Centument LTD is a Scam APP that Steals Money

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Centument LTD is a Scam APP that Steals Money

Posted on by Patrick Jones

I have just been barraged by a flurry of scam SPAM Emails telling me how the Centument LTD App and Gerald Reed will make me millions of dollars with binary options trading. If you have seen reviews by “ethical” Watchdog sites telling you the opposite, get ready to lose your money because they are affiliates getting commissions for promoting fake binary options trading systems that don’t work.

Quick Update: Centument LTD has been relaunched under the name Centument Project 2.0, but its the same people running the same scam! And the same actor is being used to promote it.


Proof of Scam
You can see the images and title above have nothing to do with reality just by googling the subject lines, it’s just a way to lend it more legitimacy. This is the same tactic used by the medallion app scam and without any doubt or reservation the same people are behind this get-rich quick scheme. In fact, it’s very interesting how many review sites exposed the medallion app as a scam for using these tactics, but actually give the Centument LTD app their stamp of approval. I absolutely abhor this hypocrisy and lack of professionalism.

SPAM Emails:
I got an email from some guy calling himself Ichimoku Robot who is asking me if I heard If Bloomberg knows what it is talking about? Well, what a joke right, and now I’m gonna auto-pilot my way into making massive amounts of money trading binary options.

Centument 2

More Proof:
Fake CNN, Forbes, and Bloomberg logos are used as false advertising tactics to deceive innocent victims and lure them into funding trading accounts with shady or unregulated brokers that want to bleed their savings plans dry.

High End Production
This video took a really heavy investment on behalf of these marketers and they were willing to put up significant amounts of money and hire expensive actors and movie producers to get a high quality movie. Still, they are sticking to the same tactics and making the same kinds of mistakes and that is because everyone knows there’s no such thing as a half way crook, and once you are set on a path you can’t deviate from it and become an honest software provider with a legit offer and something that actually works.

Additional Proof
If you scroll down to the bottom of the first page you will see a set of logos that say “Premium Quality” and “The Perfect Choice”. That doesn’t really mean anything and those are not clickable and don’t lead anywhere. I honestly don’t know why they are using these marketing tactics, apparently they do work on most people.

Centument 4

False Claims:

  • Autopilot Earnings
  • Spendable Profits Tonight
  • No Trading Experience Needed
  • Software Does Everything for You
  • 24/7 Support

I tried contacting them and guess what, all they wanted me to do is fund my trading account and would not answer simple questions or get Gerald Reed the actor on the phone to actually verify who he is.

Similar Scams
Insured Profits, the Free Money System by Walter Green, Medallion App, Binary Matrix Pro, Channel Ranger, and Mockingbird Method all use the same dirty tactics. Some of them even deploy malware and will infect your computer with a virus. This also smells like a phishing scam so be careful not to divulge any personal information specifically credit card or bank information.

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Summary and Conclusions
The Centument LTD App is a Scam, that employs the same dirty tactics and will try to sell you signals or automated trading tools under false pretenses and deceptive advertising practices. You can rest assured they will steal your money and leave you hanging on the tree to die as long as you fund a trading account through one of their recommended brokers.

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