Citadel LTD and Dr Kent Grifly is a Malicious Scam and a Rootkit Virus

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Citadel LTD and Dr Kent Grifly is a Malicious Scam and a Rootkit Virus

Posted on by Patrick Jones

If you have searched the web to find out if Citadel LTD and Dr Kent Grifly are legit or scam, you will be shocked to hear this alarming update. After being contacted by a staggering number of traders inquiring about the Rootkit Virus after downloading the automated trading software, it is quite evident that Citadel LTD AKA Citidel is a nasty malware and phishing scam designed to steal your personal information.


Traders have recently complained about their Email being stolen, credit cards over charged by shady and unregulated binary options brokers located offshore, and overly aggressive sales reps with a heavy Indian and Russian accent tactlessly pursuing them by phone, Email, and most recently through the Postal office offering them CD’s with infected software to download.

Proof of Scam
It’s worth while mentioning that as opposed to what this obvious deception is claiming, Dr Kent Grifly DOES NOT EXIST, now I want you to take a look at the image below:

Citidel 3

I went to the University of Iowa website since that is where this good Dr is supposed to be employed at as a member of the faculty, and guess what? The person does not exist, and I even tried repeating the search after intentionally misspelling his name just to make sure.

Citidel 2

Now, above you see a fake review site which is very aggressively promoting this obvious scam without any fear or retribution or possible jail time. This is a complete fabrication of the truth, and the surprising thing is that it’s very easy to check however most people won’t go to the trouble of doing the proper research since they are too busy living their lives and working from one paycheck to the next.

Why Are Binary Options Signals and Automated Trading Bots so Popular?
Well, the ease of use coupled with potentially high profits is something which is extremely difficult to overlook these days, especially when market volatility is high due to the Chinese Recession, Lower European buying power partially triggered by immigration issues, and Oil price reduction due to Middle East Geo-political strife between Saudi Arabia and Iran.


People are looking for alternative ways to invest and profit, and binary options seem very appealing to the naked eye, so in reality potential investors have become de facto investment scam victims that are exploited by savvy marketers.

Similar Scams
It’s interesting that there is a massive increase in these schemes and some of the more popular ones are Insured Profits, The Free Money System by Walter Green, Centument LTD, Mockingbird Method, Binary Matrix Pro, Oz Robot, Coffee Cash Cheat, Channel Ranger and Megaprofix. This is a very partial yet respectable list of bogus offers that have been heavily promoted in binary options.

The Citidel LTD Scam by Dr Kent Grifly is a scam and I don’t care if all the review sites out there say otherwise, I’m…

Posted by Binary Scam Alerts on Friday, January 22, 2016

What Does Work?
Our recommended signals and automated trading tools are very few and with good reason. We will only recommend Virtnext and the binary profit method which is a totally transparent signals tool that let’s you choose your broker and level of risk.

Conclusions and Recommendations:
Stay away from the Citadel LTD automated software app since it will inject your computer with a Rootkit virus and illegally steal all your credit card information. If you have invested with a broker through this software and found yourself losing money quickly, getting overcharged all of the sudden, getting spammed with unrelated offers, or even getting a frightening call from your bank telling you your credit card is now blocked, please contact me by leaving a message below and our staff will try to assist you in recovering your funds.

  • Dan Miles

    What is this thing? I just signed up for something the other day and started getting spam into my inbox with this Citidel APP crap.

    • Hi Dan, better get a new email because these Citadel LTD guys are going to spam you with Malware junk offers you won’t believe.

    • Terrance May

      Holy cow!! I just read this and you should try and bring this FBI post to more peoples attention. I can see why people would pay to “unlock” their computers now. No one wants their computers to be associated with child porn, that’s basically a jail sentence waiting to happen. They are scaring people to pay.

  • Rosemarie

    Wow after reading this it makes me kind of scared to download anything on my computer again. I just got my computer back to normal, I don’t want anything else to happen. do you think Vertnext is completely safe?

  • David

    So am I understanding correctly? These softwares are putting a virus and stealing my information off my computer? Dose a VPN help with this?

    • Hi David, if you download the software nothing will help. Just keep away from these things it will save you a pretty penny.

  • Chrissy

    I recently used my friend computer because a site wasn’t loading on my phone…well there was a reason it wasn’t loading. I gave him a virus. I feel horrible about it. Is it true that you can’t get viruses from these people on your cell phone? Is this the only place we are safe?

    • Hi Chrissy, you have to take it to the technician and have it cleaned for Viruses. You are not the first one reporting this.

  • Kevin K

    Everyone can be scammed by these people. The person who taught me to look out for stuff still gets scammed. It’s amazing to see how he can warn me but then turn out and get excited about something that I can see is a scam. We need to watch out for each other.

    • Hi Kevin, I have Professors, Businessmen, and Engineers that have told me they were scammed. It can happen to everyone so you have to be vigilant and critical about what you read.

  • Taylor H

    That’s a great idea to look the person up to see if they are were actually employed where they state they are. It’s easy to just throw names and accomplishments out there and hope people don’t look any further…and most of us won’t.

    • Hi Taylor, people are busy living from paycheck to paycheck and want a quick and easy way to make some money. It doesn’t work like that unfortunately…

  • Lynn V.

    Well I think people want to invest somehow but don’t know how or don’t have the money to pay someone to do it for them. Binary trading is made to look so easy that it’s a do it yourself kind of thing when it’s really not. There’s no push button system to make money.

    • Hi Lynn, you are very much correct. People are essentially lazy, they will rather spend 5 minutes on a dream as opposed to actually taking the time to actually educate themselves and understand the internet and business.

  • George

    What gets me are the names. If it’s something like coffee cash cheat, then just stay away. Although some of the names are seeming like real companies now, we can at least eliminate the obviously ones right off the bat without research.

    • Hi George, coffee cash cheat is an evil scam and a lot of people lost their money there. But the really bad ones are the high production scams like Citidel LTD and Centument. Those are horrible because they seem very real but are not. Don’t be fooled by fake reviews, the software is rehashed garbage code and you will lose your money – guaranteed.