Citadel Scam and Kent Grifly Continue to Ruthlessly Deceive Innocent Day Traders

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Citadel Scam and Kent Grifly Continue to Ruthlessly Deceive Innocent Day Traders

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Options Alerts is urgently updating its review for the Citadel (AKA Citidel LTD Investment App) Scam. We are blacklisting this criminal piece of software designed to solicit personal information using a variety of false advertising and hack tactics. After downloading this fake App, you will be deceived, manipulated, and tricked into funding an account with shady and in many cases unregulated scam broker where your money will be intentionally lost and stolen.

Kent Grifly Scam

Additionally, we have been receiving continued complaints regarding overly aggressive sales reps with Russian and Indian accents contacting people in the middle of the night and trying to sell them a kind of Nigerian scam where money is requested to be sent to a Church in some forsaken African Village.

The Rootkit Virus
Since our latest review these Cyber Criminals have changed their method of operation and are now employing a different tool called Kryptovor which takes over your files and demands a ransom in Bitcoin currency. This is a malicious and totally unnecessary tactic which is employed by these people, who are already getting paid massive amounts of money in the form of commissions from the brokers they promote.

Why Are They So Relentless?
These people will do anything to get their dirty little fingers on your money, and instead of getting an honest job they prefer scamming people using very effective get-rich-quick schemes. They are totally dishonest, deceitful, and I would say professional criminals and ripoff artists who will risk going to jail and losing their homes just as long as they don’t have to find a normative or socially acceptable form of livelihood.

Who Is Kent Grifly and Grifly Capital?
Dr. Kent Grifly exists like the Sandman, in other words he is a front for a much more sophisticated and slimy deception used to bait and victimize unsuspecting would-be traders. He is a facade and an image that is supposed to echo or transmit a sense of legitimacy, sincerity, or honesty, something which is the complete opposite of what the Citadel App is about.

Why Is this Trading App Getting Positive Reviews?
There is a difference between advertising and writing a sincere and honest review. While some sites remain true to their profession, others openly admit they are in it for the money and it is plainly stated on their website so in this context they are legit in my book.

Proof of Scam
I found Mr Harry Peak on a European image bank called 123RF, where he is very convincingly showing his ability to look really good and sell you stuff you don’t really need.

Harry Peack

The famous Eve McKay is prominently displayed in the Perinton Dental Group website where she is selling crowns and bridges for the elderly crowd. I started getting tired of this when so when I found images Jack Bermuda and Jennifer Goodnen I just stopped because the picture is very clear at this point.

Eve McKay

Misleading Registration Process
The primary concern I personally have with this type of scam, is the fact the the broker registration process is not transparent. This is the heart of the issue and the most disturbing aspect of the whole direction the industry is leaning towards since the broker selection process is the absolute most important factor in your ability to get paid on time, not to mention the relationship you have with the analysts or account managers.

Nothing from the Actual Trading History
The so-called BOT or trading arena displayed to you is what’s known a white-label or a type of skin which is replaced and given to different marketers who want to funnel customers in and use the software in order to promote their service. In reality you are getting a rehashed piece of software that obviously looks very nice but in reality its an empty vessel of packaged lies designed to defraud you. Don’t forget, the only real proof you will need comes from within the actual broker’s trading account.

Is It Even Possible to Make Money With Binary Options?
Fortunately there are still some ways to profit, but it’s not gonna be using this fraudulent app. I know some of you insist of automated tools, so if you really want to use something I would recommend Virtnext, but nothing else. If you really want a solid signals tool just sign up with the binary profit method proudly advertised on this website.

The Citidel Investment App and Dr Kent Grifly is one of the biggest binary options scams carried out by blood-thirsty marketers that will stop at nothing to get their dirty little fingers on your credit card. We are categorically blacklisting it as a Credit Card Fraud and Malware scam. If you feel like you have been scammed and would like to consult with our staff about getting yourself out of this predicament, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and dont forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel


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