary options online. This review will also shed light on how savvy marketers target and bait potential customers haphazardly browsing the internet looking for online jobs or any legitimate way to supplement their income. What we found was nothing less than scandalous as we could not believe how leading news and financial sites such as Forbes and Reuters dip their dirty little fingers into this pudding. When drafting this review and reaching our indisputable conclusions, we found it absolutely outrageous and degrading that such reputable and authoritative portals were active participants in the CASH CODE. A dangerous scheme which is undoubtedly one of the biggest binary options investment SCAMS being promoted online today.

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Proof of Scam
In our previous review we have provided all the evidence and findings required in order to reach the proper conclusions regarding the CASH CODE SCAM. The use of fake testimonials, inflated bank accounts, pressure tactics, lack of transparency, reduced accuracy levels, and lack of professionalism. Every dirty trick in the book you can think of has been used and perfected in order to create the impression you will be making millions with this app. Contrarily, the opposite is true and we have illustrated exactly how this happens.

Tip of the Day !The most dangerous scams don’t lie, they just conceal the truth by focusing on other things – primarily benefits and and various forms of hype.

Cash Code Review
“Hi, Robert Allen here. You don’t realize it yet but you just won the lottery, and your payments are coming in at a lump sum.” This is how the Cash Code presentation begins. It goes on to say that the website has created more millionaires than any other site in the world and “you too can also be a millionaire in 60 days”. As the sales pitch continues the presenter and actor continues to spew lies about how this system will make you millions of dollars on Auto-pilot and it won’t cost you a thing. That’s also a lie, since you will be required to invest at least $250 in order to gain access to the software.

How New Customers Are Acquired
The image below illustrates how new customers are acquired. As you can see the internet can be a very dangerous place, where seemingly harmless ads promoted on very prominent websites such as USA Today, Reuters, and Forbes are used as traps to bait innocent day traders looking for legit ways to make extra money online. Advertisements are also promoted on various entertainment, gossip, or lifestyle sites specifically designed to catch you off guard and entice you to join a fraudulent trading app.

cashcode main

I’m sure you have run into these ads if you have looked for an online job like filling our surveys or maybe read an article about how much money a famous actor or celeb makes. These marketers are a savvy bunch and understand how to profile and target the right kind of readers. Our problem has less to do with them, but more with the level of promiscuity which is permitted by large news networks and high tier media outlets such as the ones listed previously.

Report a Scam ButtonIf you want actual proof from someone who was exposed to these ads, feel free to read a comment we had from a Chinese subscriber saying how Forbes is plastered with Ads about Walter Green and the Free Money System. We have also seen report about people being solicited via ads on Facebook, which is also very troubling.

At the end of the day the chilling conclusion is that these corporations look at the bottom line and they don’t really care what’s being advertised on their sites as long as the dividends pay out for the investors.

cashcode wynn

Above you will see the abysmal results of the software and why we have decided to blacklist it. The cash code app is a miserable failure and the ITM ratio is under 30%, which means you will have better luck tossing a coin. There’s no denying it, the marketers behind it use the software to solicit money from traders and then split the profits with the brokers in a classic revenue share scheme.

If you have fallen victim to this scam, you may have noticed other ones which are being heavily promoted. Here’s a short list,  Quantum CodeDrexel Code,  Millionaire Blue Print, and Cobalt Code.

Well, What Does Work?
Our recommended section endorses the best and most trustworthy apps. We emphasize transparency, accuracy, and prompt customer service.

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Review Conclusions and Recommendations
Cash Code and Robert Allen is a SCAM. We have seen how this system steals money by taking inferior trades intentionally and why this happens. We have also provided proof of scam in our previous review and illustrated how the scam works and why the big news and media networks such as Reuters and Forbes operate in cahoots with slimy marketers targeting your wallet and hard-earned cash. If you feel you have been mislead or deceived make sure to contact the media outlets and let them know how you feel. Please join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel to get involved!

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