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Channel Ranger Scam Review

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Bounce a ball and make between $6,000 and $11,000 a week? This Channel Ranger Scam is really taking it to the next level, and this review will reveal how these deception tactics work and why it’s crucial to stay away from these types of programs.

Channel Ranger

News Flash: There is absolutely NO connection between sports an any form of profit with binary options. The only relation is that similar to betting on sports, you can do the same with binaries, only your chances on winning with sports are higher (unless you are using very specific systems that are not heavily advertised). Furthermore, there is no Devin Miles, it’s most likely a second rate actor with a foreign accent (apparently Australian).

Update: Channel Ranger is currently being promoted under different names but it’s the same software.

Moving forward, as I mentioned previously there are 5 criteria or parameters that you must consider before choosing a system. Channel Ranger scores zero across all 5 of them, and has de-facto become another in a long line of scam products offering a collection of sound bites and sales pitches that appeal to the mass audience (that would be you).

Here Are the 5 Criteria:

  1. Transparency: Channel Ranger has NO TRANSPARENCY! You don’t even know what you are buying or getting into, it’s pretty much nothing wrapped up in illusions of wealth and financial freedom. The only thing you see are the so called results (see below), but not how to operate the tool.
  2. Accuracy: You can’t know how accurate the system is, or have some form of proof regarding it’s level of performance. They give you the results, but the information is incoherent and illogical. There is no mathematics or some kind of numeric validation in the form of algebraic equations that support winning claims.
  3. Reliability: Excuse me? I can’t even see what system is being offered. Maybe it’s presented after registering, but why would anyone signup for anything before seeing it?
  4. Simplicity: Yea it’s very simple, just join and lose your money.
  5. Assistance: Maybe? I sent an email to the address below asking how the system is designed and what is the logic behind it, I have yet to receive any form of response.

Ranger 2

So, on the left side you will see the “so called” income statement”, also referred to as proof of wins. If you register you will see that if you try clicking on the other tabs like main panel, you will not be able to navigate. This is because the developers of this system don’t want you to have access to the user interface before registering and funding an account with one of their recommended brokers (in most cases it will be banc de binary, unless you already have an active trading account there).

Another red flag in these systems is that they will never let you choose the broker YOU want. In fact, in many cases this information will be presented to you in a “by the way” fashion so as not to get your resistance. More transparent software will display the brokers for you in a clear way and allow you to choose the broker you want to work with and offer. They will also offer instructional information and training, similar to what is displayed below. Remember that at the end of the day you will deposit and receive wire transfers from the brokerage you partner with, NOT the software providers.

To sum up this review, the Channel Ranger (colorful name) is just another scam with the same promises of riches and wealth, but nothing solid to back it up. Just stay away from this thing, and if you are looking for an alternative or secondary source of income just check out the recommended software section.

If you have other opinions please let me know about it and leave a message below.

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