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Cash Formula Review, SCAM Tactics Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Our previous  Cash Formula scam review including Tim Stafford and Professor Drew Cummings covered one of today’s most fraudulent binary options trading software and provided indisputable proof of SCAM based on facts, findings, and conclusive evidence. This review will cover the various ways customers are attracted to this nasty app and auto-trader, and how crafty advertisers spend their money wisely in order to attract new and unsuspecting victims.

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Cash Formula Scam Customer Acquisition Tactics
Originally when people think of a scam they associate it with what happens the minute they understood their money was lost, but the deception starts much before that. Cash Formula marketers utilize a wide variety of customer acquisition tactics designed to lure potential new day-traders AKA “leads”. From the marketing perspective this can be a very profitable initiative if you understand how to tap into the right kind of advertising channel.
Cash Formula 1The image above illustrates the initial cycle of acquisition and how traders are attracted and sucked into the fantasy world of easy money at the click of a button. The main problem has to do with the fact that reputable media outlets such as USA Today, Reuters, and Forbes allow this form of advertising to be displayed on their websites. When people surf the net looking for legitimate ways to make money online, inquire about the latest Hollywood gossip, or search the internet looking for life hacks, they don’t expect to be solicited by aggressive marketers, so this paints a totally different picture. I don’t view myself as Alfred Dreyfus screaming J’accuse, but I’m really starting to feel as though I’m trying to stop a deluge with a paper cup.

Cash Formula Review Recap and Proof of SCAM
As proven in our previous investigation, our staff of researchers has caught these lazy cheaters red handed as they copied the notorious Push Money App with Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan the hard working scammers that have unlawfully duped and tricked hundreds if not thousands of innocent victims into registering and funding trading accounts using deceptive, false, and misleading content including (but not restricted to) deceptive statements, fake offers, and unethical business practices.

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We have seen how these cheaters continue to exploit and mislead would-be traders by using fake testimonials promoted by paid actors, prominently exhibiting inflated bank accounts, embedding pressure counters AKA scarcity countdown timers to entice potential new customers, and generally exaggerate the earnings and potential wealth which can be created on auto-pilot at the click of a mouse.

Binary Options Trading, The Big Pay Day (For Whom?)
The new trading niche has been over hyped and massively promoted by aggressive and unscrupulous marketers posing as legitimate entities such as signal providers and introducing brokers. Underneath this vast ocean of scavengers and crooks you can actually find a solid auto-trader that performs consistently but you have to know where to look because sometimes the software can seem trustworthy but in reality if it is endorsed by a fake review site you might as well kiss your money goodbye because these guys are in it for the money and could care less about what happens after you fund your account.

Most Active Viral Scams to Report Immediately
This is a short list of the ones that have been most actively destroying people’s lives: Quantum Code,  Cash FormulaGoogle TraderMobile Binary Code, Lie Detector Millionaire, Cash Code, Quick Cash System, Millionaire Blueprint, Free Money System and Walter Green, Centument, Drexel Code, Online Wealth Markets, and Amissio Formula.

Cash Formula Review Conclusions and Recommendations
The Cash Formula software as well as Tim Stafford and Professor Drew Cummings is a SCAM which miserably failed our credibility test. This auto-trader is set up to intentionally take losing trades and it will steal your money. We strongly urge our members and viewers to distance themselves from this app, and be very skeptical when presented with various forms of advertisements trying to lure you into what we have already proved to be a verified binary options investment scam. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel and get updated.

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