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Cash Formula Review! Scam Formula Steals Your Cash!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Cash Formula Software as well as Tim Stafford and Professor Drew Cummings is malicious investment SCAM! We have BLACKLISTED this fake app and auto-trader in our honest and unbiased review. Since the initial complaints started coming in we have noticed an unusually high amount of day-traders which have actually fallen victim to this vile new scheme and funded trading accounts thinking they have found a genuine app which will make them massive profits on auto-pilot while they live their lives. In reality we are looking at something which at first glance seems to be a high-end production, but as our review will prove, it is nothing more than a cheap imitation of one of the most well-known and dangerous schemes which has ever been promoted by online marketers in the binary options trading niche. Keep reading this unique expose to understand how we caught these cheaters red-handed!

Official Scam Site and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
If you look at the image below you will see the main sales page for the Cash Formula software. Right next to it you will see the page used by the Push Money App and Dennis Moreland. It’s obvious these guys were not interested in working hard so they just copied what has been known to work for their cheating friends. The only thing which is different is the color palette and maybe a few words that were switched.
cash formula 1What we see are recurring images of life on the fast lane, fancy yachts and expensive luxury cars. In reality, this tactic is the most dangerous since it diverts our attention from the really important things which are not shown to us, to various baits and traps used to constantly mislead and trick us into funding an account with a rogue and unregulated binary options broker.

Listen to this, “No one can crack the cash formula code, we don’t know how it does it. Well, if you don’t know how the software you are peddling works why should anyone trust you and actually buy into it?

cash formula 2

The Window Dressing Which is Shown to Us
1. Pictures of phony inflated bank accounts are constantly exhibited as a kind of evidence to show the money they have.
2. Fake testimonials by actors are used to transmit a sense of legitimacy, when in fact the opposite is the truth.
3. Pressure counters are evident in every corner in order to entice traders to “hurry up” and deposit money into their account.
4. News clippings are presented out of context to show that the system is rigged and all the money is going to the rich people.

The Important Information Which is Missing (Partial List)
1. Proof of winning trades derived from the actual broker account.
2. The ability to actually see where the money was wired from and not some photo-shopped image.
3. We checked out Drew Cummings and could not find any kind of social or public profile with his image associated with it. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a SCAMMER he could just be techno phobic with zero online skills. But when you add everything up it paints a bleak picture.

Cash Formula Software Review
The story starts when Tim Stafford starts rambling about how he has made massive amounts of money trading binary options, and now “he will show us a legitimate way to make money online”. Then he begins taking a trip down memory lane and showing screenshots of the Free Money System and the Quick Cash System scams and why his software is the genuine article. The plot thickens as he goes on to explain why it’s so difficult to make money and that most of the fortune is made by the wealthy elite who will not divulge their sources or secret money-making methods. Then the out-of-context TV interviews are presented and that’s when the “Professor” is introduced to us.

This person (whoever he is) goes on the say that the software “exploits” loopholes and creates “big cash windfalls”, but you have to be an action taker since the window of opportunity is closing fast. Then he lifts his finger and says all it takes is pushing a few buttons on your computer and mobile device to start profiting immediately (up to $20,000 a day). He finishes up by saying “I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do have a secret cash formula”. How tacky and cheap is that? I wouldn’t buy a stick of gum from these charlatans, much less trust them with investing advice. If all this sounds too familiar then you should probably be seeking alternative means of investing at this point.

Is this System Free?
No, it will cost you at least $250 which will be paid through one of their recommended brokers which may (or may not) be regulated.

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Here at Binary Scam Alerts our expert researchers receive about 5 endorsement requests a day. Almost all of them are rejected since they are not up to par and fail our credibility tests. The ones who pass it are proudly showcased in our best apps section.

recommended systems2

Cash Formula Software Review Conclusions and Recommendations
Every now and then a legit app hits the market which offers high accuracy levels and consistent wins. The Cash Formula, as well as Tim Stafford and Professor Drew Cummings IS NOT IT. Our impartial review has proved it’s a SCAM and therefore we BLACKLISTED it just like 99% of all the other apps and auto-traders. Against my advice, one of our employees actually pulled out his credit card and tried out this system. Needless to say the money was blown in a matter of minutes with no way to get it back or even get a response from the broker. The ITM ratio was around 24%, which means you stand a better chance of tossing a coin in the air, at least you have a 50/50 chance on each trade. So, as we suspected, the software steals money by taking inferior positions, and then splits the profits in a revenue share scheme with the dirty brokers. If you wish to learn more about how to avoid getting scammed and educating yourself properly please join our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

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